boot error

  1. AndrewJames

    Machine will turn on but will not display to monitor. Not sure what's going on. Any help appreciated

    This is my first time building a Hackintosh. So let me explain the situation as best I can with the limited Hackintosh lingo I possess. (background info - non essential to the issue but may hold some value) I have successfully installed El Capitan onto my computer with relative ease. However...
  2. RockLee

    Having trouble setting my Samsung 950 Pro M.2 as a boot drive for El Capitan

    Hello, I am completely new to building my own PC. A beginner to Hackintosh and a white belt to software installation. After hours of struggling to get past the frozen Apple logo on the installation process, I ran into another ordeal. I recently purchased a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 (512g) after...
  3. jackblack87

    Error at first boot / reaching OSX installer

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  4. delias96

    After MultiBeast setup and install, cannot boot from designated HDD. (Yosemite)

    First off this is my system setup: Mobo: Z97 MSI Gaming 5 GPU: NVIDIA(Actual Reference Model) GTX 980 CPU: i5 4690k HDD in use: Western Digital 1TB Blue OS X Trying to achieve functionality: OS X 10.10(Yosemite) Boot flags to achieve loading of OS: nv_disable=1; -x nv_disable=1 -no-zp provide...
  5. AustinL94

    Random White Screen Boots and Shutdown Hangs.

    So, i have recently installed yosemite on my old Dell Studio XPS 435t/9000 after some issues with my aftermarket (maxwell) EVGA GTX 750 ti, and deciding it would be easier to replace it with a more supported card than it would be to fix the various issues with the maxwell card. i replaced it...
  6. Airon38

    "Can't find /mach_kernel" El Capitan Boot Error Message

    Hi! So I finally got around to updating to El Capitan. I successfully installed the OS but when I re-booted I was met with the error: "Can't find /mach_kernel". Any suggestions? Tomorrow I'm installing a MSI Z97s SLI Krait Edition MoBo with an i7 4790k processor to replace my current Gigabyte...
  7. F4LL3N

    Going straight to my OS

    I installed Yosemite, and it works fine, but it can only be booted to if I insert the Unibeast zip drive that I made and choose USB-HDD as the booting target in my BIOS settings and then choose my yosemite installation ("Yosemite 2") from the Chimera menu. How do I make the computer boot into...
  8. milla9

    Boot0 error and Boot1 Error after activating file vault

    Hello, I tried activating filevault on my hackintosh but then started getting boot errors on startup. I can boot into the os with my unibeast usb but not normally. I have uploaded a screenshot of the first error (several boot 0 messages) I was getting and then i followed this guide...
  9. troyjr4103

    Mac Pro 6,1 Definition leaves monitor with no signal on boot

    Hi i just recently made my hackintosh and I got everything working and then i decided to change my definition to Mac Pro 6,1 which now leaves my computer unusable because my monitor has no signal. Is there any way to fix this or change the definition in boot? Or boot my computer to change the...
  10. steve-o

    Can't boot after latest OS-X update

    Can anybody PLEASE help me? I had my Hackintosh running just fine, but then I made the mistake down install the latest OSX update. Since that moment my computer won't boot. I tried new install using the Yosemity installer, but no luck either. It installs but after booting the startup screen...
  11. BrickPig

    My Computer stops at System uptime in nanoseconds: .........

    Hello, i have a problem with the installation of Yosemite on my Pc. Every time it stops at System uptime in nanoseconds: ......... CPU Intel i7 4790K MB GA-z97x-UD3H SSD Samsung 840 EVO GPU Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 G1-Gaming 4GB What should i do? Please Help
  12. Born2Bleed

    Boot error after updating to 10.10.2

    I'm facing a problem with my hackintosh. I booted fine until I updated to 10.10.2. Yosemite (10.10.1) worked fine on my desktop. I can boot in with safe mode but regularly booting to Yosemite does not work for me. I believe its a simple fix. Maybe a graphics problem? Does anyone have solution to...
  13. snucky

    Yosemite nanoseconds boot error

    Hi guys, I have problem. I properly instaling Yosemite with UniBeast. My motherboard have EFI so I instal drivers from "DSDT Free" pree-built configuration via Multibeast (I add only GraphicsEnabler=Yes) But after I restart PC and try booting OSX (without bootable usb) it always stops at...
  14. klau

    ASUS N53SN Boot Error

    Hello world, when i try to boot my hackintosh i get on of this errorWhat can i do to solve this? Thank you!
  15. devankraal

    !HELP! Hackintosh crashing at boot after installing USB kexts

    Hi dear TonyMacx86 forum! Today I've run into a little problem... I updated to Mavericks 10.9.3. After doing this I encountered USB 3.0 freezes seemingly at random. Sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn't. After trying to do my own troubleshooting I found a couple of solutions. I didn't...
  16. atomiktom

    Multibeast options??

    Hi Could someone tell me which Multibeast options i need to select please? i've tried installing mavericks a couple of times and either get a boot looping error or stops after bluetooth when booting from HDD .. My specs are as follows... ProcessorDescription : INTEL I7 4790K Architecture...
  17. esoterrick

    Please Help...Mavericks Boot Error After Installing Touch-Base Drivers

    I am new to this community (so please forgive me if I submitted this post in the wrong forum). I have done tons of research on this site for my build, but unfortunately I wasn't prepared for this obstacle being that I am a noob. I have an Acer T272HL monitor that I would like to use with my...
  18. jamesbartell

    4530s boot errors after update

    I carelessly accepted a system update this afternoon on my previously well running 4530s Mountain Lion machine. From what I recall the install included an iTunes update, improvements for remote desktop, a java update and 1-2 other enhancements. I've attached a screenshot of what I am now...
  19. sethcenterbar

    Installed Mavericks, ran fine for a couple days, now this.

    Hey Guys, I'm stumped here. This doesn't seem to be the general boot0 error everyone is talking about. I had the hackintosh running for a couple of days just fine, but now I can't even boot it. This occurred after installing protools 10 and the drivers for my audio interface (saffire pro 40)...
  20. zionzalen

    Bootstrapper has crashed bus error 10

    Hey all, I'm doing a mavericks install and getting the following error when using the Verbose mode boot flag: "bootstrapper has crashed: Bus error: 10" I have not gotten past the white screen with the apple logo and the spinning dial in the bottom center. It just sits there endlessly. The...