1. mcnearcj

    Black Screen on boot. ATI 7870. Works after sleep. Fresh vanilla 10.4.6 install.

    Thanks to everyone on this forum for the amazing level of help you've all provided me these last few days. I got both the computers in my profile basically working 100%. This quarantine has gotten me crossing out things on my to do list and getting osx installed was one of them! My problem is...
  2. lucasdp

    Gigabyte Vega 64 artifacts (green pixels)

    Every time I open a GPU consuming app, green dots appear all over the monitor, this doesn’t happen on windows. I will appreciate any help!
  3. 3DTOPO

    Solved> No Signal with Sapphire RX 580 Pulse

    I updated my X99 system from High Sierra to Catalina running a Nvidia 1060. The display worked fine in Catalina, but without graphics acceleration of course. When I found out that there are no Nvidia drivers for Catalina, I bought Tonymac's recommended Sapphire RX 580 Pulse. I thought I was...
  4. aarsla

    Dual GPU - nVidia GTX 1070 + ATI Radeon RX 560

    Hey all, I have high sierra 10.13.6 running with GTX 1070 right now but I have added RX 560 to upgrade (or clean install) Mojave. I would like to keep GTX for windows gaming (dual boot, latest clover) and use RX for Mojave. Currently using 1 monitor, GXT is connected through mDP and RX through...
  5. Kaugar

    Gigabyte z270 Gaming, MSI RX580 8GB, install went well, on boot it stuck

    Hello Guys, I used the latest Unibeast for boot usb (mojave), I have set everything in bios as written and the installation went well then it is stuck on the first boot many times. Anyone can help? Here is the log: Gigabyte z270 Gaming, MSI RX580 8GB, Intel i5 7600K, 16GB ram, Samsung 850evo 250gb
  6. Rubituco

    Trying to patch framebuffer for XFX RX 580 8GB in Mojave

    So, I'm using Mojave over the last two months and noticed a few glitches and problems related to this specific video card. When first installing the system, strangely when over the PCI section on System Profiler, the RX 580 was showing that a generic framebuffer or one that was made on the fly...
  7. daniel_iversen

    How to get ATI/AMD Radeon HD 5570 graphics working on High Sierra 10.13.6?

    Hi there, TL;DR; Any idea on how I can get an ATI Radeon HD5570 graphics card working on High Sierra? I just installed High Sierra, and I read it was supposed to be “Out of the Box” to get these AMD/ATI cards working, but it’s been very hard and I’ve read like 100 articles and done a million...
  8. rtke333

    << Solved >> P61-USB3-B3 Intel 6 Series - MSI RX 580 No SATA drives and black screen

    Hello! I had a working Sierra 10.12.6 Setup. Mobo: GIGABYTE P61-USB3-B3 (H61 Intel 6 series Chipset, Cougar point, No IGPU, only discrete, Legacy BIOS) CPU: i5-2300 2.8 GHz (Sandy Bridge) GPU: MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB 1.:GPU Yesterday I tried to install Mojave but I can't get to the installation...
  9. roquem18

    Problem MultiScreen with Mojave (AMD-ATi 7870)

    Hi guys ,i have a problem with my graphics card ati 7870, i only use 1 monitor with mini displaypor(mDPI to VGA) but the other two monitors ,in hdmi and dvi to vga ,not working.Mojave detect this monitors but in black screen. i dont configured the clover configurator because a dont have idea. My...
  10. AndreaAndMore

    From NVIDIA to Radeon RX 570

    Hi there, I would like to change my graphic card with the MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR but I do not know how to move forward. The doubt that I have is this: since Apple is natively supporting the AMD cards (I hope that is supporting this one as well) all I have to do is change the card and boot the...
  11. expl1c1t

    Can't change resolution in Mojave

    I have succesfully installed High Sierra and any macOS before it, using ATI Radeon 6570 Now anything I try, shows my graphic card as it has 5mb vram, and only resolution I can choose is 1280x1024. I tried using Clover Configurator, tried injecting ATI, but nothing helped. As I said, this card...
  12. Confusion In Motion

    ATI Graphics Advice?

    Hi all, Firstly i would like to thank everyone for the time they have put in to posting the amount of information on this site. i am hoping someone may be able to advise me. I have spent a lot of time looking through posts regarding Native ATI graphics cards, as i have never used ATI before, i...
  13. poppicu

    Ati HD 7850 acceleration Mojave september release

    Does anyone have this card working with full acceleration? On my sister the car is recognised but has only Software render. There is some error in loading AMDRadeonX4000.kext. Any advice will be appreciated.
  14. Dibyendu

    Can't find AMD 8000 Controller.kext

    Hello Everyone, I am not new to hackintosh, I came across numerous videos and threads regarding enabling ATI Graphics card on the hackintosh. Sadly I found that its impossible to enable AMD Radeon HD 8730M (2 GB DDR3 VRAM) . But later I found out a video: The guy talks about AMD 8000...
  15. krachbumms

    [Solved] Dual setup - 2nd screen landscape doesn't work properly (RX570 - U3818dw & U3417dw)

    Hi, I just got a Dell U3818dw screen in addition to my U3417dw one and ran into a funny problem. Both screens get detected and work, but when I rotate the 2nd screen to portrait in the settings, the first one gets smaller and mirrored to the second. I have an ATI RX 570. The card def. can run...
  16. Idkwhattheasd


    I'm very very very new to the Hackintosh modding/fourms side of things but I've followed a guide and I keep on gettings stuck on the Apple Logo or Apple Logo with progress bar and my USB flash drive stops blinking which means its not reading/writing data. I have tried reinstalling but it does...
  17. MarshallGermanotta

    My HD5770 graphics card has a strange problem.

    Just a few days ago, I bought a second-hand graphics card on eBay. Yesterday it had a strange problem. I opened my computer in the morning, everything was normal, then I restarted, I found that my discrete graphics card does not output a signal, so I tried to plug the VGA cable into the...
  18. mario9511

    Radeon HD4350 not working on high sierra

    I have an hackintosh, with a graphic card ati radeon hd 4350 1gb, but the system, notice me a generic 5mb video... How I can use it with graphic accelerator and 1gb of memory? thanks
  19. shathenine

    Vega Graphics have UEFI GOP problem in 3840x2160 resolution

    When I bootup with Dell P2415Q with DP in 3840x2160 resolution,GOP works abnormality,the motherboard logo is deformed and blurred. But there are nothing problem when I using Dell U2414H display monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. This problem is not only in hackintosh,it happended when I booting...
  20. N8261D

    AMD Radeon HD 7470 Screen Resolution Help

    So I have my AMD Radeon HD 7470 Graphics Card working. The only problem is the screen resolution. It is 1280x1024, but my displays Native Resolution is 1920x1080. I have tried setting that as my resolution in clover configurator, and I have tried holding alt/option when selecting scaled in...