1. scorebreaker

    Mojave iCloud Photos won't sync; Resolution weird; switching off does not work

    Good Morning! I got Mojave on it with you guys, thank you very much :)) But three problems at the same time, namely the resolution is strange (somehow too sharp, just not "soft") and iCloud photos do not syncronize, and the grinder can no longer be switched off :-( Can anybody help me...
  2. Zafos

    Kext stall AppleACPICPU

    Okay its been 2 days since im trying to install mojave,i get this cpu panic saying unsupported cpu Laptops Specifications* Pavillion Dv6 I5 480m 8gigs of ram No gpu using Ironlake graphics Now before you say its not possible i was running high sierra pretty stable Everything was working and was...
  3. Gaia1405

    Solved > Mojave 10.14.6 freezing with SSD

    Hi everyone, today i was trying to install mojave 10.14.6, but the installer just freezes, sometimes in the language chooser and sometimes during the first installation. The point is, when i unplugged the SSD from sata port and tried to install mojave directly in another pen drive, it goes...
  4. BML

    Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 Won't Update to Catalina

    Hi, I am using a Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 with an i7-4500u and 2x 8GB sticks of DDR3 ram. I successfully installed macOS Mojave on an external drive using unibeast, and it runs flawlessly. I cannot, however update to macOS Catalina natively or through the unibeast Installer. I am running Mojave...
  5. ic3cold

    Adding a driver for my Viewsonic VX2450m under Mojave

    I have a stable hackintosh working under Mac OS X Sierra, and recently, I had to switch motherboards, and decided to give a try at Mojave, everything works fine, except for the fact, I am not able to set the driver for my monitor, so the generic driver not even gets HD 1920x1080p ... In the...
  6. hirochima

    Help with post installation for Mojave on Lenovo V130-15IKB!

    Hi! I am relatively new to this world of hackintosh. I wanted to install Catalina on my Lenovo V130-15IKB, but I recieved some errors that I (even when I googled them) couldn't fix, so I tried Mojave. Mojave did work for me, my laptop was recognized as MacBookPro 14,1 and even recognized my...
  7. dienton28

    Latitude E6440 TouchPad doesn't works Gestures

    Hi, Well, I have a problem on my laptop, recently I install OS X Mojave 10.14.1 on my laptop from my Hackintosh Desktop PC, but later when i have installed the system the touchpad doesn't work, i installed the kext VooDooPS2Controller.kext and it works, but the drag function and the gestures...
  8. aeromero000

    Stuck at Apple logo after a year and a half of working fine- Mojave

    Hi guys, I have been using this computer for a year and half now and never had this issue before. I also didn’t install anything new. I work in audio so the only things I’ve been downloading is audio files and some video. I am using Mojave and cannot for the life of me get into my drives. I...
  9. VortexisTV

    ACPI error trying to install Mojave 10.14.6 with Clover

    I've been stuck on this screen having ACPI errors every time I try to boot Mojave with Verbose turned on. Here is the EFI file if anyone wants to look at it. I've also made sure that I added every necessary ACPI and drivers for my laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated Asus Zenbook 13...
  10. arunsat

    EVGA GTX 760 not working on macOS Mojave 10.14.1

    Hi, I've just installed macOS 10.14.1 Mojave but how to install my graphic EVGA GTX 760 driver and other audio and network drivers? please help
  11. Nystrom

    Z390-A Prime * i5-9600K * MacOS Mojave * ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 * UAD Apollo Twin Solo Mk2 Connection ISSUES

    Hi, i am desperate to get this to work. My goal was to make a hackintosh as editing workstation for Music production, podcast editing, video editing etc as my Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2015 is getting slow for these tasks. I've went with an Asus Z390-A Prime motherboard together with i5-9600K,16gb...
  12. DwayneTheSock

    Mojave Opencore Freezing During 2nd Restart

    So last night I made some progress in my hackintosh build. I left my computer for a second to let the USB boot and I came back to my amazement I got to the install Mojave screen. I formatted my SSD to the correct setting for it to install on and I allowed it to reboot, go through the code again...
  13. B-San

    Underscan not retained after reboot with HD4600 on Mojave

    Hello all! My underscanned display resolution on my 42" Sony Bravia television does not retain after a reboot of Mojave, thus making me go to System Prefrences>Display and underscan it manually after each reboot. I'm using integrated graphics (HD4600) with HDMI output to the Sony Bravia...
  14. PullPull

    Update to Mojave with old build

    Hi everyone, I'm french, so sorry if my english is not perfect. I need to upgrade my old 2012 hackintosh build which works very well with Capitan to Mojave. Actually, i'm a video editor and I need it for new workflow decided with coworkers. My current build is : Motherboard : Gigabyte...
  15. RAFFAY

    HP Probook Mojave Boot stuck at ACPI Exception AE_BAD_PARAMETER

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install Mojave on my laptop HP Probook 430 G3 (i7-6500U, HD 520, 16GB RAM). I had followed the Clover guide by RehabMan but stuck at the following error. Please help me fix this!!! Thanks
  16. bluezimmer

    ALC892 Mojave HDMI No audio from internal speakers

    Hi Guys, I built my customac with Mojave following the installation guide here and it seems to be running smoothly except for the audio. All of the output devices show in system preferences, and I can get sound from bt headphones and the front headphone port but not from internal speakers or...
  17. jaimicox

    This graphics configuration does not support hardware acceleration which is required to run final cut

    Hello, i have this problem: This graphics configuration does not support hardware acceleration which is required to run final cut Im running Mojave 10.14.6 Graphics AMD Radeon R9 360 What I can do? Thanks
  18. reks2004

    ThunderboltEX 3 and X99 Asus

    hello, I have problem with ThunderboltEx 3 card in Mojave. What am I trying to achieve: -Connect A1407 to my Hack (thunderbolt display) Where is problem? -I can connect DP Monitor by thunderbolt card in Windows but my hack dont see him. What is strange i can connect it in windows without TB...
  19. xoreminder

    Bluetooth Connection causes Kernel Panic / System crashes when device is paired

    Hi guys, been a while since I had to post, but I can't figure this one out, as it seems unprecedented to me after having searched the forum and internet for it. I'm on Mojave 10.14.6 and had trouble to get Bluetooth to work. It worked flawlessly while I was still on High Sierra. After...
  20. bxz888

    Prohibited Sign after Adding Kexts on Mojave

    Hey All, I had a friend of mine help me with the software portion of my hackintosh and I honestly have limited knowledge on how it works. Last night I tried to add a Fenvi FV-HB1200 WiFi/BT card to my machine. It was marketed as plug and play, however upon boot, only the WiFi worked and not...