1. maicol072001

    Stuck on "Forcing CS_RUNTIME for entitlement:"

    Hi, I've built a USB with OpenCore but when I boot EFI (external) from OpenCore it gets stuck at the "Forcing CS_RUNTIME for entitlement:" line in the screenshot for more than 2 hours. Do you have any clues? Thanks config.plist attached Hardware...
  2. DevilisM

    Buying advice on chosen Hardware appreciated :thumbup:

    Hi People, After not gaming for a long time, my interest has been rekindled by, for example, previews of Starfield. To play games, I need a new system. The hardware I have in mind is: Intel Core i5 13600K - Processor3.5 GHz (5.1 GHz) - 14 core 6P+8E - 20 threads - 24 MB cache - LGA1700...
  3. gatorback

    Is Intel 10th Gen iGPU compatibility the "last stop"?.

    Is 10th Gen Intel iGPU (HD630/620) is the final / last iGPU found OEM Apple PCs? If it is, then when HD630 support is no more, then the craft (as we know it today with Opencore is no more? Or is there an expectation that Intel + AMD Radeon dGPU will persist somewhat beyond HD630 retirement?
  4. mustakim7799

    Installing macOS on my HP 15-r119TU Pentium quad core Laptop

    Hello Community, I am very new to Hackintosh. I'm looking help to install macOS on my old laptop, an HP 15-r119TU. It has the following specs: Intel Pentium N3540 Quad Core Processor (Bay Trail-M) 4 GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB SATA HDD (MBR Partition) (Made a Partition to install macOS on that drive)...
  5. Simbirskiif

    Doesn't load into installer

    When loading into the installer, after the message "start::512: Successfully initialized AHCI controller" nothing happens for a while and then an error appears with blurry text (screenshots are attached). PC configuration: Processor - i7-11700k GPU - uhd graphics 750, rtx 3060 (disabled in the...
  6. trostel

    Lenovo Thinkpad T460 - Trackpad Physical buttons issue (Big Sur)

    Hi all! Got a T460 and it works fine under Big Sur 11.7.7 installed with Opencore. Problem is that trackpoint and touchpad are working fine (gestures too), but the 3 physical buttons needs some work (I'm running Voodoo Kext). I noticed that trying another EFI folder i'm able to get also the 3...
  7. hammerhat

    HD530 iGPU on Ventura woes

    Running out of ideas with this one and getting to a point where I could use help from more experienced Hack builders. Problem: Fresh install of Ventura, boots up fine with HD530 iGPU but can't get acceleration to work and VRAM shows 18Mb. VDADecoderChecker shows error -12473. The Amazon Prime...
  8. z4v4g3

    Installation of MacOS Monterey/Ventura

    Hello everyone. I'm an total Newbie on this so I need your help with 3 questions: 1.- Do you think that thios hardware can handle any MacOs?: MB: ASRock H61M-VG3 CPU: Intel Pentium G2030 3.00GHz (2 CPUS) Ivy Bridge Intel HD Graphics (Actually has Directx12) RAM: 16.0 GB Hyper X DDR3 1600...
  9. RizkiAA

    << Solved >> OpenCore Big Sur Installation stuck on OC : Watchdog status is 0

    Hello everybody... This is the second time for me to install a Hackintosh on a laptop, here is the specifications : Laptop : Lenovo legion 7i-15IMH Processor : Intel Core i7-10750H Memory : 16GB DDR4 iGPU : Intel UHD 630 for 10th Gen Comet Lake-H GT2 dGPU : Nvidia RTX 2070...
  10. ImSomeOtherGuy

    I have tried everything I can think of and USB 3.0 doesn't work

    Hi everyone! I am currently getting Big Sur to run on an MSI h410i Pro Wifi build. Everything has been put together and I quickly was able to get everything working, except USB 3.0. This didn't really surprise me since I hadn't made a USB map up until that point, so I quickly installed Windows...
  11. slawa

    Do someone knows the Vendor-System-Id and Subsystem-Id of Sonnet Presto 10GB?

    Hello everybody After long successful use of SmallTree drivers for Intel X550-T1 (0x8088/0x15d1) and Intel X550-T2 (0x8086/0x1563) 10GBit PCI Ethernet controllers with changing of subsystem-id to 0x000a by FakePCIID I'd like to switch on Sonnet Presto drivers. The reason is that the SmallTree...
  12. Feartech

    Hackintosh i9 12900k
  13. FiloBerny05

    Problem:intel uhd 630 4mb VRAM

    Hi everyone, this is my build: MB: MSI MPG Z490 GAMING PLUS CPU:INTEL CORE I5 10400 RAM: 2X8GB CORSAIR 3200 MHz DDR4 SSD: 256GB NVME SSD KINGSTON I have a problem with the IGPU (intel uhd 630) in macOS Monterey with OpenCore 0.8.4. The total VRAM is 4mb and the hardware acceleration doesn't...
  14. loudram

    Stuck on Apple Logo W/ Progress Bar, then no mouse connected screen

    I can boot to open core and select the macOS installation partition (the installation USB I made on my windows OS), and I can see the apple logo and progress bar. The bar makes a tiny amount of progress, then gets stuck for a really long time. I'm not sure what triggers it, but sometimes this...
  15. silicongraphics

    Thunderbolt only works about 30% of the time on 2018 Razer Blade 15

    Hi everyone, I'm running Catalina on my 2018 Razer Blade 15 Advanced and recently purchased a third monitor (two external + the laptop display) to add to my setup. I needed a way to connect it to the intel UHD630 on this machine as the Nvidia card obviously isn't supported, so I decided to...
  16. sql

    Does Apple support come for the 11th generation Intel processor, UHD 730?

    I am using a small STX system. But I'm not sure if this hardware supports Hackintosh. I am sharing my system information. I found a source, but I did not try it because my processor is 11th generation. What should I do in this process, I need comments from you, dear users. Thank you. Computer...
  17. gunterkilltdich

    No guide for my processor

    Hi, I have a Fujitsu Lifebook S6420 with a Intel core 2 duo T9800 processor and I already searched for about an hour and didn't find any guides or efi templates for installing macOS on it. Can someone help me out?
  18. jerry

    Inquiries about hackintosh

    The specifications of my computer... Cpu i5 12600k gigabyte z690m aorus elite d4 Ram 16gb samsung 3200 Ssd 256 Und770 I'm trying for the first time. My computer is recent, so I don't have any data. Please help me.
  19. Str4

    Wifi bluetooth problem AX201 - MSI Z490 GAMING CARBON WIFI - INTEL I9 10850K

    Hello guys I need help, I installed using OpenCore 0.7.5 MacOs Monterey here is my config: Processor : Intel Core i9 10850K @ 3.60GHz Comet Lake 14nm Motherboard : MSI MPG-Z490-GAMING-CARBON-WIFI RAM : 32,0 Go Corsair Graphic :Intel UHD Graphics 630 Stockage : 465GB Western Digital WDC (For...
  20. sinusoid

    .plist exchange between intel and M1 MacOS

    Hi everyone, Haven't been here for a while but still in business and in love with Macs. For every mac I installed, after Apple removed the battery percentage of charge and discharge, I replaced the battery.plist with the old one, in order to show the percentage and time remaining all the time...