1. hkisthebest

    Vega 56 High Sierra randomly lose signal

    This issue first occurred two month ago, it has been normally functioning over six months already and suddenly one day my hackintosh went to sleep and couldn't wake up after pressing any keys, so I held the power button and restarted my computer. Since then, my monitor would randomly lose signal...
  2. jamie763p

    Kernel Panic - 10.15.2 - AMDRadeonX6000

    Hello there, Intro: I'm a fairly experienced Hackintosher and have recently upgraded my build to v10.15.2. I followed the Vanilla Hackintosh guide and am running a Clover-based system with VirtualSMC, Lilu, WEG and similar. I have manually mapped USBs and created an SSDT for the board. Specs...
  3. Clayf700

    AMD and NVidia card combo?

    I have a GTX 1080Ti and love it. Although I'm stuck on High Sierra due to the lack of NVidia support, and would love to upgrade to Catalina. With Nvidia formally announcing they're dropping CUDA support I was wondering if it's possible to purchase an AMD card to use for macOS, while still using...
  4. gabrycosta04

    (PROBLEM) AMD GPU not work in clover boot

    hi, my AMD GPU not work (blackscreen) in clover selector The card when is in pcie slot 1 not work in clover, but when is in pcie slot 2 (in slot 1 is my 1660 nvidia card) the card work in clover! (my card is identified!) My hardware is Sapphire R7 250x 2GB in windows 10 the card work perfecly
  5. Chumanix

    ASUS Z97A Catalina Install - main partition gone?

    Hey everyone, I recently swapped out my GTX970 for a RX580 so I could get off of High Sierra. When the package arrived, I began the update process. Updating to Mojave went smooth, and I followed the guide for updating to Catalina, but I'm having some issues and can no longer boot into macos. I...
  6. mac2centos

    Macbook Pro 2018 mid year, Razor X + Sapphire RX 590 NITRO+

    Hi All, I just wanted to post up that the following config worked OOB, and would prob be the same for most hackintosh's: I'm using the Razor Core X and the Sapphire Radeon RX590 Nitro+ All worked fine OOB. When I updated to 15.2, HEVC encoding broke for the AMD. I know this as Media Encoder...
  7. hkisthebest

    High Sierra no screen after login

    I've been using dual boot win10 and high sierra for over six months without any issues, until last week my Hackintosh went to sleep, the light on the case woke up after pressing the keyboard, but my monitor still showed nothing, so I hold the power button to reboot it and everything went well...
  8. adarxh

    Random Seed ++ startup error and DSDT patches.

    Hey, Im a noob but somehow i managed to install Mojave 10.14.6 on my laptop. I dont have any knowledge about DSDT so i havent messed up with it yet and neither do i have made any changes in config.plist. Everything is working fine but few functionalities. I cant change brighness from f11/f12...
  9. CarryATowelAlways

    AMD RX 580 Adobe issues Mojave

    Hi all! I recently updated my Adobe CC to all the latest versions, and decided to take After Effects for a spin. Opening up a project I've been working on, I keep getting an error stating "a failure related to GPU-enabled effects.....likely because your GPU is out of memory". (see attached)...
  10. sergeydgr8

    Sudden black screen when loading from upgraded SSD or USB installer, RX 5700 XT

    For those just joining: If you want to get your RX 5700 XT to work in 10.15.1, make sure to add Lilu, WhateverGreen, and use `agdpmod=pikera` when booting. Now here's my original post: My specs: - Gigabyte Z370 AORUS WIFI - i7 8700K - ASUS ROG RX 5700 XT I've previously had a Gigabyte GTX...
  11. maxjasper

    RX 5700 XT Working!

    I can confirm that the RX 5700 XT is working natively with the latest beta of MacOS, I'm running on a MSI z370 board with an i7 8700K
  12. jahan2x

    I need driver for Amd Firepro M5950?

    Hi I am able to instal high Sierra on my laptop but I am stuck with display driver the MAC is showing that it have and 6770 card with 5mb. Memory but in real my laptop HP Elitebook 8560w has Amd Firepro M5950 graphics card... .? let me know where I can find this and M5950 driver for old or...
  13. Yngvar

    Solved > Black screen after loading screen

    So I got my hands on an Radeon 570X, switched with my former nvidia gpu and updated directly from high sierra to catalina after reading people saying it worked out of the box. Installation complete and almost through loading screen then black. Ran -x and -v in Clover the next time (see picture...
  14. 3DTOPO

    Solved> No Signal with Sapphire RX 580 Pulse

    I updated my X99 system from High Sierra to Catalina running a Nvidia 1060. The display worked fine in Catalina, but without graphics acceleration of course. When I found out that there are no Nvidia drivers for Catalina, I bought Tonymac's recommended Sapphire RX 580 Pulse. I thought I was...
  15. TheGiwi

    Solved > Upgrade to Sapphire VEGA 56 Nitro+ Leads to Black Screen After Apple Logo

    Dear community, A couple of days ago, I made the switch from my old GTX 770 to the Sapphire Vega 56 Nitro+ GPU. Rather foolishly, I assumed it would work out of the box and therefore didn't do any research on potentially required kexts etc. Well, turns out, it doesn't work out of the box and...
  16. Kafke

    Moving from Nvidia 1080ti to AMD, what to choose?

    Couldn't find the answer in the posts in this section, but there have to be more! I have given up on Nvidia and future Mojave support and decided to move to AMD and sell the 1080Ti. After that I intend to upgrade from High Sierra to Mojave. What would be a smart choice with a budget of 750-...
  17. segwayne

    Time to upgrade. Need advice/input

    Hi, I'm currently writing to you from the very Hackintosh that I built 3 or 4 years ago (i7/4790k level) which is running "fine" but is pretty much stuck in time running El Capitan. Meanwhile, software that I work with -- like the Drobo Desktop -- is quickly starting to move on and abandon El...
  18. Jimmy188

    Can I install Mac OS on my PC? Is my PC config OK?

    My PC Components CPU:Intel Core i5 4460 Motherboard: Asus H81m-k Ram: Twinmos 8GB ddr3 1600mhz (1 stick) SSd: Western Digital green 240 GB sata ssd HDD: Western Digital blue 1TB GPU: Sapphire rx 560 4GB PSU: Corsair 550W power supply Can I install MAC OS in this PC? And can I...
  19. NiklasTs

    AMD Radeon HD7870 OC Catalina compatibility

    Hello, Right now I'm on Sierra because of compatibility issues with my Geforce 750 TI. I could get an AMD Radeon HD7870 OC from a friend and I would like to know if anyone has experience with putting this specific card in a hackintosh. And if it does work, whcih Kexts and drivers would I have to...
  20. dmrkillah

    RX 580 No signal after wake on DP (HDMI works)

    Hi, I have been bashing my head around this for about a week now and I am running out of ideas :( Got my hack on latest Mojave (10.14.6). Everything works just fine on HDMI, sleep and wake without any problems. However as soon as I connect one of the monitors to DP, then computer freezes...