1. lorenzopot

    Random Catalina Hackintosh freezing (logs included)

    My Hackintosh randomly freezes. This happens mostly in safari when opening stuff like twitter, or opening the App Store. Running latest Clover, EFI, MacOS version and all Kexts are up to date. - Intel core I5 4670K - Sapphire Radeon HD7950 - MSI Z87-G43 - Samsung 840 EVO - 8GB Corsair Ram...
  2. jaimicox

    This graphics configuration does not support hardware acceleration which is required to run final cut

    Hello, i have this problem: This graphics configuration does not support hardware acceleration which is required to run final cut Im running Mojave 10.14.6 Graphics AMD Radeon R9 360 What I can do? Thanks
  3. endryha

    Solved > Boot failed with Intel HD 4600 and Radeon RX 580

    Hello, I am currently trying to upgrade my Hackintosh with Sapphire Radeon RX 580 but cannot boot with both, integrated and discrete graphics working together, it simply fails to boot. This is the problem, but let me step back to give you more context. I have a perfectly working Hackintosh...
  4. poormansmac

    Which RX 5600/5700 to avoid?

    I will use the latest macOS. I know Nvidia's does not work, but how about RX 5X00? I saw the Buyer's Guide page, but it only had a few models. So, my question is: Question 1: Is it that (a)only a few specific RX 5600/5700 work, or (b)do most of them work just fine? Question 2: If the answer to...
  5. miliuco

    [GUIDE] Radeon RX 580 on macOS Catalina

    Radeon RX 580 8 GB graphics card on macOS High Sierra (as of 10.13.6), Mojave and Catalina on the P55-USB3 board: excellent performance with acceleration (Metal) OOB, no need for drivers (kexts), with 3 drawbacks, one has to do with the boot of the operating system (a solution is proposed)...
  6. cezar02

    Solved > AMD Radeon 590 Catalina

    Hi, i Succesfully install catalina on my setup, but I'm unable to make the AMD rx590 to work, it's detected, but no video output, any help will be aprecciated Intel 8600k Asus z370p Amd Radeon 590
  7. monneym

    [SOLVED] Radeon RX Vega 56 freezes when connected through A/V receiver before login

    Let me first state that my system works flawlessly when connected directly to a TV through either HDMI or DVI input. My problem is when I try to connect the GPU through HDMI input of a Sony A/V DA2800ES. The receiver passes through the video to the TV over HDMI. When I boot everything shows, I...
  8. papotrader

    Radeon RX 560 Rendering FCP & Compressor in 1080p Problems - In Catalina

    Hi all, I have a project in FCP that when I render it, via Compressor or directly using FCP, in my Macbook Pro, it produces good, legible quality. The target size is 1080p, and the timeline is 4k: If I render the same video in my Hackintosh, with the same settings, then this is what I get...
  9. CorniGamer

    No booting to the Catalina installer b150 „UPDATE“

    Hello, I am new to the Hackintosh Community and need some help on installing Catalina on my Hackintosh. I tried Mojave but there my Ethernet and Graphics doesn't work so I tried to Install Catalina, but the Installer wont boot, stuck on the booting apple logo. Can anyone Help me, I disabled all...
  10. Aldaro

    SUCCESS: Asus prime Z370-A MK II + i5-9600K + Sapphire RX 580 pulse

    Aldaro's Classic Workstation: Antec SX1030b Restoration ASUS PRIME Z370-A Motherboard Amazon | Newegg Crucial Ballistix Sport LT (16GB) x2 for 32GB Total Memory Amazon | Newegg Intel Core i5-9600K Processor Amazon | Newegg Cool Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler No link available Sapphire...
  11. donatocl

    Catalina + RX 480 8GB (Pink Screen over HDMI)

    Hello there, I would like to ask your help with my problem, My Card Asus Strix RX480 8GB have 2xDP, 2xHDMI and 1xDVI. Im using macOS Catalina 10.15.4, with last version o Lilu and Whatevergreen. HP Z230 Tower WorkStation Processor: Xeon 1231 V3 MB: HP 1905 RAM: 20GB DDR3 Video: Asus Strix...
  12. Numb3r

    Radeon vii fans always on

    Hey fellas, Fans on my Radeon vii continually run from startup to shutdown. They appear to be running on low. Wondering if this is normal? I had RX580 and GTX1050 prior and the fans never kicked in until needed. Thoughts? Thanks
  13. felipeip

    AMD Radeon VII Full Power - Catalina 10.15

    I feel that with the latest updates from Catalina, my new Radendon VII graphics card is not giving full power as for example in Final Cut X Which has METAL optimized, I see with iSat that you are not using even 25% of your niel 50% processor of his 16 gb of Ram. I have the latest versions of...
  14. anirudhlath518

    Solved > Kernel Panic right after installation!! Please help!

    Hey! I am installing catalina on; i7 8700k (installation through igpu) RX 560 2 GB (planning on using this after installation for mac) GTX 1080 Ti (Using for windows) 16 GB DDR4 Kingston HyperX Asus ROG Z370-E I was able to boot into the installation and start it, then booted into macOS drive...
  15. tchit

    Random and daily freezes on my Radeon VII setup with Mojave - com.apple.DumpGPURestart error

    Hello, Since I've installed my hackintosh, almost everything is working great except that I will get daily freezes. Usually my mouse will start lagging and then I know I have to close everything and try to close my session before the complete freeze. Sometimes I will get a freeze, sometimes a...
  16. jamie763p

    Kernel Panic - 10.15.2 - AMDRadeonX6000

    Hello there, Intro: I'm a fairly experienced Hackintosher and have recently upgraded my build to v10.15.2. I followed the Vanilla Hackintosh guide and am running a Clover-based system with VirtualSMC, Lilu, WEG and similar. I have manually mapped USBs and created an SSDT for the board. Specs...
  17. deeveedee

    Solved > Catalina on Biostar TH55HD Socket 1156 with Sapphire Pulse RX580

    EDIT: I upgraded from 10.15.5 to 10.15.6 by following the procedure here. EDIT: I upgraded from 10.15.4 to 10.15.5 by following the procedure here. An updated TH55HD.zip archive is attached to this post with updated Lilu, AppleALC and WhateverGreen kexts. EDIT: I upgraded from 10.15.3 to...
  18. klebba

    Solved > Catalina 10.15.2 installation woes

    Hi there, I'm working on a clean Catalina build using the following: i7-8700k Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ULTRA Radeon Pro W5700 Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB - M.2 NVMe I have successfully completed several stable builds in the past. Most recently I have been running High Sierra for over a year as my...
  19. D3stroyer01

    Should I buy a better Cpu or a better Gpu?

    Hi there. When i bought my current PC (for the sole purpose of building a hackintosh) was because I had already a running and functional system but it was old and started to faiI. The motherboard was unstable and all that good stuff. I needed to replace it. But I thought I have the Gtx970...
  20. mac2centos

    Macbook Pro 2018 mid year, Razor X + Sapphire RX 590 NITRO+

    Hi All, I just wanted to post up that the following config worked OOB, and would prob be the same for most hackintosh's: I'm using the Razor Core X and the Sapphire Radeon RX590 Nitro+ All worked fine OOB. When I updated to 15.2, HEVC encoding broke for the AMD. I know this as Media Encoder...