1. Mr.Veink

    Fujitsu Lifebook AH531

    Hi, I have a Lifebook and I'd want to get Mac OS running on it. The CPU is a Intel Pentium B940, integrated graphics and 8GB of DDR3 SO-DIMM (not sure about the clock speed). Is any version of MacOS compatible? Thanks for everyone's time and hope this is the correct place to ask for help.
  2. jenulds

    BigSur Graphics Acceleration working but HDMI is not.

    Hey so I installed BigSur on my ASUS Laptop (i5 10210U Comet Lake) and I do get graphics acceleration but the HDMI is not working at all. It has an Nvidia eGPU which I disabled of course. I can also confirm that the HDMI is connected directly to the iGPU (UHD 620). Could something else be the...

    OpenCore 0.6.6: HDMI not working for UHD 630

    Hi guys, so I'm using my mackintosh as a daily driver. There are absolutely no issues except one single problem. My HDMI is not working in maOS (It's working fine in Windows though). HP Pavilion 15 Gaming My CPU is Intel i7-9750H, UHD 630 Nvidia GTX 1650 (Disabled) I have attached config.plist...
  4. varunbiday

    Can't Reach Installer on AVITA Liber v14 Using OpenCore (stuck on HID: Legacy shim 2)

    I am trying to install macOS Big Sur on AVITA Liber v14 Specs: CPU: i5 10210u GPU: HD620 Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD USB: 2 USB 3.0 ports I followed the Dortania guide for OpenCore, which I have already successfully followed once for my Hackintosh PC. I have patched the DSDT, made my config.plist...
  5. equals

    iBook G3 Dual USB

    Hi, My name is Arthur, and I've just started working on an iBook G3 Dual USB mod. I recently got my hands on some decommissioned iBooks from some school. There were two fully working iBook G3 Dual USB units, one iBook G4 with some minor issues and one dead and destroyed iBook G3 Dual USB in...
  6. patana93

    Big sur doesn't update to 11.2 and not update apps

    Hello. I've successfully update my Asus VivoBook S15 from Catalina to Big Sur. I'm using Clover (in this moment v. 5129). The recovery partition was gone but I've mounted EFI partition with Clover and now it is reappeared. The issue that I have is that there is an update (11.2) but I always get...
  7. athulda

    << Solved >> DELL 5523 Mac OS in Catalina

    Hi All, I'm getting boot looped into an error while installation process of mac os catalina (latest) Mac installer reboots with the generic error message "your computer restarted because of a problem..". I'm following this bootloader as the base configuration and tweaked with respect to my...
  8. H94

    [Success] Big Sur 11.1 on HP Pavilion 14 bf-100 (OpenCore 0.6.5)

    My Opencore EFI: What doesn't work: - FaceTime and iMessages not tested - Bluetooth on Dell DW1820A ("No Information Found" in System Information) What works : - Everything else - Including Airdrop with USB Bluetooth dongle Any help...
  9. ViolinKey


    Hi guys, my Asus Hackintosh laptop has grown old and it's not able to do its job as it was used to. The USB ports are gone, the wifi is gone, the battery is gone, the fan isn't working anymore, and since is from 2015 I think changing it would be a good idea. I'm looking for a high spec...
  10. Andredx

    Help me for make hackintosh notebook

    Hi guys, I need your help to create a hackintosh if it can be done, and I would like to know if my hardware is supported and with which version Thanks. My laptop Olivetti olibook p75 (clevo w650) hardware: CPU: I7 3610QM GPU: Nvidia Gtx 635M 1gb Ram: 4GB DDR3
  11. SorrowEater

    Attempting system reboot... MACH Reboot

    I'm on a laptop... Specs: CPU: i3-7100U RAM: 8GB DDR4 HDD: 1TB 5400 rpm Screen: 15.6" Touchscreen (1366 x 768) WiFi: Intel 802.11b/g/n/ac GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 Laptop Model: HP 15-bs091ms I don't know how much of that's important. This is my first Hackintosh build, so bear with my...
  12. jfut4321

    My budget for high-end media production laptop that can be hackintosh'ed

    Hi. I have in the region of 2500 dollars to spend on a laptop that is able to be hackintoshed. I travel alot for work reasons and so I need to make my video editing, visual effects and music production mobile. On the PC side of it, I need the laptop to be able to do serious video 4K editing...
  13. Vries

    OC 6.4, BigSur install flashed firmware which disabled my battery

    I have my config.plist set to MacBook 8,1 as that's what's recommended for Broadwell and during BigSur install it flashed firmware for said MacBook which can be found in APPLE's EFI folder and is attached below. Now the laptop can only be used on AC, when disconnected it instantly powers off...
  14. jbhul

    Dell XPS 13 9365 CFG Lock

    Hello Y'all, I am trying to install Big Sur on a Dell XPS 13 9365 and am running into an issue setting the CFG Lock. I've followed the dortania guide for the install (and this guide loosely). I am able to get to the installer just fine. I am following the dreamwhite guide (I have attached the...
  15. PacMan

    [Full Guide] Dell Inspiron 15 7548 UHD - Big Sur - OpenCore

    Hardware Specifications General Vendor: Dell Model: Inspiron 15 7548 Processor: Intel Core i7-5500U (2 @ 2.4GHz) (15W) (Broadwell-U) Display: 15,6" 4K Truelife Touchscreen panel (3480x2160 @60/48Hz) Hard Drive: 256GB SSD Liteon (SATA AHCI) (LCH-256V2S-11 2.5 7mm) Memory: 16GB DDR3 (1600MHz)...
  16. Vries

    [SOLVED] Can't make OpenCore work while hybrid Clover with OC runtime works fine

    It gets stuck as presented below: I'm attaching both clover's and opencore's EFI's, they're pretty minimal, maybe it'll help someone figure it out. I'm out of ideas for now
  17. graziosov

    Black screen after boot from usb drive clover legacy

    Hi, I am trying to install El Capitan on a Fujitsu AH 532. I have followed at my best the guide at I am struggling with a black screen after the boot from a usb drive prepared following method 1...
  18. lalithkota

    Bluetooth (BrcmPatchRAM) Problems - BCM43142A0 - Stuck in "MINIDRIVER complete" state - OC-0.6.4 Big Sur-11.1

    So I am having problems with bluetooth on my hack. (Everything else working fine.) (Dual booted with linux.) I am using BrcmPatchRAM (acidanthera v 2.5.5). And any help is much appreciated. Update: OK. lol. I just disabled BrcmPatchRAM3 and BrcmFirmwareStore (only enabled BrcmBluetoothInjector)...
  19. PadfootBlack

    Acer Aspire 5 A1515-52G-544T Touchpad not working

    Hello, I installed Catalina, but I have problem with my laptop trackpad. Keyboard is working fine but trackpad is not working at all. I tried to patch it by myself, but I really don't know how to do it. Trackpad is ELAN504. My specs: Keyboard: Standard PS/2 Keyboard Trackpad: HID - compliant...
  20. RohitKarthik

    Having Problems with an Ice Lake laptop

    Hello, I tried to install macOS on my Ice Lake laptop (mentioned in my hardware profile) using the Dortania install guide (Link to the Ice Lake plist configuration from Dortania), but I keep getting this kernel panic whenever I try to do so: I'm attaching my OC folder as well, to see if I am...