1. geoffoliver

    << Solved >> Backup using dd?

    I was wondering if it's possible to create a backup of my system (for upgrade purposes, etc) using the "dd" command line program in Linux. I've seen a million articles about using CCCloner and other stuff, but it really seems like I should be able to use dd to make an image of the drive that I...
  2. Subdian

    Add nvme linux booot option to existing mac os & wind10 dualboot

    Hi all, I have a (quite old) setup from 2015. I followed this build: And it has served me well. I still use it as my daily machine, mac os (with ubuntu vm) for work and...
  3. Victorlee

    Can I triple boot Ubuntu/Windows/Catalina with Opencore?

    I have a laptop,and I want to triple boot these os with opencore.But there is only one ssd on my laptop. So can I make it?
  4. Aldaro

    [GUIDE] Multibooting Windows after macOS, and Linux have already been installed

    Multibooting: Installing Windows on your already setup hack Introduction: So, you just got your new hack up, and running eh? Of course, you have macOS working, and may've also installed your linux distribution of choice, but what about Windows? For many, having Windows around is a very...
  5. Almarma

    Can a Linux Live distro from USB mess with my MacOS?

    Hi, I just wanted to give a try to Linux Mint booting from the USB (not even from Clover, I pressed F12 after rebooting and booted directly from the USB UEFI firmware). Then I shut it down after the test (without installing a single thing or even touching the installed drives). I even was...
  6. deeveedee

    Should XOSI include "Linux"?

    I just learned about the XOSI patch (still learning) and suspect that this is a better way for me to implement OS Identification on my Dell Latitude E6410. My unpatched DSDT (attached) includes _OSI("Linux") calls, but I don't see "Linux" listed in Rehabman's SSDT_XOSI.dsl samples that I have...
  7. uar

    [Guide] Installing Arch Linux on the Razer Blade, Late 2016, FHD

    This is my way of saying goodbye to the Hackintosh community for good as I can't stand a mediocre operating system that crashes at least 3-4 times a day, deny updates and a company that won't provide support for NVIDIA drivers anymore. I already moved to Android a year ago, and have Windows...
  8. IOStreamCTO

    New Hackintosh Build - Quick NVME Question

    Hello, everyone! I just needed a quick word of advice from the Hackintosh gurus in this forum regarding a triple-boot macOS Mojave, Windows 10 Professional, and Linux system I am building. I have been running a rock solid, triple-boot system architecture and engineering system that I built using...
  9. renordw

    Where did the refs.txt come from?

    Hey all, I am not currently actually working on a Hackintosh, but there doesn't seem to be any other community with as much knowledge of the DSDT process as this one, so I hope you guys won't mind answering a question for me. Currently, I am working on compiling a custom DSDT for Arch Linux...
  10. PliSsK

    Rename Linux boot entry in Clover Config GUI screen

    Is it possible to rename a Linux EFI boot entry in Clover? I have used Clover Configurator on the Mount EFI tab to identify the Disk UUID (the Volume UUID shows 'N/A') of the Linux partition, but if I create a custom boot entry for it to rename it (using 'Linux', 'All Linux Kernal' or 'Other' as...
  11. jjforums

    Trying to boot Windows or Linux from Clover show logo picture instead of booting

    Hello, I have Windows and Linux in separated drives and wanted to boot them from Clover. When I Clover shows up, I see many options to choose from, but none of them actually boot the operating systems, instead they show the logo and get stuck there. How can I set up to boot from Linux and...
  12. SNorton

    Installed Mint Linux, Clover no longer my bootloader.

    So, I installed a new 400GB HDD into my PC and installed Mint Linux v19 onto it. During the installation I selected "sdd" for the grub bootloader and "sdd1" for the "/" of the Mint installation. Now, when I start my PC, the grub bootloader is appearing instead of Clover. I have three options...
  13. Fadedboy

    Triple booting my gaming pc

    I recently made my gaming pc and i would like to have an accurate and up to date way to triple boot my pc with windows 10 (already installed), ubuntu budgie and Mac os high sierra. If you need more info just ask me. Edit: i might not reply for a while it is 00:13 am in my region
  14. WormLice

    Can I do the Unibeast workaround in linux?

    Hello, I've installed Unibeast 8.2 in a USB drive. Found out later that I needed to do the workaround. Unfortunately, I won't have access to a MacOS for quite some time, and I only have a Linux OS available at the moment. I'm not very experienced with Linux, and I'm not being able to delete the...
  15. DaniRCDE

    QuadBoot questions

    Hi all, I have some questions obout multi booting with clover. These pasts days I've been trying to install and run a Hackintosh with El Capitan in my PC and I have finally done it. But now, I want to install Ubuntu and Kali Linux too in the same drive (hdd gpt of 3TB), and the problem comes...
  16. edjie

    Perfect triple boot system broke by Ubuntu 17.10 upgrade

    I had a perfectly working system with OS X Sierra, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.04 on three separate SSDs. I use Clover UEFI boot loader can get into any of the OS without problem. The nightmare started when last week I let Ubuntu upgrade from 17.04 to 17.10. I didn't detach the OS X SSD when the...
  17. nonkronk

    How to “reboot” instead of “restart” on Hackintosh (UEFI triple boot with Linux & Windows)

    Sorry for bit confusing title, let me explain. Currently i have triple boot OS installed on my ASUS X450JF machine, OS X El Capitan, Kali Linux 2017.1, & Windows 10 Creator Update on single 850 EVO SSD using Clover Bootloader of course. Everything seems work perfectly as expected. But I have a...
  18. marc_Linux

    which Linux distro runs iMac the coolest temperature

    recently tried Linux Mint on my old 2008 iMac 20" it installed fine, ran well enough, hardware worked etc. Problem is - the iMac runs way hotter that it does on any Mac OS and, even Win7, when slightly tweaked on the iMac, runs almost as cool. Years ago i had overheating problems with various...
  19. LeJokar

    [SUCCESS] LeJokars Haswell Build: GA Z97-HD3 / i5-4690K / GTX 980

    LeJokar's Build: GA Z97-HD3 / i5-4690K / GTX 970 / Triple Boot This is an Update to my previous Build Description back in 2015: [SUCCESS] GA Z97-HD3 / i5-4690K / GTX 970 / Triple Boot Win10 - Yosemite - Ubuntu 14.04 [/B] Changes Motherboard, Processor and PSU remain the same while I've...
  20. AEl33t

    System76 Oryx Compatibility

    Hello. I am wondering if this laptop would be able to download hackintosh. I am interested in this laptop because I need something that will be an all around good laptop. It has a great screen, a relatively good price, and I trust the brand. If you are able to find a company that uses windows...