1. shadow56856

    OpenCore Black screen

    Please help in any way you can. Install Mac OS Sierra on PC Loader: OpenCore CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 GPU: Nvidia GTS 450 RAM: Two dice. One for 4GB, the other for 8GB, different. 4 by Crucial, 8 by HyperX Motherboard: ASUS H110M-C Monitor: LG FLATRON W2244S (VGA) When loading something...
  2. rimini

    Running on Sierra and Win7/Win10 two Nvidia cards: a gtx 1060 and a rtx 3060

    I thought to share this solution as I did various test before buying the RTX 3060. UPDATE Feb 2023: In reality if you have only 1 Windows installation, so Win 7 or Win 10/11, it's enough you install the GTX 10xx card in the default pci slot (mine is #3) the RTX xxxx in the next one (mine is #2)...
  3. Lix

    Build advice for Sierra and Creative Suite 6 specifically

    Hi I’ve read the archive build threads having found out retrospectively that my Ryzen hackintosh wouldn’t run Sierra/High Sierra. Based on my reading it looks like a Coffee Lake build will run 10.12/13 So have been looking at i5 9600 or i7 9700 on a z390 board I have an ASUS 580RX 8GB and a...
  4. Lims

    Pentium Gold G456 and Intel HD610 without any dgpu

    Has anyone had any success with installing on the above specs without using a dgpu ? I have been trying to install Sierra on this with OpenCore but have not had much success yet. There are no errors but it just gets stuck and never displays a gui. I have attached my EFI folder. Does anyone...
  5. LubieBociany

    +++… when booting MacOs

    Hey I have problem. When Im trying to boot MacOS many ‚+’ is on my screen. I think it may be problem with BIOS but I dont know. I have clover bootloader and my main os is Windows 11. Im really noob at hackintosh. (Sorry for my english because i live in poland)
  6. elnaquete

    Advice prior to update from Sierra to Catalina - Dual boot Hackintosh

    Hello everyone! Here's the thing: Due to software requirements, I need to update my Dual Boot Hackintosh (10.12.6 + Win 10) to Mac OS Catalina. This Hackintosh was setup by a friend whom I cannot reach for advise, so I'll have to perform the update myself. Since I've never done this before, I...
  7. macattack88

    Help! Sierra Build Working for 4+ Yrs Suddenly Boots to Severe Screen Distortion

    TL;DR - Sierra Hackintosh system that has been working with no significant problems for the past 4 years suddenly started booting into a crazy broken screen: - Booting on Verbose: - The OS boots with nv_disable=1 - EFI attached below ----- Hi, I have a Sierra build that I have been using...
  8. matiasarregui

    iCloud in Sierra

    Hello there, kinda need a bit of helo this time.... I´ve been working hours and hours trying to workaround my issue.... since a week ago, my mackintosh stopped syncing with iCloud, so, as every guide suggests, I've signed out and try to sign in again and now I can't sign in. IT SAYS "WE CANNOT...
  9. eisenhornet

    Advice direct update from Sierra(10.12.6) to Big Sur/Catalina

    Dear tonymacx86 Community, I need some advice before I take the big shot in upgrading my OSX in dual boot (osx & win10 on separate SSDs) system from Sierra to Big Sur. First things first: Is a direct update possible without out a complete reinstall? Hardware wise: I presume that I won't be...
  10. Jeckell

    10.12.6 (or Clover update) won't complete boot

    My machine ran from roughly 2016 to October 2019 continuously with no problems. Then I upgraded from macOS 10.12.4 or something to 10.12.6 and also upgrade Clover and it stopped booting. I had upgraded 10.12 several times before and only needed to update my Nvidia web driver, and also upgraded...
  11. Obligated.Penguin

    I need some advice regarding dual-booting Windows 10 LTSC and Hackintosh

    Hello there fellas, I am new to the tonymacx86 community and I'd love to build a dual boot build but I have some very newbie doubts I thought I could get resolved on this brilliant community. Here is my configuration first: Motherboard: Zebronics Zeb-H61 (which supports the Intel H61 Chipset)...
  12. lucasloud

    Can I run Big Sur on Z170XP-SLI with 6700K and GTX 1080?

    Hi there! I built my hackintosh a long time ago, and I'm still running MacOS Sierra. Naturally, updates to all my programs are pretty much unsupported at this point so I'm looking to upgrade my OS to Big Sur. Couple of questions I'm hoping the team might be able to help with: 1. Any chance I...
  13. divarak

    Kernel panic after update 10.12.6

    Hello everybody... I am struggling to hold to my sandy bridge machine as far as I could. After the latest update of Sierra (10.12.6), the system crashes, here's the screenshot: My graphics card is a GTX 980, no intel driver installed. I still don't know what I am doing wrong. Please help. I...
  14. dingl3

    Black Screen GTX 780 After Sierra 10.12.6 Update

    Hi I have been having an issue of black screens after updating a working Sierra install to 10.12.6. Lucky I had a carbon copy of an El Capitan install that im able to boot into. I have been told that the GTX 780 has native support so im unsure what is going on here. My clover is not injecting...
  15. GromPL

    Fixing Graphical Glitches in Sierra fermi may work on newer Nvidia GPU

    if you installed Sierra 10.12.6 from this link ,you may saw this blinking to solve this issue you need to do two things firs install Nvidia web drivers for version 16G29 after that you need...
  16. Fortitude

    HDMI/VGA Output Problems - Qosmio X775

    After years of perseverance, macOS runs like a dream on my laptop alongside Windows and Ubuntu. Along the way, one of the biggest nightmares and challenges that I’ve had regarding this laptop is the Fermi GPU. It’s an “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M,” and after a lot of trial and error, I’ve found a...
  17. rimini

    << Solved >> Sierra - Problem Clover booting the wrong disk/partition

    Hi, I had to move from El Capt to Sierra as my gpu 970 crashed. So I built a Sierra with a 1060 instead. Followed the guide and everything worked nicely. But a week ago i deleted 2 users and their home folder, used Migration Assistant to re install them, and since that when I choose at startup...
  18. Hkshx86

    How to enable audio sound on and ethernet on lga775 mobo

    I am able to install macos sierra on my system but there is a issue that no sound and no internet connection on this system fix .need next for that . My system lga775 gag41 mobo Cpu e8500 core2duo and gpu gt 210 n.
  19. ninjamoby

    Sierra z68x-ud3h-b3 No Ethernet Detected (10.12.6)

    Having the problem with ethernet not registering as en0 in order to access App Store. It used to work, but somewhere along the line WiFi became en0 so things needed to be fixed. I've followed the instructions to remove the network devices SysPrefs->Network, delete networkinterfaces.plist...
  20. manosvouts

    Dual Boot Mac OS High Sierra And Windows 10

    Ηello guys i need your help. I installed Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 before 2 day on my HP Compaq 8300 Elite, this installation was difficult for me because it was my first. Μany thanks to the tonymacx Forum for the information and the steps they gave me for the installation. I dont know from...