1. Agume

    Acer Spin 3 Several issues

    Hello, I've been trying to install hackintosh in my Acer Spin 3, my internal wifi card is not recognized (it's an atheros NFA435), I can't output sound and my keyboard and mousepad doesn't work. Almost forgot to mention that it shows that is using only 7mb of vram (I have an i3 7100u with...
  2. bonilla

    Need advice to make a choice between 2 laptops for Mojave

    Hello, I have read many post on this forum and I need an advice to choose between 2 models for Mojave. My use will be mainly to dev with Xcode (last version). First model : Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga i7-6600U/16Go/512Go SSD Second model : Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15.6'' Win10 Intel Core I7-8550U...
  3. Zia765


    I have Asus K556U i5 6200U and I am not able to make a hackintosh Please help me need Efi Folder I am not able to understand this method
  4. ddbz

    << Solved >> [Help diagnose problem] App crashs-ROG Laptop G502VM

    Hi there, I've posted a message seeking help on the thread of the guide below, but not getting any, hopefully more luck creating a new one. I just did a clean install of High Sierra on my ROG laptop G502VM with i7-7700HQ (Kabylake Intel HD Graphics 630) with GTX1060 6GB, basically using this...
  5. jc123

    HDD overheating with fakeSCM and utils installed

    Whats up hackintoshers! This is about my 6 or 7th try on getting my MSI gs63VR 7rf (specs - to run Mac OS Mojave smoothly. I'm SUPER close it feels like now. I've got wifi, ethernet, i7 7700k running smoothly, intel graphics...
  6. hass9987

    HP Gaming Laptop 15-cx0598na

    Im pretty new to this and want to install macos on my laptop (Dual boot with Windows 10?) but could never do it. MY HP Gaming Pavilion 15-cx0598na SPECS ARE - CPU - Intel Core i5 8300H Coffee Lake Motherboard - HP 8478 Ram - 8GB Graphics - NVIDIA GeFore GTX 1050 Ti + Intel UHD Graphics 630
  7. NightinBlade

    Laptop support with RTX cards

    I just got a new laptop, the MSI gs65, for university and there is this one class were i need to use mac for a program and I know there aren't support for RTX cards, but I was wondering can i just use mac with my Intel GPU and disable the RTX one. Also which version of MacOS would you recommend...
  8. Looseno

    Battery problem on HP Elitebook 810 G3

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and i have my HP Elitebook Revolve 810 G3 who is now on Mojave 10.14.3. A friend of mine who is familiar with hackintoshing helped me all long. He succeeded to make everything right from audio to luminosity and tactile etc... But I still have a problem, the battery is...
  9. lucaslinux

    Elitebook 840 G5 and DW1560 (wifi+BT card)

    Hello. Well, This week I bought a HP Elitebook 840 G5 (i5 8350u, 8gb RAM DDR4, Graphics UHD 620, and 512GB SSD NVMe). I'm looking for help about wifi+BT NGFF M.2 card... I am trying to buy a DW1560 card, as mentioned by Elitebook/Probook guide, but the vendor is saying that this card won't work...
  10. MojoGamerz

    << Solved >> No entry / prohibited symbol half way through boot - High Sierra

    Hi, So my USB installer works perfectly fine (created with UniBeast). I can also launch the installed OS X via the USB. I have re-installed 3 to 4 times now. My first approach I followed the guide using multibeast and tried rebooting, no luck, no entry symbol. Second, I installed Clover, no...
  11. clayracing

    Dell Inspiron 13 5368 Audio Issues

    I have tried every method of trying to get the audio to work on this laptop. I cannot seem to get it to work so I am writing this post. I've tried applealc and lilu, codec commander, and more and have no luck. Thanks, Clayton
  12. andresnp

    Brightness Keys and Battery on HP Pavilion Power 15

    Hello everybody, after a lot of try and errors I succeed to install Hackintosh Mojave in my laptop. I have everything working except the brightness controls, the battery level, and the power management. If anyone can help me, please do it. Also, if you know something or have a similar laptop...
  13. philberlin

    Lenovo T480S - TB3 eGPU (AMD RX580) detection

    Hi Folks, following scenario: My hardware is as follows: T480s + HP Omen Accelerator (AMD RX580) I already tried different patches (THBT.aml from T480S repo and TB3.aml from this thread.) without TB-3 or THBT.aml injected, the eGPU is detected when connected before boot, spins up and works...
  14. Dadouw

    LENOVO SkyLake Ideapad 710 S

    Hello dear, I finished my installation maybe 2 weeks ago on my laptop with Mojave but I don't find the way to have trackpad with gesture working. I only have right and left click, no scrolling, no two or three fingers gestures and trackpad isn't recognized. What's working : Sound AppleHDA...

    ASUS S551LB Laptop DSDT Patch

    Hello there. I tried patching DSDT for my laptop but i get compile errors. Sadly im new to DSDT patching so can anyone help me? Best Regards
  16. ipiPObreve

    HELP with brightness, hdmi and battery

    Hi I'm new at this world of hackintoshing, but I successfully installed latest version of mojave on my LG Gram 15z970, but I don't know what is wrong with my clover folder that I can't have none of these working, I already follow the guides to battery and brightness of Rehab but with no...
  17. sdsarmad

    T480 Ram upgrade issue with restart on apple logo

    Hi, I am new here. I have successfully installed on my T480 with following specs: Processor : Intel Core i7-8650U Processor (8MB Cache, up to 4.20 GHz) Operating System : Windows 10 pro 64, Display : 14.0" WQHD Memory : 32GB(16+16) DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM Graphic : Intel UHD Graphics 620 & NVIDIA...
  18. robo731

    Installing macOS alongside existing Windows 10 and Linux Installations

    My current system has Windows 10, Manjaro, and Arch all installed on the same drive. I want to install macOS alongside these other OSs and ideally chainload into clover from Grub to boot macOS, though I would also be okay with using clover instead if it would be significantly easier to do so...
  19. witampanstwa

    Touchpad works perfectly or not at all (ELAN)

    Hello, I've successfully installed Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu and macOS Mojave on my laptop's 1TB HDD. The problem: I can normally use my touchpad in macOS. Then I shut down the machine, turn it on, boot Windows 10, and everything works perfect—just until I turn it off again, and boot to...