1. zeanix

    Catalina sleep issues with unused Nvidia card installed.

    Hi So im kinda forced to update soon, so im working on getting my catalina build working and moving on from Nvidia. I almost have sleep working, i just have a minor issue. If i have my graphics card in the PC, then sleep will not be working. However if i take it out sleep will be working just...
  2. insalada

    Desperated with Sierra restarting suddenly during sleep or when waking

    Hi friends, I've been running an issue for years. Yes, I know, I should have get it solved already, but every time I tried, I spent hours and hours of searching and reading with no success. I am totally frustrated with this. This is the actual problem: Sometimes (not always, but very...
  3. Millstaff

    [SOLVED] Freeze after sleep

    I had a fully working Catalina system, but after I changed my overclocking to default in BIOS, my system won't resume from sleep. It shows me the login-window, but it's frozen. Does anyone have tips on how to troubleshoot this? I attach my config.plist
  4. habahabapl

    Hack don't wake up when the TB3 device is connected

    Hello :) I have a problem with my hackintosh, When I eject TB3 SSD reader using the eject icon in the Finder or when the drive is ejected automatically by Jettison app, computer doesn't wake up properly. When the TB3 reader is not eject before going to sleep, the computer wakes up without...
  5. cornix

    Sleep, battery draining and weird keyboard or touchpad problem Lenovo S145-15IWL

    Hi! I successfully installed macOS 10.15.3 and everything is working fine except sleep, the battery is draining quicker and weird keyboard or touchpad inputs. For battery, I disabled a discrete graphic card (Nvidia MX110 [when disabled strange lag after first 5 seconds after boot {and disappears...
  6. abelard

    Volume Keys over DP and Sleep together

    Hi everyone, I have difficulties in making Mojave sleep automatically after x minutes. The reason is that the app SoundflowerBed is preventing the system going to sleep. When SoundflowerBed is disabled the system sleeps correctly. SoundflowerBed allows me to use the volume keys F11/F12 when an...
  7. abelard

    Mojave randomly wakes up from sleep

    Hi everyone A few months ago I’ve built an Hackintosh with Mojave 10.14.6 for everyday use. The only noticeable problem which remained unsolved is that I’m unable to make the system sleep continuously without interruption. In fact the systems is able to sleep (ie the power light turns off) but...
  8. x86com

    keyboard doesn't work until laptop goes to sleep

    Hi, On clover bootloader keyboard works ok, however, after boots into Mojave, keyboard doesn't work until laptop goes to sleep. After sleep, it can wake with enter key and then keyboard works ok. Has anyone experienced this kind of issue? Please give me an advice to solve this issue.
  9. cold_dog

    Usb ports randomly stop working after sleep

    I followed the guide and created a custom USB SSDT via Hackintool and at first it seemed to solve the problem with usb ports randomly stop working after wake up from sleep. Sometimes it's a USB3 port, sometimes USB2. Need help of the community with this problem. I attached iOReg and my custom...
  10. Inspiring

    Catalina iMac 2011 pretend to be 2012, Panic during sleep

    Hi All, I am using an iMac 2011 with K1100M graphics card and in High Sierra, Mini Display Port to my 4k&60hz external display works fine. After upgrading to Catalina using the Dosdude1's patch, all works fine however Mini Display Port only outputs HDMI signal(5v, 4k@30hz) but NO Display Port...
  11. haino

    Sleep Catalina 10.5.5 - GA Z270X Gaming K5

    Sleep working 100 percent under High Sierra. Using same EFI for the two systems. Problem to sleep in Catalina, mouse pointer stops moving only. Destop still displayed. Mouse-click releases mouse pointer again. See attached files.
  12. smintel

    Waking from sleep after 30 seconds

    My hackintosh wakes from sleep every 30 seconds. The fans start, the display comes on showing the login screen, then it goes back to sleep again. It does this every 30 seconds. I just updated to 10.15.4 hoping this might fix it - but it is still doing it. Any advice on how to fix?
  13. SiphoMandle

    Intel HD 530, Sidecar working, sleep not working, USB not fully working. Please help

    I've tried different ACPI fixes and boot options etc but cannot get my sleep to be fixed as well as my USB 3.1 gen 2 port. Using terminal and some pmset -g commands or whatever, I have deduced that it is probably the USB drivers that are causing the sleep wake issues, such as starting up...
  14. papadiche

    USB Devices Eject on Sleep

    Hello, Problem: Randomly after waking from Sleep, USB storage devices are improperly ejected. Only USB 3.0 storage devices re-connect automatically, with USB 2.0 storage devices requiring the device to be physically unplugged and replugged. Duration of sleep does not appear to matter: Testing...
  15. JonnIEnglish

    Hackintoshed Huawei Matebook x Pro kernel panic on sleep.

    Hi all, I recently got macOS Catalina working on my Huawei Mateboox x Pro and everything seems to be working except for sleep. Whenever the laptop goes to sleep it either wakes up immediately or crashes and reboots with this kernel panic error message that I have put at the bottom of this post...
  16. emistral

    DP Black screen on wake up -10.15.4 Supplemental + 5600XT

    Hi all, I have an issue regarding a black screen on wake up. I know it has been reported several times but some posts are quite old and not applicable anymore. It is not the first time. I used to have a Nvidia GTX 660 before and from time to time, upon waking up the computer, I had a black...
  17. iDrakus

    My hackintosh on Catalina himself wakes (sleep) up every two hours

    I am using Hacintosh (iMac 19.1) on Catalina 10.15.4. Every night, my computer itself wakes up for a while, and then falls asleep back. I can not understand what is the reason. I use the command log show --style syslog | fgrep "[powerd: sleepWake]" in Terminal and this is what I get. Why does...
  18. chatzki

    Solved > USB WiFi dongle prevents computer from reboot/sleep (TrendNet TEW-6**UB)

    Veterans, I need your help! I successfully built my second Hackintosh (in 8 years) based on i5 9600K/630 UHD/Z370-p, patched DSDT and SSDT following Rehabman's guides, everything works perfect except for sleep and reboot in Mojave (reboots in Sierra worked fine with the same configuration). The...
  19. DmitryAE

    [SOLVED] Sleep Issue Catalina with Epson driver

    Hey guys, My specs are: MOBO: P8z77-v pro CPU: i7-3770k GPU: RX560 OS: Catalina 10.15.4 Another aren't matter although listed specs too. My issue was in following. When I manually tap "Sleep" from Apple menu, monitors turns off, but fans spinning and lights are on forever. So hack won't go...
  20. SingleCores

    Sleep on Catalina - Z390 - 10.15.3

    Hi, whenever I try to put my PC to sleep the screens turn off, but the PC remains on and it doesn't do anything anymore, I have to force reboot it. As far as I know, everything except sleep works. Audio Internet Usb devices Reboot Shutdown General usage of the hackintosh is a breeze. ...