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Aug 8, 2016
I have recently built a hackintosh running el capitan.

Using Multi-Beast method of installation.

I have gotten my system to decent functionality (it boots alone, plays video and audio very smoothly) but unfortunately I have been unable to wake the system after sleeping. When it does deep-sleep it is not rebooting (as with some people) - once a mouse or keyboard is pressed the fans begin to whir again (as if it has re-woken) accept the display does not wake back up (even after turning the display off and on again plugging the hdmi again). I'm not sure what the issue could be - I assume software/ driver/ kexts but maybe it is hardware?

Build items:

Gigabyte GD- Z170X UD5 TH
Ram : Ballistix Sport XT
CPU: Intel i7 (quad core) 6700k
- Using intergrated graphics

I hope someone can help me. I ensured that I installed all the appropriate drivers and the system otherwise runs very swimmingly when awake.

Thanks in advance
Ahh ... should have searched harder thanks for pointing me in the right direction :)
Not open for further replies.