1. Erminiah

    No acceleration on El Capitan 10.11.5

    Hackintosh: Asus M5A97 Le r2.0 Asus AMD Radeon RX 460 STRIX Amd FX 8300 My question - Is it possible to have this graphics card accelerated within El Capitan? Glitches and Artefacts all over desktop. Dont tell me to update to other versions.
  2. setasenarr

    Solved > Display 3 mb OpenCore 0.6.8 Hackintosh Catalina

    Hello, I really need help on this. I got a pc left on my office and I decided to build Hackintosh. GA-H61M-DS2 Motherboard Intel Core i5-3470 Ivy Bridge AMD Radeon HD 7730 I follow the guide on and I succesfully install catalina there. But...
  3. Dario43

    I'cant continue to install mac os

    Board: Asrock K8NF6G-VSTA CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Graphics: Nvidia GT710, 1GB HD: WD 250GB 5600 RPM When I'm trying to boot in the installler i recive an kernel panic
  4. bukeikhanov


    Hi, so despite of time spent on trying to figure out stuff, still can't get it right. Problem: RX5700 Amd Radeon + NVidia GTX 770, AMD's laggishness in terms of responce. Hash test on hashcat shows proper rates. Everything works fine. EXCEPT: as its plugged to 2 Monitors: one of which happens...
  5. miliuco

    [SUCCESS] AMD Radeon Pro WX 4100 4GB in Big Sur

    I have tested a Radeon Pro WX 4100 graphics card on macOS Big Sur 11.2.3. These are its main characteristics: 4GB of 128-bit GDDR5 memory GPU architecture: Polaris PCIe x16 bus with 50W TBP 4x Mini-DisplayPort 1.4 card width: single slot card length: 168mm release date: july 2016. It's a small...
  6. BananaLeaf

    Cannot get GPU Acceleration with R9 360

    I have an R9 360, which has the same ID as an R7 360 (665f). I've tried: FakeID 0x665C1002 Inject ATI on FixDisplay on random FBName However, my computer reboots right before the login screen. I'm trying to run Catalina 10.15.7. Any help appreciated!
  7. Faber93

    Problems with Music, AppleTV+ And Iphone in Opencore+BigSur

    Hello Guys! I have some problems with my hackintosh machine with opencore and BigSur. When I try to connect my iPhone or open Music or Apple tv apps the PC crashes and I need to reboot. I don't have problems with other USB devices like External HDDs, only with the iPhone. Do you have any...
  8. Samintosh

    Does FREESYNC work on hackintoch big sur?

    hi friends of men ask if freesync works on hackintoch big sur? thank you for the answer :-)
  9. iLikeHackintosh

    AMD RX Vega 56 multiple ports

    How to get more than 2 display ports working on ROG Strix RX VEGA? I get signal from DVI port and from one HDMi port. I do not have DisplayPort cables to test DP ports. Ports marked with green are working, but I would like to attach 3rd monitor into port marked with red, but no any image. Any...
  10. xsynapse

    Changing the graphics card. Help in choosing.

    Hello gentlemen ;) I will not write long and I will try to provide only the specifics. Well, I want to replace the RTX Geforce 2060 Super with a card from the AMD family. I am asking you for advice in choosing a card so that it is at the same level of performance as the mentioned Geforce, or...
  11. jimmyperez

    Booting issues with Open Core AMD Hackintosh

    Hello Everyone, This is my first time using Open Core to build a hackintosh, this time is an AMD cpu. I checked all the guides and check my config.plits and seems to be ok but I still having errors and I am not able to install Catalina. Attached here is what I am getting as issues. Would someone...
  12. stefan20122007

    Amd CPU and Nvidia

    Hi! I have a amd 5 2600X and an nvidia gtx 1050ti(and a Asus TUF GAMING B450m-Plus Gaming). I am wondering if I can install mac os on it. I know is posible with some modified versions and I don't want to make a software piracy. Now i have windows 10 pro but I have another Dell laptop with mac os...
  13. sasta

    AMD 5800x - Asus x570 Plus success (almost)

    I' ve been a member of this forum for a long time. I' ve had hackintoshes working perfectly. My last one was i7 8700k with gigabyte z390 gaming x. Now I have a working i5 8400 - gigabyte z370 ultra gaming with everything working. I decided to jump to the amd train and bought a Ryzen 5800x along...
  14. Jacopo01

    AMD a4-6210/High Sierra Installation

    Hi everyone! I have a notebook with AMD a4-6210 CPU and graphics card, an AMD Radeon R3 Graphics 1.8 GHz. How can I best configure the macOS installation? Thanks in advance.
  15. mattklahn

    Vega 64 Random Black Screen + 100% Fan Speed Issue

    I am running into issues with my build recently. Basically, it appears that under high GPU load activities, such as video editing, gaming, and 3D rendering, my computer will randomly go to black screen, and the fans will instantly ramp up to 100% speed. Note that if audio is playing, it will...
  16. BerkeAras

    Mouse Lag on Big Sur

    Hello everyone! Yesterday I've installed my first ever hackintosh on my PC: CPU: **Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core 3,4 GHz** Mainboard: **Gigabyte B450 Aorus M **AMD B450 So.AM4 Dual Channel DDR4 mATX Retail GPU: **8GB ASRock Radeon RX 580** Phantom Gaming D OC Aktiv PCIe 3.0 x16 1xDVI / 1xHDMI 2.0 /...
  17. alejita27

    AMD Radeon RX 550 - 560 injected with Opencore macOS Big Sur

    I have installed macOS Big Sur in a HP prodesk 400 G1 SSF. everything works for me, except the AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB graphics card, because I don't know how to inject into the OpenCore device properties section.When I was using Clover, it was easy because with fakepciid.kext was injecting the...
  18. mballe

    (Guide) Make The AMD Radeon HD 8570 Work In macOS

    Well Sence i look at the internet i have not found many success storys on the amd radeon hd 8570. in my expreience i managed to make this card work on these versions of macos __________________________________ OS X Lion : Testing OS X Mountain Lion :unknown OS X Maverics : unknown OS X...
  19. Roko3883

    GPUs compatibility with MacOS Mojave

    Hello, So I'm looking forward to build my first Hackintosh (electronic engineer, long-time mac-user) and I was wondering: I love Mojave, I think is one of my favorite OS, but: Are 5000 series GPUs compatible with Mojave (10.14.6)? In Buyer's Guide says 5700 and 5700XT are only for 10.15+, but...
  20. hackpetr

    Boot with ultrawide monitor (DP) hackintosh is slow. Without it, it's ok.

    Hi guys, so I have this weird issue. I run the latest macos with up to date kexts. I had 3 monitors (1x QHD - DP->HDMI , 2x FullHD - HDMI) and everything was fine for last 3 years. Until I bought new monitor (3440 x 1440) and replace with it the 2xFullHd -- so now the setup is this ultrawide +...