[SUCCESS] 10.12.6 Asus Z270 Prime A + i7 7000 + GTX1070 + Samsung 960 EVO NVMe + Thunderbolt EX3

Feb 7, 2019
Prime z270-a
EVGA 1060
Mobile Phone
Hello all... So I have finally gotten the Apollo to read, I have less hair but also less heart palpitations now. Few things to consider if you're having crazy trouble, like me. Here is what I did that has at least gotten this to show up for me.

1. The thunderbolt firmware driver was not working from asus, or the one from gigabyte. I downloaded this one directly from intel and that seemed to do the trick.
Link here
2. I then ran the gigabyte rev. 1 version of the alpine ridge firmware, restarted and was then able to run Launch TBT.exe program that was inside of that upon restart.
link here

3. Hot plugging was working for tbt but only after I ran launch tbt.exe and then it would read the Apollo. To fix this I switched the pcie from the WA Rev 1 to WA Rev 2 and it now connects to windows upon boot. This also made it readable within MacOS.

What doesn’t work...

For whatever reason I cannot get the thunderbolt 2 working. When I plug in using my thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 adapter for whatever reason that seems to be ok. If anyone has gotten the thunderbolt 2 working lemme know! Otherwise hope this helps anyone that encountered this same issue.

Thanks to all who helped