1. singhest

    Suggestion For My Old PC

    Hi guys i have installed sierra on my pc but it doesnt run without hdmi but i only have vga so thats why i only get lower graphics, lags,flickering. So are there any suggestion for which osx i change choose for my old vga working pc Specs- Gigabyte G41m Combo Intel Core2Duo e7500 Gt 710 4gb ram...
  2. MoRoW

    Cannot boot the system after clover installation

    System is not booting up after the clover installation (i just used it with the clover from usb before) System i5-6400 Gtx-650 8gb ram ddr4 Motherboard asus h110m-c Thanks in advance
  3. singhest

    Black Screen After Half Apple Logo Progress When Nvidia Drivers Works

    Hi Everyone.. Im new to this hackintosh stuff Im having Intel core2duo Gt 710 1gb(VGA Connected) 4gb Ram Hackintosh shows My gpu with 1024 mb which is gud But resilution is 1024x768 to go for full resolution i need nvidia web driver So in clover when i check nvidia web drivers The monitor gets...
  4. Slaughter

    Corrupted MacOS disks, "Secure Boot Violation". Requesting help please!

    PREFACE QUERY: Is this the best place in the forums for me to post this? Build: i7 5820K Radeon RX580 8GB GPU Memory: 32GB Gigabyte Alpine Ridge tb3 - thunderbolt card Asus RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3 EATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard UEFI BIOS 2.16.1242 2 x bootable SSD: Mojave 10.14.6 SMBIOS Imacpro 1.1...
  5. stolenwisdom

    El Capitan: update straight to High Sierra, or go to Sierra first?

    Hi, I'm currently on El Capitan (with Clover), and I want to update to High Sierra using the .app installers, so that I can update my Logic Pro X (the App Store demands that I have 10.13.6!) I've read the OS updates guides, but I'm not sure whether I need to update to Sierra first? The...
  6. Campanis

    Can't get Nvidia Web driver to be active

    I have the right driver installed and in the upper right it even says that it is using Nvidia web driver. However display still reads "Display 7mb" I have tried installing the emu variable driver and still nothing
  7. Campanis

    OS X Sierra 10.12.3 says its using Nvidia web driver but clearly isn't.

    I downloaded the correct driver for my system It installed just fine. restarted. It is using the default. I put the emu variable driver in DriversUEFI64 folder & restarted Nvidia says it is using the web driver but isn't. I have NvidiaWeb=true and I'm not using nvda_drv=1 Even though...
  8. Campanis

    Machine boots DIRECTLY TO WINDOWS not clover bootloader. CANT ACCESS OS X

    I have dual boot system 2 drives one windows one OS X Clover seems to have disappeared on startup and the machine boots directly into windows 10 any idea on how to get clover bootloader back so I can choose which system to boot into?
  9. test3java

    The hackintosh on the Asus F552C/X550CL laptop is 100% compatible with Sierra/HSierra, Mojave, Catalina and works great!

    The hackintosh on the Asus F552C/X550CL laptop is 100% compatible with Sierra/HSierra, Mojave, Catalina and works great! The characteristics of my laptop: Motherboard: Asus F552C/X550CL Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU @ 1.80GHz Memory: 12 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics...
  10. Baasjebram

    Stuck after update from Sierra to High Sierra / bootable USB doesn't work

    After updating from Sierra to High Sierra I was hoping it worked out well, but I'm completely stuck right now. I'm getting this line and I don't know what to do with it: BSD process name corresponding to current thread: mount_hfs The bootflags I use are: slide=0 dart=0 darkwake=0 npci=0x2000 -v...
  11. decontractil

    Sierra not booting please help

    Hi everyone. My sierra want start. F12 boot from drive goes to black screen without booting, I can access bios where I see my boot usb drive but same thing doesn’t boot goes to black screen.Please help me find a way to get it back running. It doesnt want to boot from ext drive. Also, I have a...
  12. EnigmaHunter

    Kllisre B75 (Chinese Motherboard) i5-3470

    Hi guys, i've bought a kllisre b75 on aliexpress. Someone tried to install Sierra (or another version of macos) on this motherboard?
  13. jahan2x

    I need driver for Amd Firepro M5950?

    Hi I am able to instal high Sierra on my laptop but I am stuck with display driver the MAC is showing that it have and 6770 card with 5mb. Memory but in real my laptop HP Elitebook 8560w has Amd Firepro M5950 graphics card... .? let me know where I can find this and M5950 driver for old or...
  14. TechSandvich

    Sierra install fail on Intel Pentium G4560 and geforce gt 1030

    I am trying to install sierra on my system, my config is : CPU :Intel Pentium G4560 GPU : Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 Motherboard : MSI H110 Pro VD Plus my monitor is VGA only so i am using VGA to HDMI connector from my gt 1030 to my monitor (HDMI part of the converter is plugged to the card and VGA...
  15. alecande11

    macOS Sierra boot only with the installation usb

    I try to install an hackintosh (macOS Sierra) in dual-boot with windows on my MSI GF628RE Laptop, the OS is installed in an external hard drive connected to the computer via a USB 3.0 port. Everything works and I used MultiBeast to install the various drivers and Clover in the HDD, but when I...
  16. PoppaPenguin

    Solved > UAD Audio Interfaces + Alpine Ridge TB3

    I have the build in my profile which I built in July 2017, and have recently purchased an Alpine Ridge TB3 card running on a Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 5 to upgrade Thunderbolt 3 connectivity for various TB2 / USB 3.0 hubs and daisy-chained UAD audio interfaces (Apollo x8P TB3 / Apollo Twin Quad TB2...
  17. tomatozz

    [My Experience] Sierra to Catalina

    Hi, Im trying to go from Sierra to Catalina. I have updated Clover to the latest version, updated the kexts and drivers in the EFI, then i launched "install catalina" from Sierra. I followed this guide. Some issues with the installation it gets stuck and gives me this message...
  18. RowenDJ

    Help in update to Catalina from High Sierra

    Hello everyone! I want to update my system to Mac os Catalina. The problem is that I still on High Sierra because I have a Nvidia GTX 750 TI. I'm going to buy the " Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 560 4GD5 4GB OC GDDR5 " and install it. After that I will have High Sierra with this card and I think I...
  19. LennyLu

    Sierra installation boot error

    HI I'm trying to install macOS Sierra on my pc and its always failing... If I only use verbose boot flag it gives me just a row of pluses. Then I tried using Nvidia web drivers and verbose and then this error came out "Error loading kernel cache (0x9)" I'm using an Asus p8h61-m Le...
  20. Briccoenjoy

    NVME installation disable USB3.0 ports and viceversa

    Hello, i am an happy hackintosh user, some problems here and there but always fixed, I installed my new MP510 nvme ssd, enabled on bios, used the "KernelAndKextPatches" fix to get him recognized and it worked, so i initialized the Drive to MacOs journaled (i need it to stream data not for OS)...