boot problem

  1. wardy1979

    Blackmagic DeckLink 4K Extreme installation Problems

    Searched everywhere for info. Tried to install the Blackmagic DeckLink 4K Extreme into my system. The Desktop Video 10.1.2 and 10.1.1 drivers halt system startup. The 9.9.2 will boot normally and is detected however there is just black screen on the capture screen. :banghead: Any Ideas...
  2. pkbhat

    Please help installing bootloader

    I recently installed Mavericks into my Lenovo z570 i3 2nd gen Laptop. Installation went smooth. I managed to set up everything except bootloader. Problem is I can only boot into Mavericks with my installation USB drive. I even tried installing Chimera, chemeleon independently. But no use. I get...
  3. jglerum

    Suddenly stopped booting - powers up fans and lights, immediately shuts down, repeats.

    I have a stable Mavericks build that I've been using for several months on a system that has been working for two years (specs in profile). The only change I have made recently is the addition of a second monitor. That worked fine for several days, but yesterday I added in the USB cable (the...
  4. oigarrison

    Memory Allocation Error

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, might be better under graphics? Anyway, when I try to boot my stable system with just the displayport connected I get an error saying "memory allocation error!" Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I've attached a picture to...
  5. kornyeib

    Boot problem

    I installed some kexts for my touchoad(elan touchpad). After that i just restarted my computer and got this error. I cant even boot in safe mode.maybe it is becouse if the kexts i installed. How fan i remove them in this case that i cant boot the laptop?
  6. pinktank

    Insert boot media/Press any key message on boot, boots away when key pressed (z87x-ud4h)

    Hello All, I've got an oddball problem preventing a build writeup. I used to have the infamous boot0 problem, I solved that, but now whenever I boot the computer, I get a message saying no boot media could be found, insert boot media and press any key. The weird thing is, it boots properly when...
  7. lganunes

    GTX 560 Ti 448 Zotac - Boot Freeze (white screen and mouse cursor)

    Hello, I'm having problem to boot my system: Asus P8H77M-LE i5-3330 GTX 560 Ti 448 Zotac 16Gb Ram SSD Corsair The frustration is because I once had it working but I screw up with the partitions (I have to share other OS int th HD). The problem begin when I resize and can't boot again...
  8. msblick

    Can boot in safe mode but not in regular mode

    I'm looking for some help please. I'm trying to get through my first build and I think I'm very, very close, but can't seem to reach the finish line. I've installed Mountain Lion, and I can boot up in safe mode, but when I try to boot "regulary" I get a panic error. I'm not very good at...
  9. helloBuddy

    need help with sound Lenovo T520

    hi, i have gotten mountain lion to work with the unibeast method. my laptop: Lenovo T520 i7 processor 4gb ram windows installed on 500 gb hard drive hackintosh installed on 750 gb hard drive here is what works: camera keyboard trackpad mouse wifi (with an external usb wifi adapter) and here...
  10. verzion32

    How to manualy configure boot settings?

    I upgraded my Lion desktop to the latest patch (10.7.5) where the other one worked fine (used MultiBeast 4.0.3) but the other upon finishing the mac logo loading the monitor powers off but when I use rBoot 1.2 it worked just fine. Here's my question, how can I use the settings in rBoot to...
  11. Mario9999

    heeeeeelp! iBoot boot problem with GA-Z77N-WIFI delux!

    I'm stuck with iBoot on the first screen after I try to boot with it, the screen is the white one with the apple logo. I just gests stuck there and then nothing happens. I've already tried to start it with Verbosa and didn't work. I typed PCIrootUID=0 because I saw that it worked for the Cpukid...
  12. DentrassiBBQ

    Can i work around this DVD?

    So i finally got my system built, and i can't install SL. After much fumbling, i think it is down to damage of the disc [yes, it is a legitimate retail DVD]. The disc mounts on my wife's Mini. However when holding down the "C" key while booting the Mini with this DVD in the drive the system...
  13. sirtailios

    will these work with mountain lion?

    well i did some research and i couldn't really find any solution to my problem, so i decided i would make a post. Ok so my computer is a "HP Pavilion a6544f" desktop computer. Now i actually did run unibeast and install mountain lion on this machine, but that was all stock, now i finally got my...
  14. MacMan

    boot0 Error: The Official Guide

    The Issue: Upon successful installation, boot from hard drive results in this: Loading Operating System … boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error The Actual Problem: With disk drives getting larger and larger manufacturers have had to change the...