1. ehsan7715

    Amd radeon r7 260x compatibility yosemite

    Hello everybody I installed mac osx 10.10 on my pc like charm and everything works fine except my amd graphic card I want to know is there any way to enable it by dsdt or kext I need this too much and its very important for me Thanks
  2. CptChips

    Radeon R9 285

    Hello, I'm looking at turning my current system into a hackintosh but I'm not sure if my current graphics card is compatible. It is a Radeon R9 285. If I could have any help I would much appreciate it.
  3. Apple2403

    Yosemite and 290X

    Hello, I installed OS X Yosemite successfully on my PC with Radeon R9 290X. However, I have a problem: After the Apple logo, the screen flickers very strong, and sometimes the image is completely gone. If I pull the DVI cable and plug in again, or if the PC goes to sleep (and wakes up...
  4. jmaurin

    ATI Radeon HD 7600 without DSDT?

    Hi! Is possible to have ATI Radeon HD 7600 working without DSDT injection? I have my hackintosh working fine without DSDT (DQ67EP and i7 2600k) on Mavericks 10.9.5....the only thing that doesn't work is my PCI-e Graphic card. I can boot and start MacOS, but it is't recognized....only a GPU with...
  5. poldo-ita

    HP Envy 17 2090el compatibility

    Hello there, I've just discovered this forum, I generally use to visit the Hackintosh site but there is not any forum... I was wondering if I could install any version of OSX on my HP Envy 17 (model 2090el). Specifications: -Intel Core i7 2630QM CPU @ 2.00 GHz (6 MB cache L3) -8 GB (2x4 GB)...
  6. itpfreak

    Radeon 8400GS - dual display support?

    I have successfully installed 10.9.4 with Unibeast and am halfway there to get everything working as I want. Biggest thing I was hoping to accomplish was to get a box running with dual display support so I can run a program called ProPresenter in the sound room at my church. I have an Asus...
  7. stickman803

    AMD Radeon 5450 + Intel HD 2500

    Dell Inspiron 660 Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge AMD Radeon 5450 + Intel HD 2500 Mac OS 10.9.4 Mavericks Hello all, I've been working with my Dell Inspiron 660 for a few months, and I've gotten everything working except the Intel HD 2500 graphics. Everything works relatively well when in safe mode...
  8. pBook

    Passive GPU: Geforce GT640 or Radeon HD7750

    I'm planning to build a hackintosh at the end of the summer. It's primary use will be Logic Pro X, some web development and a little bit of Photoshop. Since this will be my first hackintosh, I'll follow the Buyers Guides as much as possible. I've one question though :) I want two buy two...
  9. kristijan202

    Ati Mobility Radeon 5650 doesn't work

    So I installed mavericks on my Acer Aspire 5552G and I am trying to fix graphics for 3 days. I just have no Idea what to do anymore :banghead:. I am using Chameleon Bootloader, I went to windows 8 got my display edid raw data and converted it to Base64. Then I went to mavericks and injected EDID...
  10. ProPCGaming

    PC Compatibility (not sure if it can be a hackintosh)

    Hello, I haven't ever installed Mac OSX on a PC before, but I have installed several Linux variants and several versions of Windows. I have been researching for a week about the parts currently in my PC and whether or not they are compatible. I know my processor, hard drives, and ram are, but I...
  11. seby-the-drummer

    radeon 7870 + hd4000 mavericks i am confused

    hello everyone, first of all thanks to tonymacx86 and all u guys working and testing on this site:clap:! i have build a working customac by always booting from usb flash. the only thing is i can't boot with chimera from the harddrive. its the already mentioned boot0 thing: boot0: GPT boot0...
  12. iluvsweetpea999

    HP ProBook 4540s compatibility

    Hi, I see quite a few posts expressing that the HP ProBook 4540s is one of the most "cooperative" laptops to install Mavericks on. Most of the posts I'm finding though are from last year. Does the same still hold true for the newer generations of the ProBook? Also, I see variations of the...
  13. CDCosma

    Kext not loading for Radeon HD 7850

    Alright, so I just installed OS X Mavericks (version 10.9) today after I had to wipe my computer a few weeks ago. I had previously gotten the kext to load for the Radeon HD 7850, but after I wiped my computer, it doesn't work anymore. I have tried adding in my device ID to...
  14. colnpanic

    mavericks boots with onboard, not with amd radeon hd 7870

    this is very possibly a simple/easy fix that i just haven't been able to find, i recently swapped out a geforce for a radeon 7870 (may be same for all 7xxx cards?) and it would hang during booting. reading around, found suggestions to change bios to onboard for primary graphics, and that...
  15. AcceleratedCode

    Making the MSI Radeon r9 280x

    Hi there! Just installed Mavericks on my PC and everything is working perfect except my radeon. My parts: -Gigabyte GA-Z87-DS3H rev1.1 motherboard -Crucial Ballistix 16GB (8x2) sport kit -MSI Radeon r9 280x 3G Gaming edition -650W PSU -Seagate Barracuda 1TB -Corsair Force Series 128GB -Intel...
  16. BobLewisPhoto

    Graphics question - CustoMac Pro (ATX) Primarily for Adobe CS/CC

    Hi guys, I've been following this site for a while as I've been planning on a new machine for quit some time and planned to build a Hackintosh. You really have an amazing community here! I'm about to get started so I've been doing some reading and it seems that Adobe and Apple are not as close...