1. ozamal

    Overclock stable on windows but crash OSX after 5min (x99 6950x)

    Hey guys. I followed this guide for my build: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/how-to-extend-the-imac-pro-to-x99-successful-build-extended-guide.227001/ This is a dual boot machine and absolutely everything works, but when I use prime95 to test my CPU it freeze OSX after 5 min... On windows...
  2. lihaoyun6

    [TOOL] VGTab: Control your Vega in macOS without flashing the vBios

    Now you can control your Vega on macOS without flashing the vBios As we know, the Vega graphics cards have native support in macOS HighSierra and Mojave. emmm...and some glitch :( But AMD uses a function called "SoftPowerPlayTable" to control the Vega cards. "Soft" means it can be stored in the...
  3. Jeffreymbu123

    8700K won't boot not even BIOS... overclocking

    Hello, I was overclocking mu CPU and a added a profile for 5.0 GHZ overclocking. my 8700K coffee lake. Whilst rebooting ... well it didn't reboot. The pc light of the on and of switch turned on. But nothing at all happend on the screen. Holding the delete button didn't get me into the BIOS...
  4. RayQand

    Proposed FCP / Mojave Hackintosh 2018

    Hello guys, this is my first ever post and attempt to build a hackintosh. Would love your input on the following build I am considering and any comments with respect to compatibility of hardware and software vs my goals for the build would be much appreciated. Here goes! Build Goals : 1...
  5. deantonibrito

    8700k Asus Z370 O.C. fail

    hi guys. i've tried the easy OC setting but the system reboot after Apple logo loads and goes to the final startup screen. What could be happening? thanks!!!!
  6. Audiogeek92

    First hackintosh build, recording studio build (DAW workstation)

    First build. Building primarily for use in home recording studio. Heavily invested in the UAD platform, Apollo 8p and OCTO Satellite require thunderbolt 2 (hence the converters). I've gone with a few quiet parts including the PSU, CPU heat sync and case. Please could anyone who has had...
  7. pafofi

    Premiere Pro Vs Media Encoder (CC 2018)

    Hello everyone, I would love to have some help in using my set up with Adobe CC 2018 ! I noticed that I can export a movie I edited via Premiere Pro from itself with no issue (using File > Export > Media) but I can't do so with Adobe Media Encoder (a batch coder like Compressor for Final Cut...
  8. showkingpup

    Post your Skylake i9 X series overclock settings and Geekbench results

    Hey Y’all, it would be interesting to see the i9 xtreme series builds Geenkbech results and overcloack settings.. post them here to inspire people..
  9. jciluvatar

    Overclocking CPU, GPU, RAM on BIOS

    Hi there, I managed to build my first hackintosh and everything is working quite steady. As I work as a video producer, I want to boost my machine to the maximum capabilities that this hardware allows me, but as a total noob on this I need some help. My machine: MoBo: MSI Z270 Gaming M5 GPU: i7...
  10. vdubtc

    "About this Mac" CPU Help i3-8350k

    I was able to get UHD630 integrated graphics working on my high Sierra build. However, I noticed that when I booted using a different config.plist file which was configured for the iGPU setup, I was able to see my overclocked CPU speed of 4.3ghz even though its a 4.0ghz processor. When I...
  11. Itay1778

    Problem in overclock on I5 7600K

    Hey, I hope this topic belongs here. I have a problem with the Mac when I do overclock at 4.7GHz at I5 7600K when I try to turn on MacOS it does not work and I have no real idea why the system does not work because on Windows 10 it works fine without any problem and everything is smooth and I...
  12. 1299Kr

    How to overclock e8600 on asrock g41m-vs3 ?

    Hey guys, I want your help, actually my motherboard is asrock g41m - vs3 which has a intel e8600 cpu it's stock speed is 3.33ghz. So I managed to overclock it from 3.33ghz to 3.44 but if I go over from 3.44ghz, for example if I overclock it to 3.45ghz then my pc won't boot. I want you guys to...
  13. Machinee

    Yosemite won't boot after changing CPU frequency

    When I try to lower the the frequency of my 4930k, my system won't boot. I've had it running at 4.2ghz for about 3 years but after about a week uptime I can get a random shutdown so I wanted to try and get it more stable by lowering the frequency but then it wont boot. When I change it back to...
  14. djneba

    [SOLVED] Sierra and/or Clover messing with BIOS

    Guys, I'm trying to solve this problem for weeks now. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you. The problem: I want to undervolt my cpu and reduce RAM speed, but whenever I reboot or shutdown out of Mac OS, my CPU voltage goes to auto as well a RAM multiplier. Under Windows everything work as...
  15. Eastpond

    3930K Sabertooth X79 Overclock Issue

    I've followed a few guides and got my overclock stable at 4.6Ghz. Running 10.9.2, the OC is based on an offset of .010. System is stable both at idle (left it on for a few days) and running "yes /dev/null/" tests in Terminal for 24 hours. Temps max out at 60C according to HWMonitor. The only...
  16. benwubbleyou

    5820k Not Overclocking on macOS

    Hello, I have a X99 OS X system running 10.12.3 (hesitant to update) and I have been trying to get overclocking working. This overclock is something I am doing after OS X has been installed. My 5820k is tuned in the bios to overclock to 4.5ghz at 1.3v, and while it shows as successful in...
  17. Hauru

    i7 7700K - OVERHEATING!

    Kaby Lake - i7 7700K OVERHEATING! Overclocking (BIOS only) Procedure: For overclocking https://www.joomag.com/magazine/gigabyte-z270-overclocking-guide-gigabyte-200-series-overclocking-guide/0767815001483933769 For stress testing http://osxdaily.com/2012/10/02/stress-test-mac-cpu/ Results...
  18. Fledi1

    First time builders compatibility questions / buying advice

    Hello everyone, First of all I'm not native in english so please excuse potential mistakes in my language. I wanted to build myself a Hackintosh for a while now and it seems like I'll finally get to it. I am writing this post, to make sure that all the parts are compatible, maybe get some advice...
  19. pascalholm

    How to fully disable Speedstep? 5930K Overclocked to 4.5

    Hey Guys, Ive got my overclocked 5930k stable at 4.5Ghz (x99 system, El Capitan) I cant for the life of me work out how to stop speedstep/power management from dropping it down to 1.2ghz/fluctuating when not using anything CPU intensive. I want it on PERMANENTLY at 4.5GHZ. My temps when doing...
  20. x6387

    Is there a way to enable EIST (SpeedStep) and have overclock at the same time?

    When i disable SpeedStep from the bios, OS X doesn't recognise the overclock while if i boot Windows it works. I could be wrong but SpeedStep seems to save a couple of degree celsius... Asrock Z77 Pro4 Intel i5-3570k @ 4.2 Ghz MSI N560GTX-TI TWIN FROZR II/OC 1 GB Corsair Vengeance 4x4 = 16 GB...