1. tarkh

    Huananzhi F8D + x2 E5 2678v3 + 128Gb Samsung DDR4 Reg ECC + OpenCore + Monterey

    Huananzhi F8D + x2 E5 2678v3 + 128Gb Samsung DDR4 Reg ECC + OpenCore + Monterey (assembled partly from used components) Components: (I ordered most of the components directly from AliExpress, but tried to find analogs on Newegg) Motherboard: Huananzhi F8D (AliExpress | Newegg) CPU: x2 E5...
  2. alirezamahmood

    my laptop dos not working in full hd

    I instal catalina by VMware ® Workstation 16 Pro but my display dos not working in full hd-my laptop is dell m6700 &my laptop have gpu intell -4000 Hd and gf-2gig
  3. mkm1999

    Question about my HP Z600

    Hi Guys! I'm new here! (Sorry for my bad english!) I have an HP z600 with these hardware: CPU: Intel Xeon E5530 @ 2.40Ghz (x2) RAM: 16 gb dual chanel DDR3 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT710 its possible to make a working hackintosh for professional audio? (with external sound card and some daw like...
  4. vitoludo

    Workstation for video: air or water cooled?

    Dear members of the forum, I use my computer exclusively for color grading, and as I'm planing to upgrade my system, I'm doing a little research on cooling both CPU and GPU. I know is a recurrent topic but I'd like to focus the question on video workstations. To be more specific I'm aiming to a...
  5. tevenfeng

    [Solved] Dell T5810(E5-1630v4, C610/X99) could NOT boot into installer

    Hi guys, I'm currently trying to turn my Dell Precision Tower 5810 into a hackintosh, which contains an X99/C612 chipset, E501630v4 CPU, 32GB ECC RAM, and an nVidia GTX 1080 graphics card. I followed tutorials in this forum and some found threads, but I could not boot into installer. Following...
  6. badmfk

    My computer is supported for Mac OS?

    I have a Dell XPS 240 Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 - 4GB DDR2 MSI Nvidia GeForce GT 610 graphics card and SanDisk SSD
  7. banderies

    Hackintosh an old workstation - parts compatibility?

    I have an old (2012) workstation in my lab that I am thinking of trying to Hackintosh. I know very little about computer building in general, and nothing about server/workstation parts. I was hoping someone on here could tell me if my parts were compatible: CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1275 v2 GPU...

    Workstation build: X299/Coffee Lake and 1080ti/Vega 64

    Hi everyone! I'm a Hackintosh user for several years and happy with my current stable, but old setup. It's time for an upgrade! After reading a lot on the forum for a few months I am still debating about my new setup. I am a beginning freelancer active in graphic design (interactive) and use my...
  9. student1242

    HS install after MSWIN killed my sierra workstation..

    Hello, I've been working with a Sierra hacked-workstation for over a year now. I'm a professional Video editor and its like my workhorse for at-home work. I had dual boot with clover for Windows gaming capability and it worked really great so far. Yesterday, windows had to do a big update and...
  10. naqi896

    Success HP Z600 Workstation - But Shut Down Issue

    Hello tonymacx86 community , This forum is everything we beginners of hackintosh are looking for , and with the help of you all i managed to Install Seirra on My HP Z600 Workstation without any problems . The Graphic Card is Nvidia Quadro 2000 1GB and it works like a charm. My Specs are : HP...
  11. ThatOneGuy55

    Final Cut Pro on Hackintosh

    I am interested in building a hackintosh to save money on my next workstation. I have noticed that AMD cards are not listed on the buyers guide even though nvidia GTX cards are not as suitable for FCPX in specific. Are there any major hurtles in making an AMD card work? Also, I want my render...
  12. thomrta

    HP z240 Xeon E3/Quadro M4000 Compatibility?

    Hi experts, These days I'm way too busy with work to commit myself to geeking out on learning how to do technical things like this so I'd appreciate it if you guys can save me some time and direct me in the correct direction. I want to turn my workstation into a Hackintosh so I can use Sketch...
  13. formal

    Dell Precision T7910 Sierra install

    Hi all, trying to get Unibeast 7.1.1 going on my single E5 2609 V3 Dell workstation and but to no avail at all, cannot get past the initial cover EFI screen, when I select the OSX 10.12.5 installer and verbose more I get the +++++++++++++++ lines along with allocat relocblock error and restart...
  14. macimbu

    New build for video editing and color correction

    Hi guys, I'm preparing a new build, my 3rd, but I'm not an expert so I'm open to suggestion. It's going to be a video editing and color machine, main work with 4k (or higher) raw files. I need a workhorse, so that's the configuration i was thinking: Motherboard: GA-X99P-SLI Cpu: I7-6850K Gpu...
  15. carmelovazzana

    Dual boot OSX/MACos help needed

    Hi everyone, I'm doing great with my "old" Hackintosh, but now i've to update the OS because of new software requirements, I'm working on a 10.9.5 machine and i've to install Sierra on a new Hdd, what i've to do? The new installation will overwrite the old boot setup? Thanks in advance. Carmelo
  16. Gorlumoire

    Semi-pro Audio/video workstation for Logic pro x and Premiere/Final cut pro x

    Hi guys! I´m planning to build a new Hackintosh workstation for use with logic pro x and premiere/Final cut pro x. Been building a couple of pc´s a few years ago, but a lot has changed since then and i feel like a noob when it comes to specs now. ESPECIALLY when it comes to GPU´s... So i...
  17. mackenzie999

    Best workstation build?

    My job is spent working in After Effects and Cinema 4D, and I'm thinking about doing a Hackintosh build. I have no experience with this, but I can follow instructions reasonably well so I'd like to give it a shot. I don't have the knowledge to design this myself, so I'm wondering if anyone out...
  18. HaxMan

    Workstation Build - Z270 7700k vs X99 6800k?

    Edit: Question revised Hi guys, Im about to build my third hack and am looking for some advice. I'm trying to decide between X99 i7 6800k and Z270 i7 7700k I'll be using the machine to edit 4k footage, light animation work in After Effects, and also gaming. Basically I'm curious to hear if...
  19. Funkoyote

    Has anyone managed to install MacOs on a Dell Precision T5600?

    Hello, I am looking for information for installing MacOs on a Dell Precision T5600 Workstation. I have not found anything yet and I was wondering if there is anyone around here with experience in these towers. Thank you very much. Specs: Precision T5600 Chipset Manufacturer Model Intel...
  20. mickeyunstuck

    Quick advice needed: Can this build run OS X?

    hi everyone! I'm about to put together a new workstation for my motion graphics design/animation work and to spare me the hassle I thought I'd just throw windows pro 10 on it – for the first time in more than 10 years. goes without saying I'm not sure if I will be happy with this decision so I...