1. ic3cold

    Adding a driver for my Viewsonic VX2450m under Mojave

    I have a stable hackintosh working under Mac OS X Sierra, and recently, I had to switch motherboards, and decided to give a try at Mojave, everything works fine, except for the fact, I am not able to set the driver for my monitor, so the generic driver not even gets HD 1920x1080p ... In the...
  2. MacDaddy123

    HP EliteBook 2560P Display Mirroring To/From AppleTV on Mojave 10.14.6

    Caveat lector: Non-metal graphics cards are not supported above macOS 10.13.x, and the following is representative of only my experience. That said, I have an HP EliteBook 2560P, with Intel HD 3000 graphics. All, AFAICT, is working flawlessly. The display panel is ostensibly limited to a...
  3. pipolamenace

    HDMI port working from Motherboard, but DVI and VGA are not

    hello, My config file is attached. I am using a Gigabyte Z270-HD3 as my motherboard, and using a i5 7400 as my CPU + using the iGPU (Intel HD 630). Everything works fine on my hackintosh (newly updated to Mojave). Except that when the PC sleeps, it will shutdown on wake, but that's for another...
  4. xpredatorz

    Post installation Hackintosh Catalina

    Hello All ! I'am new here and need some help. I had a hackintosh Mojave which worked very fine. I made a fresh install Catalina but many problems needed to be fix : I tried for 3 days to resolve them but no chance. First pb is that MacOs showing 7 mb at display, audio not working, keyboard...
  5. harrisonpapa

    Can not change monitor resolution and refresh rate

    I installed my Catalina (10.15.4) system last night. I have a STRIX Vega 64 and an i7 6700k. My monitor is able to handle 1440p at 144hz but Mac defaults this to 1440p at 60hz. I do have the option to change to 144hz in the settings but when I do the ui lags badly, however the mouse does not...
  6. vincenzo929292

    Samsung Ativ 7 NP730U3E and Catalina 15.10

    Samsung Ativ NP730U3e I need a hand .... 1) For WiFi (Intel Centrino Advance n3265) bluetooth works but WiFi does not, I have seen that they have developed AppleIntelWiFi drivers but I don't think they work. So my solution is to buy an Atheros with WiFi and Bluetooth. Which model do you...
  7. zzzzzlt

    LG UltraFine 4K not displaying until system is boot up

    So I am using 2 monitors in my set up, one regular Philips 1080p display, and one LG UltraFine 4K. The first one is connected via a mini-DP to DP cable to the RX 570, and the second one is connected via a Belkin Huawei VR cable also to my RX 570. Now I have a problem that if I plug in the...
  8. yhzq

    X1 Carbon 5th 4k Display Problem

    Hi guys! It is my first-time post and I had some problems with my display. My laptop is ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5 gen (2017) with i7-7500U (HD 620) and 1080p display. I have a nearly perfect Hackintosh on it. (Thanks for the guides!) Then I decided to change the display from 1080p to 4k. It works...
  9. victoriel

    screen display bug after wake up mac

    Hello, I have a NUC8i3BEH with 2 SSD crucial + x2 RAM Crucial 2400MHZ DDR4, When i wake up my hackintosh he do this bug/flash every 2 seconds. And if i unplug HDMI to another display i have the same bug with a blackscreen and whiteNoise. See the vidéo uploaded on ultrawide (2560x1080) ...
  10. theStyg

    Clover Bootloader on incorrect screen, problems with primary display - RX 580

    Hello. I'm running two monitors - primary is 2K, secondary is 1080p - via HDMI on an AMD RX 580 8GB. The Clover Bootloader boots to the secondary monitor, which is fine by itself but I notice certain applications (Logic Pro X) sometimes boot to that secondary screen because of this. Sometimes...
  11. I.Ahmd

    4k Monitor issue

    i'm tyring LG 4kUHD with display port 1.2 to my rig which running kaby lake with RX570 4gb. It display fine but i CAN'T seem to play any DRM contents over safari or see apple tv + on 4k monitor, but I CAN on 1080P any solutiuon ?
  12. clivebixby

    Recommended high DPI display

    Hello, I wonder if there is a good enough display which is, let's say 27 inches ultrawide (like that ones from LG) and has a high DPI. What would you recommend? Please, be specific about a model. I know about Dell Ultrasharp, but they vary about the PPI (or pixel pitch, as they use most of times).
  13. kSilva

    Login Screen Resolution

    After installing Catalina I'm having an annoying problem with my login screen resolution. When I boot after the clover screen, I get a small apple logo, then I get a much bigger one, then the macOS login screen loads and the login icons are very large. However, the weird thing is if I turn off...
  14. HabichtBonzo

    Imac G4 1873 External Display

    Hi! i have a problem. The Displayconnector from my Imac g4 broke off from the motherboard. Now I am trying to make am external Display out of my Mac. The problem is that I can’t find any tutorials on the 1st gen 15“ Imac. How do I connect the cable from the Imac to a Dvi connector? Does it work...
  15. anwarshah

    Can't use SMBIOS 18,2/18,3 though Hackintool suggests so

    Hi, I'm very new to this Hackintosh things (been using only 2 months) and the discovery is really amazing. I want to thanks all the devs, contributors of this forum without whom Hackintosh would not be possible. I've read some of the basic guides and slowly understanding the works. However, I...
  16. chc950136gm

    Display name not shown (10.14.6) with GT710

    I have a fresh installation of Mojave 10.14.6 on Sandy Bridge i5-2400 with GT 710 which supports Mojave natively with nvidia inject. However, I got an issue that in the "About this Mac -> Displays" window, I can only see a monitor named "Display" which is 31.1" However, in other Hackintosh...
  17. johnyg07

    HiDPI or half resolution on clover screen on 4K display?

    Hi, is it possible to get half resolution or HiDPI on clover screen on my laptop 4K display. Boot screen display is too small text and icons and during boot screen, apple logo changes from small to large. I am on Mojave 10.6 latest version on hp spectre 4K display.
  18. rickybschweitzer

    Can't get dual-monitor display to work (mirroring does work)

    Hey All, I've been having trouble with this for months, but more pressing concerns with my build forced this to the background. Now that everything is stable again, it would be amazing if I could get this working. Essentially, I bought a motherboard that is supposed to be able to handle...
  19. rcnowak

    Screen Flickering Fix?

    Hi all, just recently I downloaded High Sierra 10.13.6 onto my PC (i5 4590, GTX 1060, 16 GB DDR3, Asrock B85-M ITX motherboard). It seems to work okay, except I have a lot of screen flickering in certain programs, like Logic, and when i sign in I get white bars going down my screen. Anyone have...
  20. JazzyLau

    Solved > Upgrading from Mojave to Catalina, display issue. (i7-7700(hd630),B250M-HD3)

    Just upgraded from Mojave to Catalina, it seems that there are something wrong with display drive. The Monitor (LG 21:9) is connected with HDMI. The screen can't fulfill and all the images are pink. Anything I can do?:crazy: