1. MysticalOS

    [Solved] Sleep stopped working and I'm at a loss

    Yes i've searched threads, and internet, for 3 days. I've tried literally everything under the sun from doriana guides to every work around imaginable going back to 2012. I cannot find anything wrong. In fact everything was perfect until this week when suddenly hack decided sleep feature is...
  2. miliuco

    << Solved >> Full sleep in the first sleep but not in the subsequent ones before shutdown or reboot

    Hello everybody. I have observed this behavior in the sleep of my hack: first time it goes to sleep since boot (from Energy Saver / from power button / from Terminal command) it goes well with lights and fans completely off wakes up from sleep with a single touch of keyboard or mouse or with a...
  3. TripleYoThreat

    << Solved >> Two New Builds both turning right back on after sleep

    Hi, hope all are well! I've done multiple Hackintosh builds over the years and this is my first time encountering this problem. When I click sleep, fans will power down, lights turn off, then a second later it comes back up. No kernel panic, no freeze, nothing, it's just back up and ready to...
  4. DapperDuck2

    No wake after sleep - Dell OptiPlex 3020SFF, i5-4590s, GT 1030

    Hi all, I have High Sierra 10.13.6 running successfully on my Dell OptiPlex 3020. The only problem I'm still encountering is the fact that when I put the pc to sleep, and it wakes up only the pc wakers up. The monitor doesn't detect the video in signal anymore. As the title says I have an...
  5. xstreuner

    Santech T55 (Clevo W230SD) | Sleep Problem

    Hi, I installed Big Sur on my Santech T55 (clevo W230SD). Everything seems to work, but when I try to put it on sleep it doesn't work well: seems that enters the sleep state for a second (the led indicator blinks correctly but once, or twice) and the the screen remains black but I can hear the...
  6. Renegade

    ASUS PRIME Z390-A wake issue

    Hi, My computer won't resume from sleep: screen stays black. More details about my rig : Asus Prime Z390-A Intel Core I7-8700k 32GB DDR4 Nvidia GTX1080 (disabled via "igfxonly=1" bootarg) Screen output via iGPU (DisplayPort) Big Sur 11.0.1 installed on NVME SSD Here is my EFI folder (OC...
  7. keinowaara

    Sleep issues? Check this

    After updating to 11.2 I suddenly couldn't get the hack to sleep—a familiar problem from many updates. The screen would go black and after a couple of seconds come back on. In Activity Monitor the only thing shown to prevent sleep was WindowUser and that is a vital core component, therefore no...
  8. Kulos

    << Solved >> Catalina audio crackling

    Hi, I'm running Catalina 10.15.7 with the latest 2021-001 update using Clover 5119 (iMac 19.1, iGPU headless). After applying the latest Security Update I notice audio crackling. Logic Pro turnes unusable and I have to turn the audio-buffer up to 1024 samples to be able to work. I use a...
  9. richo20

    Reboot while in deep sleep

    hey i installed High Sierra on my Desktop and everything is working like a charm like usb 3 and it goes to sleep butttt when it goes to deep sleep it restarts ... how can i fix that? i have: Gigabyte GA-B250M-D2V Motherboard Intel Core i5-7500 Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB Ballistix Sort LT -...
  10. JianGaming

    Can't fix my sleep wake issue: laptop keeps heating up and have to hold the power button to switch it off and on (Kaby Lake, Catalina)

    (For those who had talked with me before from the other conversation, I decided to start a new conversation because we can focus directly on my problem here) Hi everyone. Recently I've installed macOS Catalina on my laptop. I run OpenCore as my Bootloader. I have a Dell Inspiron 14 7472 (bought...
  11. crazyjat

    GA-Z170N-Gaming 5: Won't Sleep Automatically

    Installed MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 on GA-Z170N-Gaming 5. I have everything working except automatic sleep. Works: Sleep/Wake (Except for automatic sleep) Audio Video Hardware Acceleration (RX580) Airport (Replaced Wifi card with BCM94360NG) Ethernet USB 3 (XHCI Handoff enabled for USB and USB 2.0)...
  12. clabaz

    CPU fan keeps spinning in sleep mode

    After a fresh installation of Mojave 10.14.6 (ASUS Prime H370M and i5 8400), all is ok. It remains a problem: in sleep mode, display is off without signal, but CPU e and chassis fans keep spinning (anyway very slow). Power Nap disabled in Energy Saver. Any help?
  13. martincpt

    How to detect what prevents my Open Core ryzentosh to fall a sleep?

    This beast on a x570m Pro4 mobo with the RX580 has a lot of power but not perform well when it's time to sleep. I've heard the number one problem is incorrect USB mapping but how can I know it's the real source of the problem? When i hit the sleep button, the OS goes away and i get the dark...
  14. kajaba

    << Solved >> USB wifi/bluetooth prevents sleep

    Hello everybody. I tried to look in different threads/posts/google and it seems I cant find an answer. I have my Wifi/Bluetooth (BCM94350ZAE) in M.2 Socket adapter, which needs to connect to USB. I have correctly configured my USB (see attachment) and after going to sleep my PC wakes up...
  15. zeanix

    Catalina sleep issues with unused Nvidia card installed.

    Hi So im kinda forced to update soon, so im working on getting my catalina build working and moving on from Nvidia. I almost have sleep working, i just have a minor issue. If i have my graphics card in the PC, then sleep will not be working. However if i take it out sleep will be working just...
  16. insalada

    Desperated with Sierra restarting suddenly during sleep or when waking

    Hi friends, I've been running an issue for years. Yes, I know, I should have get it solved already, but every time I tried, I spent hours and hours of searching and reading with no success. I am totally frustrated with this. This is the actual problem: Sometimes (not always, but very...
  17. Millstaff

    [SOLVED] Freeze after sleep

    I had a fully working Catalina system, but after I changed my overclocking to default in BIOS, my system won't resume from sleep. It shows me the login-window, but it's frozen. Does anyone have tips on how to troubleshoot this? I attach my config.plist
  18. habahabapl

    Hack don't wake up when the TB3 device is connected

    Hello :) I have a problem with my hackintosh, When I eject TB3 SSD reader using the eject icon in the Finder or when the drive is ejected automatically by Jettison app, computer doesn't wake up properly. When the TB3 reader is not eject before going to sleep, the computer wakes up without...
  19. cornix

    Sleep, battery draining and weird keyboard or touchpad problem Lenovo S145-15IWL

    Hi! I successfully installed macOS 10.15.3 and everything is working fine except sleep, the battery is draining quicker and weird keyboard or touchpad inputs. For battery, I disabled a discrete graphic card (Nvidia MX110 [when disabled strange lag after first 5 seconds after boot {and disappears...
  20. abelard

    Volume Keys over DP and Sleep together

    Hi everyone, I have difficulties in making Mojave sleep automatically after x minutes. The reason is that the app SoundflowerBed is preventing the system going to sleep. When SoundflowerBed is disabled the system sleeps correctly. SoundflowerBed allows me to use the volume keys F11/F12 when an...