1. kylebourne

    How to overclock AMD HD5450

    In windows I have a slight overclock on my graphics card, I want to know if this is possible in mac OS X el captain
  2. tonydale

    [Success] ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 - Intel i5 3570k - GTX 670 - 10.11.2

    Introduction When building my PC a few years ago, it had never crossed my mind that I would be using it as a hackintosh. Yet here we are, with a system that works on El Capitan 10.11.2 as if it was made for it. Components As they are far from new, I doubt most of them will still...
  3. rapproducer714

    Intel Turbo Boost Not Working

    Hi guys, I've had this issue for as long as I can remember running OS X and I gave up on it and haven't cared to resolve it until now. My CPU doesn't clock up to 3.4GHz like it's supposed to under heavy load, such as when I use the "yes" command to stress the CPU. The base frequency is 2.7GHz...
  4. lucci

    P67A UD3 B3 with i7 2700k successful Yosemite build [SUCCESS]

    lucci's Build: GA-P67A-UD3-B3 - i7-2700K - HD 5770 Components GA P67A UD3 B3 with F9 BIOS http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128476 http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3765#ov Intel Core i7-2700K Sandy Bridge processor...
  5. tiberiunedelea

    3930k @ 4.7Ghz on Asus P9X79 really slow

    I have a problem with my CPU it seems really bad for what it is 4.7Ghz 3930k watercooled in benchmarks Cine bench 43.95 FPS 807 cb Geek 14359 points Instaled with Clover EFI partition, Audio works allright (ALC892), SATA works good HWMonitor reports 32 multiplier set on all...
  6. Yoga

    [20K Geekbench] Z97X, 4970K (4.7Ghz), 770GTX, 32GB Ram (2133MHz)

    Thought I'd share this beauty of a system for those that are looking for a fast machine. Geekbench 2 @ 64bit = 20,537 Cinebench 15 Open GL: 121 fps System - Gigabyte Z97X UD5H, F8 BIOS - Intel 4790K 'Devils Canyon' 4GHz - MSI Twin Frozr 770 GTX - 32GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical...
  7. bmate

    Overclock not showing up in OSX Yosemite

    Hey guys, so i just put together a new setup and i overclocked in the BIOS to 4.9Ghz (at least that's what the OC Panel and the BIOS show) but when i enter into Yosemite in the "About this Mac" section and in Geekbench it show's i am at the default 3.4Ghz. Am i missing something? My setup is...
  8. sjoerdw

    5820k i7 Overclock not recognized

    Hi all, I installed Yosemite yesterday succesfully on my x99 5820k system. The only thing that's not working is the overclock setting. It only recognizes the original 3.3 Ghz clockspeed. I clocked it at 4.0 now. Does anyone has some tips please? Thanks in advance!
  9. shinew

    Shinew’s Build: 100% Working with GA-Z87X-UD5 TH / i7-4790K OCd 4.6Ghz / 16GB RAM / GTX 760 / Maveri

    shinew"s Build: GA-Z87X-UD5 TH / i7-4790K OCd 4.6Ghz / 16GB RAM / GTX 760 / Maverick 10.9.5 |COMPONENTS| Intel Core i7-4790K Processor http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KPRWAX8 Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5 TH LGA 1150 Intel Z87 Dual Thunderbolt Ports Wi-Fi/BT4.0 ATX DDR3 2600 Motherboard...
  10. KooKilla

    GTX 780 Classified Compatible With OS X?

    Hey Tonymac, first post here! I am in the process of buying a GPU for my rig, and I am choosing between the EVGA 780 FTW, and EVGA 780 Classified. I want to go with the Classified because it's a higher binned and overall better overclockable card than the FTW, and it's the same price, but I just...
  11. rad-we

    Video, CPU and CPU cooler choice to get lowest noise

    Dear all, I need a faster Mac and I decided to try an hackintosh for curiosity and for wider choice of configurations. I have experience in building computers and configuring them, so I think I can take the risk. My typical usage is focused on graphics and general usage, I don't play games...
  12. poornaonline

    Overclocks and Sound

    Guys, I managed to install OS X Mavericks correctly on my system. Thanks all the people for helping me that :), anyway now I've several problems. 1. My sound is not working, I tried to install drivers from multibeast several times, but it's not working (Asus p8z77 V onboard sound) 2. My Wi-Fi...
  13. thienzsch

    First Hackintosh Build --- Budget 700-900€

    Hi Guys, Because my iMac 20" 2007 is slowly dying on me, both in therms of Power and Reliability I want to build a Hackintosh as my future Desktop-PC. I installed Mac OSX on a Pc before, but it was pre built. I do have some experience when it comes to building a PC, but that is long ago. Now...
  14. Wiebassen

    Will this setup be compatible with my Mac OS?

    I was just wondering if there are some obvious complications waiting for me if I were to try and install my copy of Mac OS on this build: Intel i7 4770K cpu Asus z87 Deluxe Motherboard 16gb Corsair 1600mHz ram Gigabyte geForce GTX 780 Ti Windforce OC Corsair cx750m And some extra fans and...
  15. megabikerjoe

    Overclocking doesn't work

    I overclocked my 3570k to 4.2ghz via the BIOS but when I run a geekbench in mavericks I get worse performance. How to avoid that?
  16. appletwo

    [SUCCESS] Appletwo's Build: GA-X79S-UP5-WiFi LGA 2011 | Intel i7-3930K | GTX 760 |

    Appletwo's Content Creator Build: GA-X79S-UP5-WiFi Socket LGA 2011 | Intel i7-3930K Sandy Bridge | GeForce GTX 760 Superclocked | Dynamic Overclock 4.5/4.7 ghz | Geekbench: 21613 I was designing my audio workstation for a while, I have just built a perfect-fit tonymac-ish hardware high specs...
  17. appletwo

    problems overclocking i7 3930k on Gigabyte X79S UP5 mob (BIOS F4)

    Hi everybody. I was designing my audio workstation for a while, and finally I have just built a high-specs hackintosh following the hardware info here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/398-building-customac-buyer-s-guide-november-2013.html#socket_2011 Here's the specs of my build: -i7 3930k 3,2 ghz...
  18. mchamplain

    Advice on osx/windows system with SLI + triple monitor

    Advice needed on CustoMac Pro on steroids Hi, I've been reading the forum for a few weeks and looking to build a new computer. The buyer's guide say that it's now possible to use multiple NVIDIA cards in tandem, but has anyone had success with this? Don't need to support SLI in OSX but I don't...
  19. sctd32

    z87x-D3H OC + Mavericks i4670K @ 4.1 Ghz

    Hackintosh success story! Thanks for the guides, tools and threads. All were very helpful in this vanilla build. The specs: intel i5 haswell 4670k 3.4ghz (OC to 4.1ghz) gigabyte GA-z87x-d3H crucial M4 SSD fusion drived with a WD Green 1TB 5400 RPM drive 8GB of Crucial ballistic pc12800 @...
  20. gbkbrant

    Z87X-UD3H + 4770K Overclock Help

    Hey Everyone, I am having some trouble overclocking my system. I'm new to overclocking so any help is appreciated. When i change the easytune settings to anything other than auto in the bios of the ud3h and reboot my system to OSX I get an error before booting that says Memory Allocation...