1. v8558

    Lenovo Ideapad U410 Yosemite

    Hello all, I have installed OSX Yosemite on my IdeaPad U410, and most of it works fine. There are some issues that I am having and wondering if anyone knows how to fix them. I have looked through the combined thread for mavericks, but am having trouble finding solutions. Problem 1: Wifi: I have...
  2. agroverr

    Atheros 10.9.4 LAN Ethernet - not working

    Just upgraded my system to 10.9.4 i have been happily humming away for the last year on my hackintosh with no issues, thanks to the awesome setup help from users on this site. however after the 10.9.4 update I can not get LAN Ethernet to work. Everything else is is perfectly working though...
  3. okitavio

    TP-LINK WN422G (Atheros chipset) on Mac OS

    Hi, everyone. I'm having some trouble with this Wi-Fi stick and Mavericks. Can't seem to find a driver for OS X on the official downloads page. I think it has a Atheros chipset, but I'm not certain. Is there a way to make an Atheros chipset work? A universal driver, maybe? Thanks in advance
  4. htmlvb

    Atheros AR9485 (a.k.a. Dell Wireless 1703): Thread for Kext/patch support/development

    Atheros AR9485 kext development Hello! First off, I must say thanks to the community for helping me set up OSX on my laptop. Mostly everything is working on my computer... except for wireless. I searched around and there doesn't seem to be a kext or patch for the AR9485 card. But there are...
  5. mrswagbhinav

    Atheros AR5B95 AR9285 card is too slow

    I recently installed Mavericks on my Dell Inspiron 3520 and my network card wasn't compatible. To solve this I got the Atheros card and the speeds are HORRID! I get 500 kbs to 460 bytes per sec. Even on my Windows 8 partition I am getting 50 kbs and I used to get 50 mbs. Please help, are there...
  6. maccheese4

    Wi-fi problems AR-9382 chipset

    Hello everyone, I just bought a new pci-e wireless card and it is recognized in MacOS 10.9.2 Mavericks but it will not recognize any nearby networks and is essentially non-functional. The card has an Atheros AR9382 chipset. I saw on some other posts from mid-last year that some people were...
  7. teepsdonnelly

    TRENDNet TEW-726EC/A almost works OOB in Mavericks?

    Hello, I've just finished a build. Mavericks install went great with UniBeast 3.0.1, however my WiFi card with an Atheros 9380 Chipset (168c, 0030) which, from what I've been reading around the internet, should work out of box. I've been fighting with this all day :( It shows up just fine, but...
  8. anotherpatient

    No WLan no Cry :-)

    I have jamed my Lenovo G560 Laptop and everything up on Soundcard and WiFi is ruining super! I put several kexts with the kextbeast tool on my Lapi but nothing will bring up my Atheros/Broadcom Wlan Card. I have read thousands ;-) of threads but i can´t get this fu...g Card running! Also i have...
  9. iprogrammer

    Atheros AR5B125 not supported on HP Probook 4530s

    I installed Mavericks to my HP Probook 4530s. But not supported my HP's WiFi adapter and i bought a Atheros AR5B125 and changed. Switched on a laptop and HP Bios shows me WiFi adapter not supported. "WLAN Module ID (702)". How i can use this adapter? Any Help?
  10. demiankz

    After vacation, Wifi no longer working

    HP Probook 4540s. Compatible wifi card. 10.8.3. Wifi worked after clean install and for several weeks beyond that. Left town and hooked up to a couple hotel Wifi spots, including a wired Ethernet connection. After I returned home, laptop no longer recognizes any wifi network. It sees the card...
  11. missmarple

    Atheros Wifi not recognized by Mountain Lion on Probook 4530s

    I bought this Atheros wifi card off Amazon and put it into my Probook 4530s i3 It was accepted in the BIOS, but when I boot from the USB and install Mountain Lion (latest version from App Store), it doesn't...
  12. bikotoru

    no working Atheros AR9285 - Mavericks and Mountain Lion

    Dear Install OS X ML and MV to my notebook Samsung R580, which has i3 processor, geforce 330m 512mb, Realtek ALC269 audio and Atheros AR9285 as wifi adapter By installing everything worked fine, the system is stable, I recognized the video card, the resolution is optimal, but can not run the...
  13. shellc0de

    GA-B85M-D3H | Ethernet not working. This is the driver page for windows, can anyone tell me what exact driver I need to get networking on 10.8.4? I'm afraid after installing the one from multibeast, I got kernel panics every boot and I had to reinstall ML completely.
  14. HolyMacrel

    10.8.4 WPA question

    So after doing some research on why my card wasn't working on some Wifis (Atheros AR9285), I found that 10.8.4 broke some people's connections to WPA/WPA2 type networks. I connect to unsecured or WEP fine. I haven't been able to find a fix or update for this and was wondering if you kind people...
  15. DanN7


    Hi there.. Who is using AR9485? Can I have the fresh DSDT, patched DSDT and the fresh IOReg? Thanks
  16. jigg

    Cannot get wifi to work after reinstalling ML

    I have recently had to re install Mountain lion all because i upgraded to 10.8.3 without reading the page for upgrading. Before the re-install WiFi worked perfectly now it has stopped working completely (WiFi works in windows still and Bluetooth works in both). My computer says that no WiFi...
  17. se17

    4530s 2.3 or 2.5 GHz (LH306EA or B0X69EAR)?

    Hello everyone. I am new and don't have any experiences with creating OS X system. In 10 hours I have to decide which 4530s should I get. Can you please help me with decision which one would work OK (or better than the other)? Option 1: LH306EA Wireless: Atheros 9285 Processor...
  18. nolabel

    Atheros AR9285 detected but won't work

    Hi guys! I heed a little help. Mountain Lion detects my ProBook 4530s wi-fi card but it doesn't work (can't find any wireless networks). I just updated 10.8.0 to 10.8.2 successfully, ML runs perfectly but wi-fi isn't working, on 10.8.0 didn't worked either. I'm pressing little wi-fi button...
  19. jpad1208

    Turn Off Bluetooth on Atheros Card?

    Turn Off Bluetooth on Atheros Card? Save Battery Life? Would taping the bluetooth part of the wifi card turn off bluetooth? And theoretically, would this increase the battery life since the bluetooth is completely off? Or would it not affect the battery life at all?
  20. grlinmaclover

    Atheros ar9485wb-eg nvidia geforce gt620t dont work on 10.8.2

    Hello everybody! I have samsung np300 with atheros ar9485wb-eg and nvidia geforce gt 620t who don't work with mountain lion 10.8.2 . Please help and tell if you can how to make them work. THANK YOU very much!