1. hellohasbi

    [HELP] Kext for QCWB335

    Hello, I want to replace wifi card with QCWB335, that's support for hackintosh? Thank You!
  2. filosofikode

    AR9565 Yosemite Not Working?

    Hello everyone, I have installed El Capitan, and Wifi works with this Kext from this video: But, while I do it on Yosemite, it does not work. Any help? Thank you!
  3. Ckilburn

    Lenevo y570 and Atheros AR5BXB112 AR9380

    I've been reading around and to my understanding Mac OSX can be installed on the lenovo ideapad y570. The only issue is the wifi and bluetooth card installed standard. I've also read that some cards may not work unless I modify the bios of the machine. However, I cannot find any guide and...
  4. osviweb


    HI ALL I've responded to another thread about this , but since it's marked as SOLVED, I guess nobody will answer me. I did a fresh install of Sierra on my z77ds3h + gtx655 and I've ended up having no network connection. I've tried all the three options for ATHEROS drivers in Multibeast. Always...
  5. zdesignzi9250

    ALX Ethernet alternative

    Hey guys, i found out recently that the ALX Ethernet is extremely unrealiable ,and i cant stream anything from my mac to my devices (e.g using plex) - it just causes the whole system to hard restart I'd really appreciate any alternatives - ive tried: AtherosE2200Ethernet and...
  6. bobm

    no ethernet - kext not loading - don't know why

    This Sierra/clover install on a GA-Z77x-UD3H was working OK, but ethernet was incredibly slow. Checking I discovered that AtherosE2200Ethernet somehow ended up in S/L/E during installation. My board LAN chip is Atheros AR8151, so I believe AtherosL1cEthernet.kext is the correct kext (correct...
  7. Bocajalistick

    Multibeast Ethernet Not Working

    I recently installed MacOS Sierra on my computer and everything seems to be running smoothly except for my ethernet port. I selected Atheros E2200 for my network setting in multibeast but it doesn't work after a reboot. In System Preferences no ethernet port option shows up, only dial-up. Also...
  8. Eathann

    Lenovo S510p

    Hi guys, Would my laptop specs be compatible for Sierra? Lenovo S510p Core i3-4010u @ 1.7ghz 4GB DDR 3 Ram Intel HD 4400 Touchpad > Elan/synaptics USB3 500GB Sata HD Wifi > Atheros AR956x/AR965x not sure which one I have but I know it is one of the two. LAN > I know this is already compatible...
  9. IAmActuallyWillSmith

    TP-Link TL-WN881ND (Atheros 8297 Chipset) - No WiFi After Sierra Update

    Hey everyone, So up until I updated to Sierra, I had my PCI-E adapter delivering decent WiFi. The speeds definitely weren't consistent, and it was cutting out every now and then, or lagging very badly in speed. In El Capitan, ToledaArpt.kext made the device register in System Info, but it...
  10. boubourse92

    ASUS Z87 pro kext Atheros wifi

    Hi all , I just finished to install el capitan :) All installation is ok , it just missed wifi atheros driver. Is there a generic wifi driver , i'm not sure about driver reference. I found reference driver for atheros, this is Qualcomm Atheros AR946x ...
  11. centinho

    Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377

    I had installed El Capitan 10.11.5 on my notebook, but the card WiFi Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 doesn't work. Help meee.
  12. kingspride

    NUC D33217CK .. Atheros Wifi

    Hi Guys ... this is my first post, so be gentle please :) yesterday i got my NUC Board D33217CK which consists of an i3-3217U and empty slots for ram and PCie / Sata which I filled with: - 2x4GB DDR3L-1600 RAM - Akasa mPCIe to Sata Adapter -> 2.5" Crucial MX100 120GB - Atheros AR9462...
  13. starcentral

    Problem with install / stops at AtherosE2200

    Intel core i7 4790k Gigabyte GA-z97x-Gaming 3 GeForce GTX 960 SC Samsung 850 Evo 500GB Corsair Vengeance 32GB RAM CoolerMaster G650M 650W 1. All brand new hardware and running good. I used UniBeast to create USB with Mountain Lion. 2. Bios is at version F6. 3. I followed these BIOS changes...
  14. dereviankina

    << Solved >> AR8132 on el capitan: not detected

    hello guys, yesterday i'm able to install el capitan on my PC. but, i'm facing a problem that my ethernet not detected by el capitan here is my spec: - processor: intel core 2 quad q8200 - motherboard: gigabyte ga-g31m-es2c - vga: ATI radeon hd 4670 512mb - ram: 4gb dual channel...
  15. andreolidavide

    Installation hangs at Ethernet, please help

    Hi, I am trying to turn my laptop into an Hackintosh. It is an Asus N56-VV. Some specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor 3630QM Chipset: Intel HM76 Express Video Chipset: Nvidia GeForce GT 750M Hard Disk Drive Quantity: 1 x 1 TB, SATA, 5400 rpm, Internal, 2.5" I created a Yosemite bootable...
  16. thePSguy

    Atheros Bluetooth not discovering/being discovered since 10.11.

    I am on El Capitan Public Beta 6. In my system report the bluetooth device is shown under USB as Bluetooth HCI: Product ID: 0xe300 Vendor ID: 0x0cf3 (Atheros Communications, Inc.) Version: 0.01 Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Location ID: 0x14600000 / 2 Current Available...
  17. The-Chaplain

    Best way to solve Atheros Killer E2200 issue

    Help Please - What is the Best way to solve Atheros Killer E2200 issues 10.10 Howdy, I'm working on my first build and I have most of it up and running. I still have a lot to do with getting the GTX 980 card and the dual boot. So far things have gone very smooth...Anyway.... I have a couple...
  18. deganza

    Yosemite Ethernet Problems with Z97X-Gaming 3 Motheboard

    Yosemite random freezes with Z97X-Gaming 3 My Yosemite 10.10.4 Installation works mostly of the time perfect. But sometimes it randomly freezes. I think that it has to do with the ethernet kext. I tried practically all Ethernet drivers of Multibeast 7.4. For my Z97X-Gaming 3 Motherboard should...
  19. cristian9509

    WIFI: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 with MacOS. Any chance to make it work?

    OS: Yosemite I have read here and there on how to fix wifi issues but anytime I get to the point where someone mentions AR9485 it leads to nothing. Everyone says the same thing, "It is not supported!". Now, before I give up completely on trying to make MacOS to recognize it, I just want to be...
  20. pista7

    [Solved] How to get rid of the ATHR: unknown locale 21 errors

    Hi guys, here's a simple fix to get rid of the annoying "unknown locale" messages in your system.log. These are caused by the TP-LINK WDN-4800 card, which has a regulatory domain value in its eeprom that is not recognized by OS X. It works by simply replacing the check for regdomain 0x37...