1. MegaStood


    Hardware Configuration Samsung NP900X5T KW02:github Intel i5-8250U 8GB RAM Samsung 970 evo Plus 1TB NVMe SSD (latest firmware) Apple Magic Mouse UGreen usb-c Hub(with ethernet and Hdmi) realtek USB wifi dongle Working Intel Graphics Accelleration(uhd620) Build-in Bluetooth (Must enter...
  2. Segis

    Updated to Clover 5103: my Hackintosh Mojave won't work anymore.

    Hello everyone, Maybe you guys could help me, since I have no clue what to do anymore I recently updated my Hackintosh from High sierra to Mojave when I purchased the Vega 64. It all worked well except for the GPU fans would not spin. I tried fixing that with VGtab for a while untill the late...
  3. LeoGFX

    [In Desperate Need Of Help!] No audio at all OR No audio after sleep

    Hello everyone, so I've been using happily my hackintosh for the last 1 year and a half, until it hit me. I wanted to try and install Catalina on my machine, so I had to mess around with a bunch of stuff, but in the end I just gave up. Currently, I'm running on 10.14.6 with the following specs...
  4. Abdullah-ui

    Been trying to install MoJave, no luck so far.

    I got my PC basically for gaming but ever since I left gaming selling my 2080-Ti, I have always wanted to make my PC a hackintosh. The problem is I do not have any Macbook currently, and I tried using the Yosemite Hackintosh but no luck. I do not have any AMD GPU, I read some threads about...
  5. Xpose

    Mojave: Help with USB port problem

    Hi I wonder if you can help me out guys. I have few issues here • First when I boot the clover entry screen do not show the disk icons until i press enter (If I disconnect the keybord all is smooth, clover start, shows disk icons and boot from Mojave) • Second Randomly the keyboard and mouse...
  6. Xpose

    Mojave: Usb mouse & keyboard unstable after update

    Hi I wonder if you can help me out guys. I have few issues here • First when I boot the clover entry screen do not show the disk icons until i press enter (If I disconnect the keybord all is smooth, clover start, shows disk icons and boot from Mojave) • Second Randomly the keyboard and mouse...
  7. athiqbe

    patching DSDT unfixable errors

    so i exported dsdt and ssdts with clover disassembled them .. faced 4 syntax errors .. tried to fix them with some patches .. i noticed when i apply the wak arg 0 patch the errors goes away but i face 2 new errors somthing with parseop scop end file .. i attached my dsdt to check it out if you...
  8. farfabello

    [SUCCESS] ASUS Prime Z390-P + i5-9600k + Sapphire Nitro+ RX VEGA56 8G HBM2 [Work in Progress]

    Farfabello's Build: ASUS Prime Z390-P | Core i5-9600K | Sapphire Nitro+ RX VEGA56 8G HBM2 Components Asus PRIME Z390-P Intel Z390 ATX Intel Core i5-9600K processor 3,7 GHz...
  9. photojournal4

    Problems booting up HP8300 w/ Mojave

    Hello all, I built a HP8300 w/ 24GB ram, Samsung 860 EVO 1tb SSD, AMD Radeon RX 560 with Mac OS Mojave a few months ago using the forums to get everything working. The 8300 had been working great with no issues until it started to randomly freeze when opening applications. I tried to reboot and...
  10. edjmzg


    Hello guys I have a Dell G3 3590, and I have almost everything working except for the trackpad, I already tried VoodooI2C guide pinning and other stuff to patch my DSDT but I have no success on that /: , also I don't even know what's the manufacturer for this trackpad I tried to look up at Dell...
  11. ozaTulsi

    macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave installation is very slow

    I am trying to install macOS Catalina in my laptop but the installation is very slow. It took 4+ hrs for Catalina and 5+ hrs for Mojave. Then I tried to install El capitan, Sierra and High Sierra and all of them install without any issue. After reading different post and following them...
  12. Vysh

    Not booting after showing the language

    I tried booting to Mojave.. it goes through the apple screen and shows language choose on top of the taskbar and then goes back to apple logo with mouse and progress bar. Pls help. I have use the exact guide as per rehabman.
  13. vkarof

    Failed to kextload - Mojave

    I install yesterday Mojave 10.14.3 on my pc. When i try to install a dmg, the system doesn't mount the dmg to do the install. I google-it for a solution and i found a thread that says i would run on terminal: "sudo kextunload -c" and then "sudo kextload -b...
  14. Mostafa.time

    My Cpu fan not work in mojave

    Hi every body . I have noticed that my laptop fan is not working in Mojave or working at a very low speed. The situation becomes acute when the high-pressure activities on the RAM do not continue to change the fan speed and only warm up under the whole laptop while the fan is working properly in...
  15. ToddMarshall

    UHD 630 graphics of i9 9900k does not working with mojave 10.14.1

    Hello, I'am a newbie with Hackintosh ... Tried to install catalina and did not got it fully working.. and saw online that some guys with the same specs got it working with External GPUs, and with mojave. so i tried to install mojave.. and this time got the networks working but could not get...
  16. MadMac1969

    NUC 8th i7 random reboots - probably a driver issue.

    Hi guys, My NUC boots Mojave just fine, but reboots randomly, especially when using apps with transparency. BIOS settings are fine and general use is as it should be. Just this needs to be fixed, and I am enclosing my EFI folder for you guys to have a look. Other than that everything that can...
  17. Slaughter

    Corrupted MacOS disks, "Secure Boot Violation". Requesting help please!

    PREFACE QUERY: Is this the best place in the forums for me to post this? Build: i7 5820K Radeon RX580 8GB GPU Memory: 32GB Gigabyte Alpine Ridge tb3 - thunderbolt card Asus RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3 EATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard UEFI BIOS 2.16.1242 2 x bootable SSD: Mojave 10.14.6 SMBIOS Imacpro 1.1...
  18. marcus12345

    Mojave Hackintosh for Intel Nuc Gen 8 is stuck on installation

    Hello, I am trying to make my first hackintosh, I have purchased a Intel Nuc specs below: CPU: Intel Core i3-8109U GPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 RAM: 8x1 GB 2400MHz Intel Nuc Model Number: NUC8i3BEK What guide/tool followed: I followed two guides from tonymac, the first being how to create...
  19. Joshua.neu

    Kernel panic from Superhuman, don't know why it keeps crashing from it

    Hi i got my hackintosh up and working on the latest Mojave Mac OS X 10.14.5, But it keeps crashing after a while and i dont know how to fix it. I Specs: core i7-8700k Rx 580 Gigabyte Z370M DS3H Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2400 MHz DDR4 DRAM 16 GB Here is the crash report, from what i can tell...
  20. marcus12345

    Clover is not installing Mac IOS | Just restarts

    Hello, this is my first time trying to boot a hackintosh I am following these two guides for how to install clover and Mojave into a USB and install Mac into a intel nuc. Model: Intel nuc 8i3BEK: Ram: 8GB x 1 2400MHz SSD: 240GB WD Green M.2 SSD...