1. batuhang

    Installing Ubuntu after Hackintosh

    I want to install Ubuntu with dual boot on my Dell Inspiron 3521 (with MacOS Mojave) but I have questions. As you might know, Ubuntu has its own bootloader, GRUB and it can be a pain in the... I don't want that to happen and I want to use Clover Bootloader after installing Ubuntu too. What...
  2. nicholasandrien

    Grub overwrites Clover when install Ubuntu

    I have been running Mac and Windows smoothly all this time, and I wanted to get my hands dirty by trying to triple boot Mac Ubuntu and Windows. I have 1 drive that is specifically for mac, 1 drive I set a partition for windows, a partition for MAC HFS, and the other partition was set for Ubuntu...
  3. edjie

    Perfect triple boot system broke by Ubuntu 17.10 upgrade

    I had a perfectly working system with OS X Sierra, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.04 on three separate SSDs. I use Clover UEFI boot loader can get into any of the OS without problem. The nightmare started when last week I let Ubuntu upgrade from 17.04 to 17.10. I didn't detach the OS X SSD when the...
  4. fuskysam

    Need Chimera UEFI files

    Hey there, I had my Hackintosh running for a while and I let a friend install Grub and he installed it on my Hackintosh's EFI-Partition. We were trying to fix this and extracted the EFI files of Clover from a USB-drive we created with Uni-Beast but my Hackintosh won't boot with Clover...
  5. GustavoT

    Can't boot Hackintosh Yosemite from GRUB menu

    Hello!! I've searched a lot of examples in Google since some days ago and could advance a lot, but I'm stuck here and cannot load Mac Os X from GRUB.:( I have one hard disk partitioned with Ubuntu in first place and Mac Os X Yosemite in second place. My disk structure is: Disposit...
  6. kkskks

    How can I delete grub and back to clover?

    Hi all, I was using Clover to boot my osx. I was naive. I was just curious about Ubuntu, so I tried to install Ubuntu on my usb flash drive. So, I made bootable usb stick for Ubuntu, and then installed the Ubuntu on the another usb flash drive. I chose to install bootloader on the usb flash...
  7. alexander750

    Installing GRUB after the fact

    After successfully getting Sierra up and running on my old Gigabyte box, I'm now attempting to dual-boot Ubuntu 16.04, using the second 80 GB HD I had used to beta test Sierra. In a sense, that's going back to this machine's roots, as Ubuntu was the OS originally installed when I bought it. I...
  8. vulgo

    EFISTUB: Load Linux with Clover

    Clover can boot linux without the need for chain-loading of bootloaders e.g. GRUB. This is possible because for some time (>3.3) the kernel has contained its own EFI bootloader. Clover loads the kernel as an EFI executable. Arch Linux Example steps using an existing EFI system partition (e.g...
  9. polmes

    Unable to chainload OS X Clover bootloader from GRUB

    So I have a triple-boot setup in which I have just updated OS X (Hackintosh) to the newest version and a new bootloader (from Chimera to Clover). It looks something like this: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on /dev/sda (hd0) Windows 10 Pro on /dev/sdb (hd3) OS X 10.11 El Capitan on /dev/sdd (hd2), with...
  10. F4LL3N

    Boot Chimera from GRUB menu

    I have a working installation of Ubuntu (it loads by default) AND A working installation of Yosemite (i can get to that by holding down F12 at startup and selecting to boot from my 'Install Yosemite' USB. How do I add Chimera to the GRUB menu?
  11. appreciative

    Installing SL under existing Grub 2?

    Hi, I'd like to install my copy of Snow Leopard 10.6.3. I've already got Windows 7 and Fedora installed with Grub 2 in the MBR. I've seen guides which let you have Clover manage all three, but I was wondering if it were possible to install SL under my existing Grub 2 so I can triple boot without...
  12. dragostini

    Arch + Maverick

    Hi all. So first time Hackintosh user here. Just finished setting up my rig in a triple boot system across two drives. Windows 7 on a 120GB SSD OS X Mavericks on a 1tb HDD Partition of about 200GBS. Arch Linux Partitions: - 200 GB / - 5GB Swap (not really needed with 8GB ram...but meh) - 120...
  13. DaveQB

    Grub2, Mavericks, Ubuntu 14.04, GPT disk, GA-Z77N

    Hi all, I've been trying to get this to work for a year now, on and off, searching, trial and lots of error. I have posted here where I am currently at Grub is the bootloader for the SSD which holds Mavericks and Ubuntu...
  14. ikar0

    Dual-Boot Single HDD : Mavericks 10.9 & Debian 6 ( BIOS Grub ) HELP !

    First of all : thanks Tonymacx86 development team , THANK YOU !! :clap: I need help installing Mavericks on my Hackintosh : gygabite z77n-wifi ram 8 gygabite SINGLE Hard Disk formatted " GPT " ( EFI ) 1° : I have divided the hard disk into partitions using Disk Util ( osx program ) using...
  15. jakeok

    Removing GRUB for Chimera

    I installed Ubuntu on my Hackintosh and accidentally installed GRUB onto the MBR instead of the partition that Ubuntu is installed on. Both ML and Ubuntu are on the same drive, which has a GUID partition scheme. I have a 2nd drive with an ML backup partition. I'm trying to get Chimera back on...
  16. totalnub911

    OS X cannot start up from this disk

    Hi guys! First off, I want to say thank you to the devs who make things like this possible :) If only I could do what you do... Now, the issue: I have a customac pro build Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 F10 bios 6850 GFX card 2500k 16GB ram. I've got a fully working 10.7.3 install working via...