1. dandelionclock

    [Guide] Dell XPS 8930 Catalina 10.15.7, RX580/UHD630, OpenCore

    This is a new write-up based on my earlier guide on Mojave on the same system using Clover: [Guide] Dell XPS 8930 Mojave 10.14.6 (Updated to Catalina 10.15.7), RX580/UHD630 A lot of discussions are still made on the old thread along with some very useful comments. I was going to upgrade to Big...
  2. johnfu

    Dell 9360 100% work

    I just give reinstall from beginning to my Dell XP13 9360, everything is working, here it the spec CPU : Intel i7-8550U GPU : Intel UHD 620 Kaby Lake RAM : SK Hynix 16GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Sound : Realtek ALC256 (ALC3246) SSD : TOPMORE 1T SSD Display : XPS | QHD (3200x1800) WITH TOUCH! Camera ...
  3. MohamedHussain

    My Big Sur Installation is stuck at loop

    Hello, I've been having trouble getting into macOS Big Sur. I've created my own custom clover EFI folder which was made to work with my Inspiron 3558. I also use a custom config.plist file and tweak the settings in the clover before booting. I've done this many times with High Sierra, Mojave...
  4. ThatAppleFan-2020

    OpenCore MacOS BigSur on Dell Inspiron 3670 kernal panic

    Hi Guys, I have have an old dell insprion 3670 laying around.I recently tried to hackintosh it with bigsur.I get to the apple logo and no progress bar. When in verbose mode it gave me this error when it had a kernal I am guessing this has got...
  5. adriorjales

    Installation in a Dell Vostro 15-5568 laptop

    Hi I need help installing mac osx in my laptop. I explain my situation: I am blind, and mac osx is the best accessible operating system, but as we know, it's very expensive. I decided to use my laptop as a hackintosh, but I am novice and I've seen that the hackintosh world is very hard to...
  6. macHaveATry

    dell G3 3579 hdmi no signal

    I install hackintosh in my dell G3 3579 laptop,everything is ok but one problem annoy me : If i connect a displayer with hdmi interface , the screen shows no signal,so i use the tool hackintool,but i do not know how to use it to solve this problem: please help me .
  7. dienton28

    Latitude E6440 TouchPad doesn't works Gestures

    Hi, Well, I have a problem on my laptop, recently I install OS X Mojave 10.14.1 on my laptop from my Hackintosh Desktop PC, but later when i have installed the system the touchpad doesn't work, i installed the kext VooDooPS2Controller.kext and it works, but the drag function and the gestures...
  8. EnigmaHunter

    Ethernet doesn't work 10.15 Dell Inspiron 5570

    Hi, i've installed Catalina 10.15 on my Dell Inspiron 5570 (i5-8250u - 16gb DDR4 - HD620 - 250Gb SSD - Realtek Ethernet Card - Qualcomm QCA9377 WiFi) and i've tried a lot of kext but my ethernet doesn't work. Everytime i've the same message " This computer does not appear to have any pci...
  9. AmanKandhola

    Blocked screen while booting on dell inspiron15 3567

    Hi, I am trying to install high sierra 10.13.6 on my laptop and when i boot mac os from usb then it shows apple logo with loading and when progress bar is about to complete then blocked sign is shown, i have attached the screen from verbose mode, i don't know much about hackintosh on laptop...
  10. locphuc016

    Problem in installing MacOS 10.15.5 on DELL INSPIRON 3421

    Excuse me, guy. I've tried my best to fix this problem though but It couldn't help. This problem occur just after the Whatevergreen.kext was loaded (you can find it in the log), is there any way to help this then. Thanks a lot My DELL INSPIRON specs is here: CPU : DualCore Intel Core i5-3337U...
  11. furbyguy

    UHD 630 Graphics Not Working - Dell Inspiron 3670

    I've recently installed MacOS Mojave on a stock 3670. I wanted to do this all on my own, but I'm about at my wit's end. I can't for the life of me get the integrated graphics to work properly, I've tried most every fix I could find, but I guess I'm still missing something as the graphics are...
  12. hqhoangvuong

    Dell Inspiron 7567 can't Disable SIP

    Hi guy. I have succeeded install macOS Catalina on my Dell 7567 with Clover Configuration attached in this post. But when I want to load some unsigned kext, I can't disable the damm SIP. I have tried any possible way I found in Internet but not a single one work :((. Can anyone help me. Thank...
  13. brunokraucher


  14. GarethGlasgow1

    Dell 5759

    Hello what a great website this is firstly. I was hoping someone could tell me where i'm going wrong with this build. I've followed the opencore guide on their website and built and compiled the files i required and am trying to get my dell laptop to boot which is a intel 6500u skylake and a...
  15. Simontt

    Could this clover be used for Catalina ? dell T5810-E5-1650v3

    I have tried and successfully installed 10.13 on dell T5810 before with a Nvidia. Now, I'm wonder if this clover could be used for Catalina with rx560. Here is the clover that I used for 10.13.6. Thanks~
  16. arch-dev75

    [Guide] [OpenCore] Dell Inspiron 17 5767 (i7-7500u)

    Hi all and welcome to my new guide on how to install macOS Catalina on our Dell laptop with OpenCore. Now I can say that we are near to make this hack a "daily driver" :headbang:. Dell Inspiron 17 5767 specifications Manufacturer: Dell Inc. CPU: Intel Core i7-7500u (7th gen) / 2.7 Ghz RAM: 16...
  17. kadhem

    Kernel panic ok KBL Graphic drivers after trying to boot after upgrade to catalina

    I just updated to Catalina from Mojave and after upgrading clover as well as the kexts I was not able to boot again into my system. I am running on a Dell latitude 7480 with 7thGen i7 and 620UHD Graphics The error is a kernel panic in the Kabylake graphic driver and no matter what I did, I...
  18. Junaid6305

    System boot loop after Multibeast

    I installed Catalina on my Dell Optiplex 5060 (Coffee Lake i7, 2X 8GB). The installation went fine and I restored from my old time machine backup (different hackintosh setup). I ran multibeast and just added Clover UEFI Bootloader Virtual SMC System def iMac 14,2 Graphics - Intel HD 630...
  19. Junaid6305

    Stuck on Forcing CS Runtime for entitlement

    I'm trying to install Catalina on my dell Optiplex 6040 and i can't seem to get the installer. I keep getting stuck on "forcing CS Runtime..." then the system reboots. Attached is my EFI.
  20. kittenyang

    Can this computer configuration install Hackintosh?

    Hey guys, here is my computer's hardware configuration. I did a lot of work trying to install Hackintosh on it but always fails. Can my computer install Hackintosh? My computer configurations are below. ---------------------------- Model Dell Precision Tower 5810 Tower CPU Intel XeonE5-2620...