1. Layy

    Will my new laptop compatible with MacOs

    Hello all ! I've recently bought a new laptop. It is an Acer Swift 3 SF314-57-76KV. Will all the features of this laptop be compatible for a OSX install? And will they all work? (WiFi, Bluetooth, Fingerprint Scanner, Graphics card) I let you a table bellow containing all principal components...
  2. mister7000


    Hello everyone.. trying to get some help here. Usually when something brakes on the hackingtosh i am able to identify whats broken by the kernel panic error. This time around i Cant really see whats going on. I finally got around to updating my e6420 running Sierra to the 005 security update...
  3. georgeanton

    ASUS VivoBook F510UA on Mac OS Mojave

    Laptop: Asus Vivobook F510UA CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U Graphic: Intel UHD 620 Wifi: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 (no kexts for intel wifi) :( Card Reader: Realtek_CardReader(RTL8411B_RTS5226_RTS5227) Camera: ASUS UVC HD 7.Audio: Conexant Audio CX8050 Touchpad: ELAN1300...
  4. cpl_jimmy

    Lenovo 330S i3 Panic on Clover booting to Install drive

    I bought the Lenovo 330S due to the need for a portable build and the many people who have recommended this model. And while certain youtube videos even gave links to the i3 model... I suspect they all actually used the i5 model. That said. I have the Lenovo 330S-15 i3-8130 4GB soldered RAM +...
  5. zMrMark

    Hackintosh Laptop HP Omen 15-ax208nl

    Can I do Hackintosh on this laptop? Specs: EFI of a similar PC:
  6. hassanswe

    Intel HD 4400 Mojave scrambled screen

    Hello i have sony vaio duo 13 SVD13215PXB i have successfully installed mac os mojave 10.14.6 on it and patched dsdt And used device id = 0x04128086 ig-platform = 0x0a260006. But i get Scrambled screen however hdmi working well..... I think the problem is with firmware because this laptop only...
  7. Pokemonguy

    Help with Asus - i3 7020u 620hd mojave

    I have been attempting for quite some time now to make this work, and now believe it's time to ask for assistance before i lose my mind. Various configurations allows me to boot into a slightly glitched installer. The 3-4 times I've been able to install the OS it has been super glitchy and...
  8. hottikop

    Asus Vivobook Pro 17 N705UDR - How to install

    Hello, A few months ago I decided to install MacOS on my laptop. Not only High Sierra, but some kind of versions which will work. And all my attempts pushed against installation process. It just always stopped So can you tell me completely about installation, may be it's just impossible with my...
  9. Victorlee

    Can this way works on dual gpu laptops?

    According to Rehabman,macOS cannot run on dual-GPU laptop.So we have to disabled dedicated GPU via BIOS to boot into macOS.But if we disabled UHD620/630 by modifying scrips and put kext into bootable disk.Then we can boot macOS in single GPU.Take HP Spectre X360 for example,it has UHD620 ang...
  10. unanimous

    Keep getting stuck on this when trying to install

    CPU: i7-9750H 6 Core Graphics: UHD 630 | Nvidia RTX 2070 Motherboard: Intel Corporation LAPQC71B K54900-303 Hi, I was able to get it to load completely very very slowly when trying to install the first time but it seemed to have gotten stuck there so I turned it off and ran it again this time...
  11. LoonyMan

    Wi-Fi adapter stopped working after update 10.14 -> 10.15

    Hello everyone, I have an ASUS USB-N13 WiFi adapter based on the rtl8192cu chipset. Before the update at 10.15, everything worked as it should, but after the update the program from the official Asus website stopped working. I found a driver on GitHub (link) that was supposed to help me, since...
  12. aurphillus

    Laptop Compatibility with Any Mac OS

    Good Day, I have a Acer laptop with following Specs: Model: Acer Aspire One Z1402 Laptop CPU: Intel Pentium 3556U @ 2x 1.7Ghz GPU: Mesa DRI Intel Haswell Mobile RAM: 4gb I...
  13. userjc

    Solved > ALC233 problem!!!

    2020.2.4 my computer install Mojave hackintosh (X555LD), I trying to solve my audio problem, but I can't. I had try to use appleALC, and I have no idea! So can SB help me? THX!!
  14. Tup0lev

    [Success] Razer Blade 15 2018 macOS 10.14.6

    Hardware: Razer Blade 15 2018 Intel Core i7 8750H Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 max-Q 32GB RAM Samsung 970 EVO Pro What works: Intel GFX (shows 1530MB) Brightness control Bluetooth (stock Intel wifi card has bluetooth working but not wifi) What doesn't work: Nvidia GFX Wi-Fi (waiting for new wifi...
  15. appletechgeek

    [GUIDE] Dell latitude e6540

    hello again. a second guide for this lovely laptop. to get mojave running on this machine. it is pretty easy. this install is 100% vanilla. and since everyone's definition of "vanilla" is different. this install does only require the bootloader to boot and install and work. this guide may or...
  16. 580baby

    Error Installing Catalina

    So I am very new to this world, but I have been trying to install Catalina on my Acer A715. There has been many errors that I have googled my way through, some harder than others, but this one has stumped me. I have tried googling many strings from the verbose output (as has solved other...
  17. aruchiru2

    Asus vivobook x512fa ej550t not booting to installer

    Hello, I have been trying to install MacOS Mojave on an Asus vivobook x512fa ej550t and I am not able to get to the installer. I have used the vanilla method of getting MacOS onto the usb installer. When I put the -v boot flag the code stops at "VoodooPS2Mouse:Version 1.9.2 starting on OS X...
  18. professoramx

    Seeking help with Thunderbolt/Audio issues - Lenovo ThinkPad P53 15.6" 4K OLED - Coffee Lake i7-9750H - Intel UHD 630

    Hey guys, I have a ThinkPad P53 that is able to dual boot and I am seeking some help to get my current SSDT/hotpatch tweaked so my internal speakers and Thunderbolt are functional. As of this post I am successfully dual booting Windows 10 and macOS 10.15.2 (running on separate NVMe drives). I...
  19. jdenson

    Sleep taking over 60 seconds and wake to black screen(Clevo - N871EP6)

    Hey all, Just wondering if someone could help me out with this issue. I've been working over the past week to get this laptop to play well and I've had mixed success. System Specifications: macOS Catalina Intel Core i7 - 8750H 16GB RAM Intel UHD 630 However, the system seems to have some odd...
  20. jzayas7

    HDMI restarts laptop after change the SMBIOS

    I have an HP pavilion x360 (i5 7100U, HD620 graphics) working everything but the Wifi-Bluetooth card (right now im using an external USB one). When I first installed, the SMBIOS was an iMac 27' I used the HDMI port and worked, but had problems with trackpad, brightness control and lid behavior...