boot problem

  1. questjonas

    Problem with Geforce 960 4gb

    So I wanted to install Mac OS High Sierra on my PC. The first Problem started while I wanted to install Mac Os was, that it did not boot with my graphics card so I removed it. After the Installation I wanted to Install it again. But whatever I do it's not possible do boot with the 960. The PC...
  2. Kinkade73

    High Sierra Upgrade Install Issues

    I have had a functional Customac working with Clover and Sierra for the past year, and aside from the odd little issue, it's been great. I thought it was finally time to upgrade to High Sierra, so I went through the process of creating a new Unibeast USB boot drive, and booting from that to...
  3. MacLover2972

    [Solved] Can't boot properly without USB

    This is my first post so go easy on me. I have done previous builds but I have never experienced this problem. I have High Sierra working fine. Internet, sound, gpu, etc. are all working fine. When I boot with the usb, the system boots up no problem. However, without the usb, the initial start...
  4. geneg3

    [Solved] macOS won’t boot on HD

    Hi, I just installed High Sierra 10.13.2 using unibeast on my build. The installation went fine my problem is once I use Multibeast to install drivers and restart the system I am no longer able to boot off the SSD. The Apple logo shows and the progress bar gets about half way and then Clover...
  5. bmoag

    [Solved] Suddenly can not boot into 3 copies of Sierra

    Long but bear with me please: I had issues I thought I had resolved after a BIOS update which fixed problems on the Windows side. I could not get audio working after the BIOS update but I have a USB adapter which worked fine. As of yesterday I can not boot into Sierra which is installed on both...
  6. MikeTeok

    Couldn't boot into Mac OS after a period of time (Dual boot windows Y510P)

    I have installed El Capitan on my y510p laptop using Clover. followed this thread Actually everything worked quite well. The time when everything ready, even keep switch windows and mac os also no problem. Then eventually I going back to my windows 10 and did my stuff. In the next day, when I...
  7. Krystaljean

    MSI Z97 Gaming5 Install Boot

    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
  8. exquirentibus

    Have working Sierra, but ... what are steps to take if it stops working?

    I've been able to setup an 18.3 box with working iMessage. All good so far. Special thanks to RehabMan and frontgear and Clover Configurator!! I have a 2nd internal drive that I 'Carbon Copy' before any changes, and that should enable me to get back up if I do something (a new kext, etc.)...
  9. jspencert5

    No Signal After Apple Logo on Boot

    This is my first hackintosh build and I ran into a problem. (Booting from the USB Drive because I have not been able to reach past boot) After the apple logo has loaded(progress bar complete) , I get no video signal. I have tried running in verbose and I get no signal after. On the other hand...
  10. Rikoss99

    macOS Sierra problem after first restart

    Hi I install macOS Sierra on my laptop and i restart my machine. It loads up to half and i see this. Then computer restarts again and again. I dont know what to do. Please help me.
  11. rolandtaracks

    Boot Up Help (verbose attached)

    Hello, I recently installed MacOS Sierra and it was working great. However, now when it boots up it loads very slowly at the Apple screen (like 5 minutes). Then it goes to a black login screen with a cursor. If I click the cursor goes away and the screen is completely black. When booting in...
  12. Need help reaching the Installer

    Need help reaching the Installer

    Hi, I created a El Capitan USB ThumbDrive with unibeast (UEFI), but my Lenovo l540 with a i5 4300m and integrated graphics (4600) wont boot at all when I try to reach the Installer. I set the KernelPM to true but even this won't help :( I managed to install snow leopard with iBoot.
  13. jackblack87

    Error at first boot / reaching OSX installer

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  14. sekkond

    Help me please

    Recently I built a hackintosh pc. All works fine but i only have one problem. When I plug for example a hard drive or a license usb or my apogee sound card, the pc boots until it shows the apple logo and the loading bar loads more than half and then it restarts. When I unplug everything the pc...
  15. KingRiLey12

    [SOLVED] Cloned my drive and now it won't boot back into my normal install!?

    I used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my 1TB secondary drive to a new 3TB drive. After I did it, I swapped drives and now it doesn't boot properly. I use an SSD as my main drive and the HDD as a storage drive with all the main file directories linked on there (Music, Pictures, Movies, etc.). See...
  16. christatos

    X58, GTX 660 Ti, El Capitan Install, USB Boot Error

    Hi everyone, I am trying to install El Capitan on a new SSD, but when I try to boot from the Install USB I get these errors. (see attached picture) Can anyone help me on that? I don't know what the problem is? CPU not supported or USB not supported? When I choose Yosemite to set up on...
  17. simpleacc

    OS X Yosemite - Boot without USB

    Hello! I just installed OS X Yosemite on my ASUS K55VD awesome! It works perfect. The only problem is that... I ever need the USB with the Unibeast. It's impossible run the sistem without USB. If I run it without USB appear this: "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert Boot Medie in...
  18. byankello18

    Can't boot without using -f

    [SOLVED] Can't boot without using -f I just successfully installed Yosemite on my PC a few days ago. Everything was working fine... The graphics card was working, it was booting up with no problems, i was thrilled. I had been busy for the past few days so I haven't touched the PC since then. It...
  19. jake33

    New Build in 10.10.3 requires -f to boot

    New Build in 10.10.3 requires -f to boot: stops at [PCI configuration end, bridges 10, devices 13 ] Hey there! This is my first go at the hack and all seems good so far. I have run into an issue on boot and would appreciate any help provided. Below is the build and what i have done / tried to...
  20. aviansh5i

    Dell Inspiron 14 [Yosemite] Booting problem

    I have installed Yosemite using Unibeast in MacProbook and when i tried to boot in my laptop, it entered the Chimera Boot. But When i click USB it restart and reach back to Chimera Boot :banghead:. I tried -x, -v, ncpi=0x2000, ncpi=0x3000 :crazy:. Please help me out with this. I have mentioned...