1. bobthebuilderx86

    First build high end dual boot PC (advice requested)

    Hey everyone! I'm planning to finally build myself a good PC (I'm still running a 2007 iMac). I'm reasonably mechanically minded, and like a nice challenge, so it seemed like a good idea to take on the task of building it myself. I started digging around a bit, discovered the hackintosh...
  2. y5l6pc7h

    7mb of ram on macOS Catalina Intel HD 4600 support (w/ gtx960)

    Hello everyone, I am a young developer that needs to use xCode. I created an macOS Catalina bootable USB using Unibeast and have installed macos succesfully on a usb thumb drive (I want to test my hackintosh in a usb stick first, before I install it on my hdd). My setup: a intel core i7 @ 3,6...
  3. G-Dracarys

    [Success] 9700k - Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI - RX 5700 XT

    G-Dracarys was notified by "conversation" (Private Message) to immediately edit his post to conform to the User Build Template. Thanks in advance! Replies to his post will be deleted until the...
  4. sona

    requesting help for post installation

    I'm using hp pavilion laptop Hardware Specs successfully installed Mojave and bootloader configured. issues facing: ethernet not working audio not working intel HD 620 4mb showing(unable to adjust brightness) Nvidia GeForce 940MX not working HDMI port not working battery meter not showing...
  5. hassanswe

    Intel HD 4400 Mojave scrambled screen

    Hello i have sony vaio duo 13 SVD13215PXB i have successfully installed mac os mojave 10.14.6 on it and patched dsdt And used device id = 0x04128086 ig-platform = 0x0a260006. But i get Scrambled screen however hdmi working well..... I think the problem is with firmware because this laptop only...
  6. KyleM365

    New to installation

    I have a i7-97000 Gigabyte B365M motherboard Nvidia 1650 Can someone help me get my hackintosh up and running. any help is appreciated
  7. asfi51

    Intel NUC dc53427hye and Catalina ?

    Hello, can someone tell me if my Intel NUC dc53427hye can run Catalina ? Some specs : - CPU Intel i5 3427U (with Turbo Boost CPU) - GPU Intel HD 4000 - SSD M.2, 16 Go RAM, Ethernet (don't need WiFi but Bluetooth yes). After somes search, I see it can run olders version of macos like...
  8. beartice

    Catalina boot stuck at IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLocked State 3

    Hello, I have successfully installed Mojave on my old Desktop Computer with the following specs: Motherboard: MS-7613 CPU: i3-540 RAM: 4Gb GPU: integrated, old Intel HD Graphics DISK: SSD Kingstone 120Gb I used the patched version of Mojave provided by dosdude. Since Mojave prompted me to...
  9. PhaNtazm

    [SUCCESS] 100% WORKING Intel Wifi Drivers for 7265AC on Catalina

    Only tested on 7265AC, should also work on other intel cards but not tested yet. This driver currently ONLY works in 10.15. First edit the Info.plist and add the ssid and password Then load the kext using terminal (Dont install directly into L/E): sudo mv ./*.kext /tmp sudo chown -R...
  10. PhaNtazm

    [Success] WORKING Intel Wifi Drivers for 7265AC on Catalina

    Only tested on 7265AC, should also work on other intel cards but not tested yet. This driver currently ONLY works in 10.15. First edit the Info.plist and add the ssid and password Then load the kext using terminal (Dont install directly into L/E): sudo mv ./*.kext /tmp sudo chown -R...
  11. skylerk

    not audio hp ProBook 440 g3

    Hi guys, I have updated and used files that were left behind, now the system is working but I can not have audio, previously the audio worked with applehda I leave my kext. and config my lap is: hp ProBook 440 g3 i3 6200u 8gb ram ssd 120gb Intel HD 520 MOJAVE 10.14.6
  12. talk2chandresh

    Mac OS Catalina Installation Guide For Intel S2600CW2R

    Hello Sir, Any guidance for the below configuration: Intel S2600CW2R Motherboard Intel Xeon E5 2620-v4 x 2 Nos. of Processors 8gb x 16 Nos. of DDR4 Ram 500gb SSD Samsung 560 EVO 4tb Seagate Barracuda Hard Disk Drive 8gb x 2 Nos. of AMD FirePro W7100 Graphics Card In this configuration system...
  13. misterodri

    Toshiba Portégé A30-C-1d0 (90% done without doing almost anything).

    Hello everyone. I know this can sound like a joke, but recently, I bought a Toshiba Portégé A30-C-1d0 for like a 400 bucks and let me tell you, it works flawlessly (except brightness (what I'm asking for help) and Wi-Fi)... To solve Wi-Fi, I ordered a compatible chipset from AliExpress for a...
  14. Withoutaface

    [Guide] Intel NUC DC3217IYE macOS Mojave 10.14 (TV BOX)

    Project Info This is the Mojave upgrade to my Intel NUC DC3217IYE. I’m using this box on my TV Screen with an infrared remote control, Apple mouse and a bluetooth keyboard. See also my macOS Sierra guide: guide-intel-nuc-dc3217iye-macos-sierra-10-12-tv-box Used Hardware Intel® NUC-Kit...
  15. Teledurak

    Catalina freezes

    Hello all, I am installed macOS Catalina 10.15.2 on my PC successfully, but it may dead (panic w/o screen with log) randomly, this problem is not present on Mojave 10.14.6. Now I am on Mojave because of this problem. Can anyone help with this issue, please? :) Forgot to say, updating to 10.15.3...
  16. grafalison

    Server intel s2600cp

    Hello everyone, I need help. It used to be High Sierra, everything worked perfectly. Now, when installing, Catalina crashes into an error. I attach screenshots and a config, I will be glad of any help. Hardw Intel s2600cp Xeon 2*E5-2620v2 32gb RDIMM ddr3 4*8 ssd 250gb sata Vega 64
  17. Abdullah-ui

    Been trying to install MoJave, no luck so far.

    I got my PC basically for gaming but ever since I left gaming selling my 2080-Ti, I have always wanted to make my PC a hackintosh. The problem is I do not have any Macbook currently, and I tried using the Yosemite Hackintosh but no luck. I do not have any AMD GPU, I read some threads about...
  18. AugustinCarroll

    Volume is rapidly fluctuating [Mojave][AORUS z390 Elite]

    Specs: MB--Gigabyte z390 AORUS Elite CPU--Intel i7 9700k GPU--Radeon rx580 Sapphire Pulse At first, it seemed to be working okay, but then I noticed that the volume is rapidly fluctuating from time to time. I built this computer for music making, and the audio is so weird and buggy. I've...
  19. jdenson

    Sleep taking over 60 seconds and wake to black screen(Clevo - N871EP6)

    Hey all, Just wondering if someone could help me out with this issue. I've been working over the past week to get this laptop to play well and I've had mixed success. System Specifications: macOS Catalina Intel Core i7 - 8750H 16GB RAM Intel UHD 630 However, the system seems to have some odd...
  20. shamim4s

    how to install Intel HD4000 graphics driver on Mojave Toshiba laptop

    Hi I have installed Mojave 10.14.6 on my Toshiba satellite C40-a laptop all require devices are working. but I cannot install Intel HD4000 graphics driver. its automatically showing "intel HD4000 4MB" is there anyone can help me how can I Mae useful this HD4000 graphics ? my laptop CPU i3 3110m...