1. vulgo

    EFISTUB: Load Linux with Clover

    Clover can boot linux without the need for chain-loading of bootloaders e.g. GRUB. This is possible because for some time (>3.3) the kernel has contained its own EFI bootloader. Clover loads the kernel as an EFI executable. Arch Linux Example steps using an existing EFI system partition (e.g...
  2. bashhack

    Request for help: Fedora23/Ubuntu/OSX Triple Boot

    Long time reader of the forums here, reaching out for some assistance... Current system is working great (dual boot Ubuntu and OSX), with Clover recognizing both options out of the box. Due to a work-related requirement, I need Fedora 23 up and running on the system, as well. It is currently...
  3. zildjian007

    linux not showing in chameleon

    Hi I have searched a lot on this issue and feel like I've tried everything - to no avail. I'm trying to dual boot Fedora19 and OSX, but linux is not showing on the chameleon boot screen (windows appears fine if I put a win7 disk in) I have 2 drives: an SSD for OSX and a SATA for linux. I...