1. AnDenPrangerMitEuch

    Solved > DisplayPort not working after Mojave Update

    Hi, I upgraded my PC with an MSI RX 580 ARMOR Graphics Card (1xDVI, 2xHDMI, 2x DP) after Nvidia doesn't release a driver. The new Graphics Card worked fine in High Sierra, then I installed the update to Mojave.. Now I have a problem: I have four monitors connected (1 DVI, 2 HDMI and 1 DP) and...
  2. JJinOtt

    Card, monitor or OS impatient with HDMI Handshake

    (this is my first post here I hope my profile/signature is specified correctly!) By adding an ASUS ROG Strix Radeon RX 560 OC GDDR5 4G card (what a mouthful for a name!) I've managed to achieve my goal of a Dual 4K Monitor Hackintosh. I am almost free of fiddling and have just one more tweak...
  3. elfcake

    Confused by Unigine Heaven Benchmark

    Please note the Unigine numbers at the bottom One weird thing about increasing settings for the RAM, unable to charge the setting in BIOS. Any thoughts on these scores? I do not understand what the Unigine GPU Model comment means Radeon RX 580 (256MB) x1 What does that last number mean? Thank...
  4. flymacpara

    [Solved] Lost HDMI on R9 285 after mojave upgrade

    Hi, Last night I upgraded from 10.13.6 to Mojave and all went well. The only thing is, that I lost HDMI on my Gigabyte R9 380 Gaming 4Gb, which is recognised natively by Mojave as an ATI Radeon R9 285 with RadeonDeinit in Clover. The DisplayPort still works and so do the DVI-I and DVI-D ports...
  5. WhiteBlues

    Permanently Select Radeon DeInit in Clover

    Hey, System Hardware: i7 4790k R9 290X Have a nice install going of High Sierra 10.13.2, only issue is I have to manually go into Clover options on boot up and select the checkbox for DeInit: followed by my GPU information (I've attached a picture). If I don't select the box it hangs halfway...
  6. geoffreyweber89

    Mojave only boots from USB

    CPU: Intel i5-2500k Sandy Bridge Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth P67 (BIOS Rev 3602) Graphics: ASUS Radeon HD 6850 Hard Drive: 120gb Transcend SSD I was able to install Mojave following the 10.14 Installation Guide and didn't run into any issues. I didn't use a DSDT or anything and installation...
  7. silvercircle

    Fan problem *after* load Sapphire Radeon Vega 64 Nitro+

    My Nitro+ Sapphire Radeon Vega 64 runs fine in 10.13.6 and 10.4.0. Nothing except Whatervergreen installed because without I get a black screen. The fan is off until the card is used, under load the fan(s) go up and down according to the temperature, no problem noise is rather low. The fan...
  8. poppicu

    Ati HD 7850 acceleration Mojave september release

    Does anyone have this card working with full acceleration? On my sister the car is recognised but has only Software render. There is some error in loading AMDRadeonX4000.kext. Any advice will be appreciated.
  9. ProMarc

    SOLVED: Black screen with RX560 on MacPro 4,1 running 5,1 firmware

    Hi all, Great forum you're running here! I know most of you guys are running MacOs on non-mac gear. I wonder if you can help me because I have just bought a Sapphire Pulse OC RX560 thinking it should work OOB but I have no display. I'm running High Sierra. Old graphics card was the 5870. I used...
  10. originalmagneto

    Keyboard and mouse not working in Clover boot screen (disk selections)

    Hi, so, I have just updated my hack by switching the NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card fo the RX 580. I did the change in High Sierra, everything went great, I booted in HS with the new card no problem. Then I decided to give Mojave a spin and started the installation process. By this time, I have...
  11. Longley

    LGA 775 and Radeon

    Hello dudes. I can not start my HD 7870 at 10.13, I get only a black screen. Why? In the Russian forum, I read that this is due to socket 775, but is it true? I was able to run the video card with only kexts from 10.12, but there was only 7 MB of vram. Can I somehow run this card? Device ID...
  12. bodich

    HD 5770 on 10.14 Mojave is not working fine

    Hi. I have installed 10.14 Mojave. My Radeon HD 5770 is working in low res mode and slow, did not up properly. I have Hackintosh since Yosemite and had never troubles with my 5770, it worked just fine without any action with it. I tried to boot Mac OS without additional graphics kext. Then...
  13. nvid1a

    MSI Radeon RX 580 restarts on boot

    Hi there, Probably this is an issue that has a simple solution but I just can't find it. I have a hackintosh running high sierra 10.13.6, no issues whatsoever. Currently I have it running a GTX 970 with nvidia web drivers, but yesterday I tried switching to a MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8 gb card...
  14. Xcess

    R9 280X Problem

    Hi guys. This is my first Hackintosh. I posted this problem in many Hackintosh forums but I never had a reply. So I hope someone can help me (Sorry if I have grammar mistakes, I'm from Argentina). I managed to install macOS Sierra on my PC few days ago. Although the system recognized my graphics...
  15. Johnnnny

    AMD Radeon HD 7400 Series

    Hello everyone - New to Hackintosh, Clover, and well, everything, so I hope that my post is neither annoying nor misplaced. The problem is that I am unable to get the Radeon HD 7400 Series (not the 7400m) to work correctly on my newly configured Hackintosh. Basically I get no graphics...
  16. MichaelPope

    [Solved] Final Install Screen Halting on New Build

    Good Day Everyone. I told my wife that I could build a better Hackintosh for a little more money than the new IMac we were looking at to replace our 2012 model. I actually spent a good bit more (adding a Drobo to the list and other nice things). However, for over a week now this build has been...
  17. joesrepsol

    Adding MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB, what changes need to be made?

    So I'm running on a PERFECTLY working Hacintosh now (sleep, audio, HDMI audio, Ethernet, video, etc)... Mac OS X 10.13.3 on the standard Intel HD 630 graphics on the Gigabyte Z270X Ultra Gaming motherboard. But looking to gain some performance for 3D applications, movie edits, etc and just got a...
  18. Nikos87

    Help : Sierra Radeon R7 360 / Successful Fake id /low fps

    Hey Guys i though i would try hackintosh on an old system ,i had sitting unused and then move on to get more a current cpu & motherboard ,the system is a P5B Deluxe with a modded Xeon x5460 , 8gb Corsair XMS DDR2 i have both tried out the GT 1030 ,and the Radeon R7 360 the 1030 works both in...
  19. thesamesons

    Sapphire Pulse Vega 56 8GB

    Hello everyone, It's my first real hackintosh after quite some time and I'm planning to get the most compatible components I can. Most of my build is already quite set according to the guide from Pastrychef – sadly I still need some advice considering the graphics card. I heard the Sapphire 580...
  20. OrangeJesus

    A 5,1 High Sierra MacPro That Can't Remember

    Hello all, I have a 5,1 Mac Pro (Aluminum) that I am trying to install a GTX 1080 into. The processors are 2x E5620 Xeon Quad cores. The system came with an ATI Radeon 5870 (1GB), which I still have. The brand of the GTX 1080 is MSI. SIP is ENABLED. After selecting "NVIDIA Web Driver" in the...