1. vagnmadsen

    Can I go from 10.8 to 10.11 on this build?

    Hi folks! I'm writing this from my nearly perfectly functional Build 12D78 (OSX 10.8.3) CustoMac, that I put together 5 yrs ago, mainly as a studio computer running Logic Pro 9. Now I'm considering moving to Logic X, but alas, that means that I have to get (at least) OSX 10.11 running on this...
  2. PliSsK

    CustoMac Pro to run older version of OS X

    Hi there, I'm a total newb to Hackintosh and am wondering what is the oldest version of OS X that can be installed and run on the new hardware in the Buyer's Guide for a CustoMac Pro. I am currently using 10.9 but may roll back to 10.8, and would want the same OS on a new machine build. Is it a...
  3. pl2k

    Upgrading from Mountain Lion to Yosemite - is it possible?

    I have been a long time reader of the forum but I still somewhat of a novice in hackintosh knowledge even though I built my hackintosh using Multibeast & Unibeast 3 years ago. I have ML 10.8.2 and am now considering upgrading to Yosemite. I have gone from ML-Yosemite on my macbook air without...
  4. sega dude

    DSDT won't compile for ASUS X52F

    I have installed OS X 10.8.4 on my Asus X52F using Unibeast and everything is going pretty well so far. I need to patch the DSDT so I can get the Atheros AR9285 wifi working, but I cannot compile the DSDT. I get 201 errors. The fix errors button doesn't work. I extracted the DSDT from under OS X...
  5. zenrocker

    Updating from os 10.6.2 to os 10.8 or 10.9... how to proceed?

    Hey guys, I need to do an update cause my os is getting too old. My soundcard (UAD Apollo) is frequently updated and all the updates are not supporting OS 10.6.2 anymore. My system has worked perfecly for two years but I can´t access some new features because of the obsolescence of my system...
  6. ohhh07

    Geforce GTX 780 TI on OS X 10.8

    Hello, Was wondering if the Geforce GTX 780 TI would work on 10.8 Mountain Lion? I know it has issues on 10.9 Mavericks.
  7. Killionaire

    Can't connect to iCloud or the App Store on 10.8.5. Help is much appreciated!

    I just installed OS X on a pretty solid build. I have no complaints for USB, audio, etc. etc. Since I have a USB WiFi adapter, I had to install the vendor's drivers and use the "Wireless Network Utility" to connect to the web, as opposed to clicking on a (non-existent) WiFi icon and connecting...
  8. pushingbuttons

    Install Success! But no networking?!

    I've been going through a frustrating re-install of my hackintosh. Long story short, I had a perfectly setup dual-boot of windows 7, and OS X 10.8.5 and messed it all up. So I'm back to the tedious re-installs.. Fortunately I had my resources saved from the last hackintosh install. The two main...
  9. jagdishar78

    Will Gainward NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 1 GB GDDR5 work

    Hi guys, My old graphics card had gone bad so thinking of buying a new one. pls guide whether this card would work. Wanted to go for a GDDR5 based card and its the cheapest one available in india Gainward NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card...
  10. kluch

    Dual Boot Windows 7 and OS X 10.9 on one Hard Drive

    :beachball:Hello! This is my first post here on TonyMacX86. First of all, thank you everyone from development to the community for the support you provide!:clap: Long story short, i am starting my senior project that involves putting OS X on my Toshiba Satellite L655-S5059. I am banking on...
  11. Screwballz

    Mountain Lion 10.8 on Probook 4540s Installation Help!

    Hi Everyone, I am very new to this forum, but have been reading it a lot lately. I am trying to install Mountain Lion on my Probook 4540s but I can't seem to get into the graphical part of the installer. Sometimes I do get to the installer but I get a message that I do not have a...
  12. giovanilg

    Mountain Lion only boot with cpus=1

    Hi Guys, I installed mountain lion 10.8.4, and using Intel Core i3 2.13Ghz. Everything works fine, but I need boot with "cpus=1"and my system runs only with one core. Could I change it to use all cores? I tried edit VoodooTSCSync.kext to: <dict> <key>IOCPUNumber</key> <integer>3</integer>...
  13. oatman

    Do Hackintosh Kexts Install to the OS Automatically from the USB Installation Disk?

    I have a quick question. When making a USB Boot Install for Mavericks/Mtn Lion when you place your kexts in either Extra/Extensions or S/L/E do these KEXTS automatically get placed onto your HDD after installation? If not, how do you automate the installation process to move kexts from the USB's...
  14. appleiscool

    [In Progress] Probook 4x40s

    HP ProBook 4x40s Quick Start Updated: September 2013 A short note - I won't be updating this thread topic as of now or in future, I've given away the ProBook 4340s as it has found a new home, and a happy new probook hack user. Anyone who wants to edit/add to this OP, or topic, please ask the...
  15. menik

    geekbench half score! incredible performance decrease! help please.

    Hi, i notice my system wasnt going so smooth anymore so thought i might check up with a little geekbench test, but the results were really disappointing and i wonder if anyone of you experienced the same issue or if someone know what the error might be/what has led to this decrease. As you...
  16. appleiscool

    Realtek ALC262 HDA audio 10.8 mountain lion

    ( Partial repost from http://www.tonymacx86.com/mountain-lion-desktop-guides/92353-guide-90-5-success-hp-xw4600-mountain-lion-10-8x-need-your-help-folks.html#post566082 ) UPDATE - AUDIO SOLUTION FOR ALC262 Just saw some new updates on possible audio fixes for alc262 which the xw4600 uses. not...
  17. leeno123

    Help with frozen screen

    Hi, I have the GA-H77N with i3 processor with built in hd 4000 graphics. I have ML 10.8 after startup this happens I have used -f -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No and it boots up fine. Once I can boot into the OS, what do I have to do to remove this issue? Thanks
  18. jasonz91

    Alienware X51 Compatability

    Hello, Saw this sight on 'twit's' video, on Youtube and I am just curios to see if my Alienware X51 would be compatable to do a Mountain Lion 10.8 installation. Here are my current specs: -Intel Core i7-3770 CPU 3.40GHz -8.00 GB RAM -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 -Version:
  19. jorams

    Slow folder/finder performance

    I have a stable setup running now for some days (10.8 on GA-Z77-DS3H, i7 3770, GTX650) but I encounter every now and then smaller issues. Maybe someone can help me with this one: When saving documents from different applications the folders I recently created don't show up. Only after some time...
  20. gunter


    Will a i7-3930K work with OS 10.8?