EFISTUB: Load Linux with Clover

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News, boot Ubuntu 18.04, Mint 19..? :)
Can u share custom entry in config file for Ubuntu 18.04 ? I want clover boot direct to ubuntu too, not over grub
Debian based distros, there is this page here on the Debian wiki. That way you are copying the kernel and ramdisk to the ESP and adding some scripts that keep things up to date automatically.

  • If booting direct from firmware is not required (no need to use EFI partition)
  • /vmlinuz and /initrd.img (symlinks?) are on normal EXT2/3/4 partition (or other type with EFI driver available) is possible to install the filesystem driver to /EFI/CLOVER/DRIVERS64UEFI (e.g. EXT2/3/4-64.EFI) and add the custom entry to config.plist


<string>initrd=/initrd.img root=PARTUUID=$ROOT-UUID rw quiet</string>

replacing $ROOT-UUID and $KERNEL-RAMDISK-UUID with the UUIDs for the root volume and the volume containing the kernel and ramdisk respectively (may or may not be the same volume and UUID depending on fstab/partitioning).
hey, I triple-boot win/clover/grub2 all uefi. but i want a boot loader possible to autoboot to any efistub, whereas it is win or clover or grub. Clover can not auto boot to grubefi. Clover can show grubefi as custom entry but not auto boot. only rEFInd do this all. how can clover replace rEFInd in this scenario?
Clover can already load any EFI loader or efistub kernel directly, if you have enabled all scanning in config.plist e.g. GUI->Scan->True and you don't get the load option you expect, you must use a custom entry.
ok fix my config.plist, and copy vmlinuz to efi, now, how to make it default boot entry?
<string>Ubuntu HD</string>

Change DefaultVolume to match the volume name or device path for the partition containing the loader (e.g. GPT UUID), change DefaultLoader to match "complete path or a unique portion like like file name" for "precise default entry selection for Volumes that have multiple Loaders".
I am not meaning to "divert" this thread, but in December 2018 - time of this writing, I have three different drives, all GPT, all with their respective EFI partition.

One is dedicated to Windows (10), one to Linux, one to macOS.

The Linux drive has rEFInd on the EFI. The macOS drive has Clover.

If I start with rEFInd, then boot-chain to Clover, I can see both the GRUB and the EFISTUB from my Linux drive.

But if I start directly with Clover, I can only see the GRUB, listed along with my Windows and Mac.

My guess is that booting with rEFInd causes the ext4 partition to be mounted for discovery. Whereas Clover doesn't bother.

But if the partition is already "mapped", it readily detects the EFISTUB-compatible kernel.

Does that make any sense? If yes, is there a way to force this behavior?

And if no, how can I contact the Clover devs and suggest it as an improvement?
@going bald thank you, but if possible, I'd rather avoid adding an entry to my system manually.

It *is* a workaround, but Clover detects my active Linux Kernel just fine if I start the computer from rEFInd on the Linux volume.
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