boot flags

  1. d4vinder

    [SUCCESS] HP Z600 High Sierra Installation Guide

    EDIT: See post below for a fully detailed installation guide of High Sierra on a Z600.
  2. Nyak

    3D Render Causes Computer to Crash [GTX 1080]

    Hoped I wouldn't be posting here again this soon. I installed a GTX 1080 last week, and it's been running great, until I did a 3D render today. The computer got through about 15 frames and promptly crashed and restarted. Not sure if this is due to a heat problem or if it's indicative of a larger...
  3. itsmeemikee

    No longer able to boot. Circle with line through at boot.

    I'm unable to boot to a previously working hackintosh build running El Capitan. I installed it using clover. When I attempt to boot, verbose mode ends with "still waiting for root device" and a white circle with a line through it; Looks like a cancel sign. I tried using the installer USB to boot...
  4. randombrain

    HiDPI mode in Clover bootscreen

    I finally got Clover to boot in full 3840x2160 mode consistently (disabled "full-screen boot logo" in UEFI BIOS). Looking at Clover boot screen > Options > System Parameters > boot_args->flags, that line is originally "boot_args->flags [0x0028]". None of the options in the boot_args menu are...
  5. jboogsthethug

    Clevo Based Hackintosh: Unibeast or Clover?

    I am working on getting my first hackintosh up and running, and I've been running into problems. first of all, this is a laptop, specs below. Motherboard: Intel Z170 Processor: Intel Core i7 6700K 4.0GHz Memory: 16GB DDR4 2133MHz Storage Drive 1: M.2 SSD - 256GB Samsung 950 PRO (NVM Express)...
  6. tb1111

    looking for boot flags

    Hello, I'm working on installing Sierra on my PC, I saw the video guide How to install Mac OS Sierra on PC - Unibeast - YouTube and I'm looking for the right boot flags. my PC: CPU: i5-6500 (Intel Gen 6 Skylake) Mobo: ASUS B150-PLUS D3 GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti SC 2GB SSD: Corsair Force...
  7. TylerPlayz

    Help with Boot Flags

    Hi, does anyone know if I will need any specific boot flags for El Capitan via the Unibeast method? Here are my specs, Gigabyte Z170-HD3 DDR4 Intel Core i5 6600K Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 960 Kingston HyperX Fury Black DDR4 (16gb 2x8gb)
  8. itschrisjay

    Help - Cannot install OSX on Lenovo Laptop - I've literally tried everything.

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me? I'm a bit of a noob to this so bare with me, i've got a lenovo 500-15isk Ideapad, there was absolutely no information about this laptop online and how to install OSX on to it or if it was even possible, infact its hard to find information about the...
  9. andreabusso

    Never find a boot flag to boot my new hack!

    Hi guys, I'm trying to fix my problems with this new Hack i'm making for a friend. I've already built an Hack for myself, so i didn't have problem fixing the boot flag or other things, but with this configuration i don't find a way. This is the configuration: Intel i3 4330 3,5 GHz Gigabyte...
  10. noamarnx23

    not to boot flags used in the installation of clover yosemite

    Hi guys I need help to hackintosh. My components Mobo: h97 gamer 3 gigabyte RAM: 8gb GPU: gtx 960 evga CPU: i7 4790k
  11. larsxchristian

    Gigabyte z97 th, i7 4790k, ballistix tactical, evga gtx 750 1 gb, yosemite install

    Hey guys! Comments: This is my first build. I read up on hackintosh, UniBeast, MultiBeast and decided I´d give it a go. I got a friend to help me put the pc hardware together as he´s a computer tech. I put it together to get a power-pc for audio production, and tried to follow...
  12. the_gael

    H61-S2V-B3 Rev1.0 - El Capitan unibeast install - boot flags?

    Hello all, am resurrecting an old motherboard from a previous G4 build and going for an El Capitan Legacy install. Am going to use Unibeast and my question is are there any boot-flags I am going to need in addition to what Unibeast applies by default? Will use an NVIDIA GT 740 so will apply...
  13. sgrffgnau

    Random Boot Flags El Capitan

    Hi everybody,this is my first post so please forgive my mistakes. I can't find an answer to my problem so I hope you will have one. I followed this steps: I've format USB Drive 3.0 in GUID Partition I've installed El Capitan with Unibeast 6.1.1 using a USB Drive 3.0 I've set BIOS Settings from...
  14. delias96

    After MultiBeast setup and install, cannot boot from designated HDD. (Yosemite)

    First off this is my system setup: Mobo: Z97 MSI Gaming 5 GPU: NVIDIA(Actual Reference Model) GTX 980 CPU: i5 4690k HDD in use: Western Digital 1TB Blue OS X Trying to achieve functionality: OS X 10.10(Yosemite) Boot flags to achieve loading of OS: nv_disable=1; -x nv_disable=1 -no-zp provide...
  15. wadesaunders

    System uptime in nanoseconds EVERYTIME!

    I have a compaq presario CQ62 laptop and I'm trying to install Yosemite on it. It has an Intel Pentium dual core 2.0ghz 2gb ram and Intel hd intergrated graphics. Nothing flash I know but if I can get Yosemite to run I'll put an ssd, more ram and a faster cpu in it. My problem is no matter what...
  16. phtumeru

    (El Capitan) Stuck on loading bar in black background (restarts) when installing from usb using clov

    Hello! So this is the first time I try to install Mac on a PC. I am trying to install El Capitan, using UniBeast with clover. I have set up the right parameters in the BIOS since I can boot from my USB and acces clover, yet when I get to the installer, a white apple logo appears with a white...
  17. AustinL94

    Random White Screen Boots and Shutdown Hangs.

    So, i have recently installed yosemite on my old Dell Studio XPS 435t/9000 after some issues with my aftermarket (maxwell) EVGA GTX 750 ti, and deciding it would be easier to replace it with a more supported card than it would be to fix the various issues with the maxwell card. i replaced it...
  18. luis.serraller

    Help needed to install OSX on my PC - Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p

    Hi there, First of all thanks so much for your web! It's fantastic! I've been reading lots of your posts and guides but I got stucked... I have a Lenovo Thinkcentre M91p Intel core i5 (2nd Gen) 2400/3.1GHz Chipset Intel Q67 Express 16GB RAM (2 8GB modules) Crucial SSD 250GB Seagate HDD 1TB...
  19. ghettosoak

    El Capitan install quickly going south

    Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster. I built my Hackintosh from scratch late 2012 (with Mountain Lion), and it looks like it's time to upgrade to El Capitan. I built it a few years ago, so I've forgotten much of what I did then to get it running; but it ran with boot flags 'npci=0x3000...
  20. j0moi

    Adding Boot Flags to org.chameleon.Boot.plist?

    Hey At the moment I always have to type (on the boot screen): nvda_drv=1 kext-dev-mode=1 If I don't, then my whole system stuffs up because of the nVidia Webdriver. So how can I add those boot flags into the boot plist? because it says I'm not allowed to edit, then it makes me a copy and in the...