1. tellaoui2019

    HP ENVY x360 Brightness Keys and HDMI port Help

    Hello Everyone. I recently installed MacOS Mojave on my HP Envy x360, using this VICE guide. I have everything working except for the brightness control and the HDMI port. The brightness keys don't work, I know I have to do some DSDT patching for that, however the brightness option does not...
  2. infinitemusic

    Logic Pro X 10.5 Getting Error While Trying to Synchronise Audio and MIDI.

    Hey Folks, I'm facing a critical issue with Logic Pro X 10.5 on my current system, and I'm seeking urgent assistance from the community. System Specifications: CPU: Intel Core i9 - 3GHz MOBO: GIGABYTE RAM: 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 OS Drive: Apple Mojave Data Drive: 1TB SSD Hard Disk Here's the...
  3. danmeddeg

    UHD Graphics 630 activation issue on Mojave

    Hi all. I have just been able to get Mojave working on my system. However, booting from my I3 8100`s UHD Graphics 630 results in an unfortunate restart loop. I`m not really sure where to start looking onto this. This is my config.plist attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. HackintoshMoron

    Direct update from Mojave to Ventura?

    I am trying to update my Hackintosh from Mojave 10.14.6 (clover) to the latest Ventura OS. Is it possible to do a direct update? I did a vanilla install back in 2018 using clover and can't remember when I updated last. I have tried several times the past couple of days on a clone of my main...
  5. chunli

    Mojave OS is not started up after restart

    Hi, I have a problem. I installed Mojave os, and have been running without any problems so far. But I restart the pc, the Mojave os is not started. The Clover is showed the boot items. I select "Boot macOS from MACOS". The progress bar is in progress with apple logo. After almost 80%. But after...
  6. VirtualStorm1001

    Can install Mojave (MacOS 10.14) on this laptop?

    Good Night, i want to know if i can install MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) in a laptop with the next specs: Laptop Brand: LG Motherboard: Phoenix Technologies 15U340FF Chipset: BGA 1170 CPU: Intel Pentium N3530 (BayTrail) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics version RAM: 8GB If it's possible or...
  7. djbell41

    After install of Mac os mojave 10.14.6, can’t boot into set up

    Hello i’m try to install Mac os mojave 10.14.6, on hp laptop 8470p Elitebook with a SSD and 4GB The problem I’m having is after installing mojave every time I try to boot into mojave on SDD drive in laptop I get stuck on the Apple logo Can’t make it past it. I would like to know how can I get...
  8. madredeuz

    [SUCCESS] Clover to OpenCore 0.9.1 in Mojave 10.14.6 - GB Z390 Aorus Pro (Bios v12) - i9900k- iGPU Intel UHD 630

    Hi, I finally moved from Clover to OpenCore. It was a bit of a pain. I tried to create the EFI. I tried a few of them... anyway I finally did it. My system: GB Z390 Aorus Pro (Bios v12) i9900k iGPU Intel UHD 630 16Gb Corsair Vengeance 2400 CL16 Mojave 10.14.6 The only EFI that worked for me...
  9. mrcrowly

    GA-Z87X-UD3H 4770K HD4600 and Mojave OSX

    Hello! i am planning to install Mojave on my computer. I am currently running Maverick. Is it possible with my hardware components? Thanks so much! I am an amateur. All the best.
  10. MacProNess

    Open core on Mac Pro 5,1

    Hi everyone, I have a really particular problem I’m using a macpro 5,1 being a triple boot : Mojave, mountain lion, windows 10 each on their own ssd At the beginning, during my tests, everything was working fine Since I used the startup function on the os’s, I lost the ability to start the...
  11. WinSSLioN

    "Your computer was restarted because of a problem" on every start up

    Although computer works great, shutdowns with no problem, and starts up smoothly, each time computer restarts, I get the alert: “Your computer was restarted because of a problem”. This is the log 1. Tried resetting nvram. (Clover F11/ sudo nvram -c) 2. Tried deleting the log files. Mac OS...
  12. BobanVelickovic

    Shutdown Problem

    Hi everyone, I installed the wifi pci express card. Wifi works perfectly. (Fenvi FV T-919 BCM94360CD Chip) but since then my Hackintosch is restartin all the time. I tried everything what I found here, but nothing helped till now. Can someone help me with this one? Thanks in advance.
  13. zipb

    Z170x-UD5-TH /Mojave/OpenCore/Builtin Intel 530 Graphics/EFI

    I've built a Frankenstein Hack bases on this mobo from scraps lying around. I would be much obliged if someone could provide me with a working OC EFI for this combo. I would like to run Mojave, if possible. The Z170 ones I've tried lead to black screens/reboots/etc I don't mind doing some work...
  14. massi.peppoloni

    Mojave compatibility with new motherboards

    Hi everyone I would appreciate some suggestions from the forum . I need to renew my music production hardware. the problem is that I have to keep Mojave as OS for compatibility of some musical software and sound card. Which motherboards from thise listed in the buyer 's guide could be...
  15. joeblack2022

    There is no Boot from OS x base icon

    Hello everyone I am new here. I have installed High Sierra. Works well. But my question is different. I have created a partition on the same disk. I wanted to install Mojave there. And the problems started. The installation was progressing normally. There is a language selection and the progress...
  16. nikdim03

    AmiShimTimerBoostExit changed current period to 549254 (OpenCore)

    Guys, this is my first hackintosh, please don't be mad at me if I did something completely stupid. I NEED your help! I've been trying to boot into macOS for almost a week now. I've read Dortania's troubleshooting guide several times; visited every forum, looking for solution. Setup CPU: Intel...
  17. TRH

    Mojave issues after power failure

    Hi All Had a spate of power outages recently, Mojave no longer boots to login screen - I am seeing hundreds of WindowsServer triggered unnest of range 0x7fff404000000->0x7fff406000000 of DYLD shared in VM Map 0x7140c18ff3f4432f Does anyone have any clues how to get past this issue - I have...
  18. Riffmarshal

    Fans working but not detected

    I was succeed installing Mojave om my latitude e6230 with mr.harve's method with my own dsdt patch all working flawlessly, but screen brightness setup not staying after reboot and also fans working but not detected and freeze when I opened App Store around 15 minutes please help I'm completely...
  19. cascade-x

    << Solved >> Error

    When i boot up my PC on the USB drive, it will show a message "error loading operating system_" what is the problem and how can i fix it?
  20. v.sabirov

    Clover Bootloader stuck with a ERROR ICON. (Black Screen)

    Hello everyone! Sorry for my English. Help me please!( I install Mojave 10.14.6 100 times and never finished. 1) I tried with UniBeast, but after selecting the bootable USB, a black screen with a dash. Clover Bootloader won't load. 2) via BDU, problem repeat. 3) via RDrive. happened! but...