raid 0

  1. kevinluk07

    << Solved >> Opencore stuck at black screen before picker with AppleRAID

    Hi there, I've been using AppleRAID on two HDD as RAID 0 in Mojave with Clover with no problems. And now that I have a new boot SSD with OpenCore on Big Sur, the OpenCore picker won't appear unless I boot without one (and one specific) RAID member disk. The last lines that OpenCore stuck at...
  2. sergi.color

    Motherboard with 10 SATA ports?

    Hi all, First time I write, although I have been a follower of this forum for a few months already. Thanks to all the advice here so far. Sorry if this question is repeated, I have searched but found it nowhere answered. Also the buyer's guide didn't help me on that: Is there a motherboard...
  3. LouzerKnives

    FIX DSDT - RAID WINDOWS 10 NOT RECOGNIZE - High Sierra - MSI Gaming M7 Z170 - i7 6700k Skylake - MSI Gaming 4G GTX 970 - Help me

    Goodmorning everyone, I have problems with my new installation and I kindly ask for your help to complete: 1. The first concerns a BIOS configuration. I have two M2 SSDs in Raid for Windows 10. The SATA option on the BIOS is set to RAID and in this case CLOVER reads to me the Windows partition...
  4. elyo

    Running storage drives in RAID0 - Visible for OSX and WIN10?

    Hi, My current setup: I have windows 10 on a 180GB SSD OSX High Sierra on 500GB SSD 2x 3TB HDDs in RAID0 for storage. Is there a way I can make my Raid0 drives visible in both windows and OSX? So that I can use the same drive for storage on both operating systems. It seems that if I want to...
  5. egneus

    RAID Drives Not Showing in Storage Tab within 'About This Mac'

    Hi, this is my first Mojave 10.14.5 Hackintosh build using: Gigabyte GA-Z77x-UD3H Intel i7-3770 10GB RAM Sapphire Radeon RX580 8GB IO Gear Bluetooth USB 4.0 USB Sound Adapter Logitech G302 Mouse Apple Wireless Keyboard Apple Magic Touchpad Is there any way to display my both RAID drives (MacOS...
  6. technosinner

    Very noobish RAID quesitons

    Hi all, I've got a very smoothly running Sierra build that I am trying very very hard not to mess up. Thing is, it's all running on 2012 hardware; even if it's still plenty for my needs, I'm starting to see the need for some extra speed especially for larger files. So in comes RAID0: I have a...
  7. JoaquinSanchiz

    Help! Impossible to upload to High Sierra with RAID 0

    Hey guys I'm having problems with the High Sierra update in Clover. It says that I can not install it in my system drive as it is an AppleRAID volume. Is anyone of you having same problem? Do you know what can I do?
  8. Crazynin

    Hackintosh keeps mounting RAID 0 NTFS

    Hello Everybody, First of all: I want to thank you Guys for your amazing work on this forum including all guides and Trobleshootings. Without You i wouldn't be able to setup my Hackintosh. This is my first time using any Forums. So please don't be strict with me. I was building for myself a...
  9. luckyal

    RAID 5 in a hackintosh?

    Is it possible and are there motherboards that feature onboard RAID? My strategy (given SSD prices), is to buy 5-6 cheaper, and lower capacity SATA SSD's and set them up in either a RAID 0 or RAID 5. Basically, all I need is performance and would consider the storage as disposable. If it goes...
  10. tonybinjch

    UEFI Clover boot over apple software RAID0 hard drive set

    Hello, I made a Sierra / Skylake installation bootkey. I format my two SATA SSD in RAID0 with a Mavericks installation flashdrive. I installed OSX Sierra on my MSI B150i Gaming pro (Skylake) with the last clover installer. NOW i got a functional RAID0 Sierra 10.12.1 install. (each disk is...
  11. SeanCronen

    Storage Possibilities, Backups, and RAID arrays

    Hey guys! I just built my first hackintosh earlier this fall (parts on my profile). This whole process has been awesome, and this is the first time I've had a question that wasn't addressed in this EXTREMELY helpful forum. I built this to be an audio production workhorse that I could eventually...
  12. nicksilverstein

    Can't Find Kernel in Software Raid 0

    When I use OS X with software Raid 0 I get "Can't Find /System/Library/Kernels/kernel". I used Chimera 4.1.0. What can I do?
  13. GrooseMcHades

    Can't find /System/Library/Kernels/Kernel

    How can I install Yosemite onto RAID 0 drives? Hello, this is my first time building a Hackintosh. I have installed Yosemite on two SSDs in RAID 0, run MultiBeast, installed Nvidia's graphics drivers, and then restarted. Then when I try to boot from my SDD, it says "Can't find...
  14. nicksilverstein

    How could I install Mac OS X on Software Raid 0 on Clover?

    I think Clover would make it easy to use software raid. I have a DELL Latitude D630. It only has Legacy Bootable options. I think if you install clover on each of the raid 0 volumes efi partitions it would make it easy to boot. I have two hard drives in my Dell Latitude D630. I have one in the...
  15. ItsMyNaturalColour

    Can't Get GTX 960 to boot on my RAID0 Hackintosh:(

    Hey everyone, got a frustrating one here. I finally managed to get set up with RAID 0 SSDs on my Hackintosh (2 x Samsung 850 Pro 128GB) and I got everything working swimmingly with integrated graphics (4600 on 4770, Gigabyte Z97m-D3H). I'm on 10.10.3 so I proceeded to download the Nvidia web...
  16. yengalvez

    Hyper Fusion Drive RAID 0 SSD + RAID 0 HDD

    Hi! I want to create the definitive hackintosh fusion drive, with 2 ssd and 2 hdd. I saw in an older post of other user that he created a fusion drive with a RAID 0 SSD (2 SSD) and one HDD. And now I'm thinking if is possible to create a fusion drive that mix 2 ssd and 2 hdd. Thanks!
  17. Welletoraptus

    Raid 0 + Chimera + Yosemite?

    Anyone how has a RAID 0 setup with Yosemite and want to share some tips? Im using Chimera and i can't use Clover... I have tried 50 times. but only chimera will boot with yosemite n my setup. Asus Saberooth x79 intel i7 3930k Gigabyte 760 2gb 2x intel 530 240gb SSD
  18. colonic11

    Updating to Yosemite on a RAID 0 Configured System

    Hey guys, if you're like me, you have been using Mavericks on a RAID 0 configuration. Now after hours of tinkering, here's what you should know to update to OS 10.10 Yosemite. Now obviously this all starts with a bootable USB flashdrive. The particulars of such should be already known. But...
  19. boniac

    Problem with software RAID

    Hello, I've using RAID 0 (2 x 3TB disks) since day 1 of my Hackintosh but recently I've been stumbling upon some problems. It started last week when I was having some problems reading stuff from the RAID. Everything was really slow and the spinning wheel of death occurred over and over...
  20. jameelfm

    OS Installation on a RAID 0 Array

    Hey, My intended storage configuration will be the following: 2 x 250GB Samsung EVO SSD (In RAID 0) 1 x 2TB Western Digital Black HDD All of the RAID 0 tutorials I've seen so far involve installing OS X on a third drive, then cloning it to a RAID 0 array made using disk utility. As I see it...