boot problem

  1. madazzle

    HELP: MacOS Big Sur on Skylake Desktop PC

    Hey, I really don't like to write on Forums but by now I'm really desperate. In the Attached Files are my EFI Folder and my Crash Dump and I really tried a lot like redoing it 5 times or removing Kexts but really nothing worked also ran it through SanityChecker with no big results. Also my...
  2. ddjovcic

    << Solved >> Can't boot after Clover update, LOG:EXITBS:START

    Hey guys, I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to hackintosh. I'm in dire need of help, my hackintosh is my only source of income (music producing). Yesterday, I tried updating clover. I mountes the EFI partition and did everything clover configurator asked me to do. Then it said to reboot...
  3. muonx

    << Solved >> Unable to boot install USB for Mojave - stalls at "generation from smc report as 2"

    Build motherboard: Z390UD Graphics used - ipgu intel 630 edit: one more image of a kextdstall
  4. robertolosada

    Colour bugg prevent pc from booting

    Since I installed mac os Mojave on my SSD Samsung EVO Plus (firmware updated) all was okay but since first boot it started appearing a series of colour stripes or even the whole screen gets full of colour and when I choose to boot mac os Mojave the pc restarts and it's a loop. Sometimes when it...
  5. Feartech

    Upgrading from HighSierra to Catalina failed - can't see any issue why

    you will need to disable your serial ports in your BIOS
  6. Visualart

    Boot Stuck

    how to fix
  7. ColeSkory

    All of the sudden, Hackintosh won't boot. Can't even get to Clover Boot Screen

    I had my Hackintosh system working 100% percent. Graphics were working, I had iMessage and facetime, it was the whole deal. Last night, my computer was going slow and kept freezing up whenever I did any small task, so I restarted it. However, when it booted back up, It would boot straight back...
  8. tevenfeng

    [Solved] Dell T5810(E5-1630v4, C610/X99) could NOT boot into installer

    Hi guys, I'm currently trying to turn my Dell Precision Tower 5810 into a hackintosh, which contains an X99/C612 chipset, E501630v4 CPU, 32GB ECC RAM, and an nVidia GTX 1080 graphics card. I followed tutorials in this forum and some found threads, but I could not boot into installer. Following...
  9. palachinka

    powerpc g5 10.5.8 blank screen after login

    I didn't know where to go, so I thought hackintosh community would probably know the solution. I do own old powerpc g5 11.2. The problem I have is, since I installed debian on another hard drive, whenever i try to boot to osx, it boots, screen is working, it passed login screen then when it...
  10. jakesDaddy

    Black screen with mouse pointer after Apple logo on boot

    Hi, I have a weird problem that I hope someone can help with. I've been successfully running a High Sierra build for about 9 months now (Gigabyte GA-Z270P-D3, i5 Kaby Lake, integrated Intel HD graphics (620?), SSD, 8GB RAM) All of a sudden this week, it has stopped booting properly. What happens...
  11. paradiaowner

    [HELP] I got a unusual problem with Clover

    Hi, Laptop: Acer TravelMate 5760 CPU: i7-2630QM RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: Intel HD 3000 (1360x768 :( ) SSD: HyperX savage 250GB OS X: Yosemite 10.10.5 Bootloader Clover 2.4k_r4674 All is working: WIFI, Audio, etc , even Facetime,ICloud and IMessage really well, the problem is, everytime I shutdown...
  12. boss87

    Clover won't boot.

    Hi!I have a Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H rev 1.3.I can't boot to clover.When I select my usb,it says "Loading Operating System" and there it remain stuck.I tried with Unibeast method.I tried OS X El capitan. My specs: Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H rev 1.3 nvidia geforce gt 430 4gb ram ddr3 intel core i3 550...
  13. lucianoltx

    Stuck in IOConsoleUsers, someone help me

    For several days I’m trying to hackintosh my pc, but I always stuck at the same string. I’ve tried many BIOS configurations, boot args and fake Ids, but I always came to the same place. Can someone help me please? Here is my Specs: Intel Core i5 4690 3.5ghz 12gb ddr3 1333mhz Corsair Gigabyte...
  14. rcc622

    problems, workarounds and more on Lenovo Legion y530 for 10.13 and 10.14

    Hi, im trying to install High sierra. Everything was just fine until a reach to the installer. I follow the Clover Laptop Guide and fix dual GPU problems patching the DSDT and SDST. The problem with the installer is that reboots and can't finish. I don't have Kernel panics or problems on...
  15. Chloe2003

    Not booting with new osx 12.6 and new clover 4586

    Hi guys I'm quite new to the hackintosh, but believe it or not I managed to get it working, finally, running high Sierra 12.6 . And I had the clover installed from multibeast. However I recently installed clover confugurator and updated the clover to 4586 and when I boot up it stops at the...
  16. t0mmen

    High sierra ram fix, now it wont boot.

    I saw something on ****** how you could fix the only 8gb memory read. I applied the fix and now high sierra wont boot. Z370-f 16gb corsair dominator platinum gtx 1080 i5 8600k
  17. questjonas

    Problem with Geforce 960 4gb

    So I wanted to install Mac OS High Sierra on my PC. The first Problem started while I wanted to install Mac Os was, that it did not boot with my graphics card so I removed it. After the Installation I wanted to Install it again. But whatever I do it's not possible do boot with the 960. The PC...
  18. Kinkade73

    High Sierra Upgrade Install Issues

    I have had a functional Customac working with Clover and Sierra for the past year, and aside from the odd little issue, it's been great. I thought it was finally time to upgrade to High Sierra, so I went through the process of creating a new Unibeast USB boot drive, and booting from that to...
  19. MacLover2972

    [Solved] Can't boot properly without USB

    This is my first post so go easy on me. I have done previous builds but I have never experienced this problem. I have High Sierra working fine. Internet, sound, gpu, etc. are all working fine. When I boot with the usb, the system boots up no problem. However, without the usb, the initial start...
  20. geneg3

    [Solved] macOS won’t boot on HD

    Hi, I just installed High Sierra 10.13.2 using unibeast on my build. The installation went fine my problem is once I use Multibeast to install drivers and restart the system I am no longer able to boot off the SSD. The Apple logo shows and the progress bar gets about half way and then Clover...