The 4K Dell OptiMac - 9020 MT - Core i7-4790 - Radeon RX 570 - LG 4K IPS Monitor

is this one ok
I would avoid it. Get a name brand like MSI. Has a 5 year warranty. This one should have the 8 pin supplemental power. The price is very good for this. About 39 USD so not expensive. /ref=sr_1_1

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I would avoid it. Get a name brand like MSI. Has a 5 year warranty.
Can confirm that they back their warranty as well. My son had one fail after about 2.5 yrs in his modest gaming rig and they replaced quickly under warranty.
Recommended 16GB Timetec kits are now selling for $19.99 on Amazon. New, not refurbished. If you use your OptiMac for video and photo editing and/or audio production, you want as many high quality, matching DIMMS as you can get. If your Dell came with 2 x 4GB of DDR3 it's not going to suffice. Buy two kits of Timetec 16GB and max out your ram at 32GB. The SFF and MT both have 4 ram slots that you can populate.

Note the 9020 USFF only has 2 ram slots so 16GB total is the maximum ram config.

Screen Shot 8.jpg

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Following this great guide, I installed Catalina with OpenCore. After copying the installer EFI folder to the SSD, I was able to reboot. Then I added all the sn#, uuid, MAC address, etc to the config.plist with ProperTree. I did the OC Snapshot and OC Clean Snapshot but after restarting I see this:

Is it a kind of OC version mess ?

It WAS an OC version mess !
This is my everyday Hackintosh with Monterey and OpenCore 0.8.0
I want to install Catalina on another hard drive so I used the EFI folder provided here. But it is an OC 0.6.9 version and this was not a good idea !

I used OCAT to get everything in the OC 0.6.9 way for this SSD with Catalina. Now I can pick either Monterey or Catalina in the One time Boot Setting (with F12).
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