Fans at max rpm

    Hey I recently installed vanilla hackintosh catalina using opencore 0.5.8. Since the installation my fans are at max rpm. Is there any way to control fans using ssdt? I've attached my efi and dsdt
  2. pandacode

    Lenovo Ideapad 530S

    Hello everyone! I have got a Lenovo Ideapad 530S and would like to install Mac OS Catalina on it. Processor: Intel Core i7-8550U 1.80 GHz (Kaby Lake-R, 8 core) Motherboard: Lenovo Ideapad 530S (Intel Sunrise Point-LP, Intel Kaby Lake-R) Graphic card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 (1 GB) SSD...
  3. MacDaddy123

    HP EliteBook 2560P Display Mirroring To/From AppleTV on Mojave 10.14.6

    Caveat lector: Non-metal graphics cards are not supported above macOS 10.13.x, and the following is representative of only my experience. That said, I have an HP EliteBook 2560P, with Intel HD 3000 graphics. All, AFAICT, is working flawlessly. The display panel is ostensibly limited to a...
  4. Victorlee

    My laptop just show this and stuck

    My envy 17t i7-5500 GTX950M When boot into Catalina.It just stuck and show these words. Could someone help?
  5. grom34

    Is my laptop compatibility with macos

    My laptop: monster huma h5 v1.1 CPU: intel i7 9750H Ram: 16GB GPU: nvidia GTX 1650 Can i use hackintosh on this laptop? Which version?
  6. gauravjat

    BCM96322HMBL Not Working (Unable to Turn WiFi On In System Pref.)

    Hey i have installed Mojave 10.14.1 and my Broadcom BCM94322HMBL WiFi Card is not woking on it.. It does shows WiFi in System Preferences but i cant make it turn on i have installed IO8211Family.kext in Clover/kext/10.14 (all the images are attached)

    Which version of MAC support for my laptop MSI GL63 8RC

    Hello Sir, Have A Nice Day! I have an MSI Laptop whose model no is MSI GL63 8RC ------------------------------------------------------- | System Information | ------------------------------------------------------- Product Name : MSI GL63 8RC. Brand...
  8. RizkiAA

    << Solved >> HELP...... only 1 USB 2.0 Port is working

    Hello everybody......:) Here are my specs : - Laptop, ASUS K46CM, UEFI - Intel Core i7-3517U + HD 4000 - Nvidia GT635M (Disabled through SSDT Patch) - 8(2x4) GB DDR3 Memory My laptop seems working fine with the MacOS Mojave 10.14.6, except....... one of my physical USB 2.0 port is not...
  9. Sniki

    [Guide] Lenovo ThinkPad T440S [OpenCore 0.6.7]

    Lenovo ThinkPad T440S using OpenCore (0.6.7) . The up to date EFI and the more detailed usage explanation can be found at: Warning ! RESET NVRAM: please do not use this option, there is an issue from Lenovo's side on the 2-3 recent versions of...
  10. ronsy5400


    Hello, and sorry in advance if anything in this post is common knowledge but I've dug through the forums for a least 2 days now and I cannot find anyone else with a similar problem or a solution. Keep in mind I am a complete NOOB at this. So, starting off, I was able to successfully install...
  11. Murimoney10

    [GUIDE] Dell XPS 13 9350 Catalina

    What is working? Wifi Bluetooth Audio Trackpad USB-C (hot-plug works but give it 2 seconds to plug back in after unplug and it breaks sleep if you keep it plugged in while entering sleep) Sleep (This took me weeks to figure out and test, as sleep is a menace on Catalina with Kernel panics)...
  12. Bztruster

    OpenCore USB Installer Error

    Hello Everybody, I configured all following the vanilla-laptop-guide for skylake i5 (according to my laptop) specs: Fujitsu LifeBook E756 i5-6300U (2.40Ghz) 16GB DDR4 1TB Samsung Evo 860 (SSD) Before came here I tried a lot of things according to some errors, but anything works...
  13. Victorlee

    Why can’t Touch ID work on hackintosh?

    As everybody know intel’s WiFi card kext just be developed these days. But why can’t Touch ID work? I hope some experts of hackintosh can develop it. Or can tell me why CAN’T? Thanks a lot
  14. surfnode

    HP EliteBook 810 G2 Install stuck on Apple Logo

    Hello, I've been trying to get Catalina installed on my HP EliteBook 810 G2 however after launching the install Mac OS Catalina option from CLOVER, the Apple logo gets stuck on screen. Specs: Processor: Intel Core i5-4300U Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400 Mainboard: Intel Lynx Point-LP...
  15. thomasjonelove

    Acpi Error

    Hi, I try to install Mac OS Mojave’s on a laptop. It works I install multibeast driver, but when i reboot it not works. Someone can help me. I’ve already install Catalina on my desktop computer and it works. But this no how can I resolve this ?
  16. LightGolgot

    << Solved >> Stuck at unknown panic error

    Hello, I created a bootable USB key, with the classic Clover installation, to create a dual boot (Windows/mojave) on my Acer E5-575g-543v. I first launched it only with the -v option, but I had to add the "no_compat_check" option. To make the debug easier, I added those options, in the menu...
  17. paja357

    Asus X555LB

    I have Asus X55LB with: I7 5500u Intel HD 5500 Nvidia 940M 8GB DDR3 SSD 254 1 TB Can i install mac os i am new on this forum? Thanks everybody on replay.
  18. zLeqitEclipse

    Hackintosh Catalina on the HP Omen 15-ax204ng

    Hi all, after i finished my first Hackintosh, i want to do it on my laptop. I had an EFI where i was able to boot, but it was trash because the ACPI didnt work (No Battery, wifi etc.) Then i downloaded some EFI Folders out of the Internet but in most cases it failed at "still waiting for root...
  19. harrykelly32

    Laptop stuck at plus signs

    I recently created a bootable USB with Catalina and got the OS running OK on my desktop, I want to install it on a laptop that I have for portability purposes, all the specs say it should run fine. Got the usb to boot into clover and keep trying different flags and such but it always stops at...
  20. ayrtonfarias9989

    Hp 1000 compatible?

    First of all, sorry about my english, i'm from brazil. I'm new here and i don't know which version is compatible with my laptop, and even if it's possible install osx on it. the hardware was saved on this html file: i really...