1. djlucas456

    Black screen for 3 minutes (UHD630)

    Hi I want advice on the black screen that when booting. after three minutes the picture jumps up and the system goes perfectly. I found out when I turn off the laptop it doesn't do that. dale i have problem with usb if i wake up laptop from sleep so flash drive works but dongle usb to...
  2. johnyg07

    Hp Spectre - Do I need USBInjectAll and/or port limit patch if laptop only has 3 USB ports and 1 of them is thunderbolt

    Do I need USBInjectAll and/or port limit patch if laptop only has 3 external USB ports (1 USB type A, 2 USB type C) and 1 of them is thunderbolt. 2 internal ports are used by webcam and wifi. 3 external ports means 6 total ports (usb2/3). Currently I don't have either USBInjectAll or any port...
  3. e12350

    [GUIDE] MSI GS65 8SE Stealth Thin - Catalina 10.15

    MSI GS65 8SE Hackintosh Guide Hi! This is a guide on how to install macOS on your MSI GS65. I will specifically show how to install on an MSI with Coffeelake series chipset, eg. 8750H, but if any other MSI owners have issues with their hack feel free to create an issue for any help. This guide...
  4. jotapikie

    Is my ASUS compatible?

    Hi. Im going to buy this Asus laptop and Im very interested in Hackintosh it! Here is the model: Can I install it on this pc? If yes, where can I get the correct kexts?
  5. AxelDreemurr

    I2C ELAN1200 Precision Touchpad issue with VoodooI2C on Mojave

    Hi everyone, I got Mojave working almost perfectly fine on my ASUS Laptop (the FX504GD) from this guide: I have the same EFI folder as the one there, same kexts installed on Library/Extensions except for the problematic...
  6. Toni2050

    Setting Up Triple Boot Hackintosh!

    Hello good people, I'm new in the field of Hackintosh. And I would like to setup a triple boot laptop for learning and coding purposes. I mean, I would like to run Windows, Kali and macOS Catalina in a single laptop. As I'm not aware of the problems that can arise or how to do this setup and...
  7. Victorlee

    Can someone Help me to choose

    I’m going to buy new laptop Here are some choices: 1.Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Tablet Intel Core i5-2520M 2.Hp touchsmart 810 Intel Core i5-5500 3.Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 Intel Core i5-2520M 4.Hp elite x2 1012 Intel Core M5-6Y54 I need touchscreen So can someone give me some...
  8. MimiBoatino

    Stuck at “ please switch to xpc or bootstrap_check_in()”

    Hello, It’s my first time doing a hackintosh build. I’ve a Lenovo ideapad 110 151sk and I’m trying to install Mojave 10.14 on it through a vanilla installation using CLOVER. I made the bootable USB using 2014 MacBook Pro running Mojave. Downloaded the kexts using clover configurator ...
  9. Iraija

    Screen stuck on "scan entries" (Asus TUF Gaming Laptop)

    I've been trying to install MacOS Mojave on my Asus TUF FX505GM Gaming laptop using the installation guide on this site. I've tried several solutions to my problem, but for some reason, while booting Clover, the screen stays stuck on "scan entries". I wasn't able to find the components while...
  10. dmarin

    Dell laptop compatibility 3537

    Hello my friends! Can i install any version of mac os x on the following laptop? DELL Inspiron 3537-4172 Intel core i7 4500U 1.80Ghz motherboard Dell Inc. 0PHTY0 (U3E1) storage WDC WD10JPVX-75JC3T0 (SATA) 1TB Thank you very much!
  11. ThatCopy

    [GUIDE] ASUS X555L

    My config: Intel i3xxxU (dont remember) Intel HD 5500 Nvidia Geforce 930M 1x 120GB SSD Windows Boot 1x (DVD>>normal stata) 1TB HDD Mac OS X Qualcom Areos AR9285 What works: Battery life indicator Intel HD 5500 Sound Jack Keyboard Touchpad WiFi & Bluetooth(its a bit buggy but works) Webcam...
  12. ThatCopy

    Solved > HELP! SSDT Patching on an Asus X555L

    I am trying to disable the dGPU on my Asus X555L (Geforce 930M) and I ran into a issue with SSDT-10 (there is the Method (_OFF, 0, Serialized) // _OFF: Power Off) When I click "Compile" it gives me these errors even when i didnt make any changes I attached the files bellow. In the SSDT-9 there...
  13. Qola

    End randomseed

    Hi! I’m installing Mojave 10.14.6 on a Lenovo x240 Thinkpad: i5-4200U 1.60Ghz 4GB DDR3 HD4400 500GB Samsung HDD Tried every memfix combinations available and memory mapping but it always ends up like this.
  14. ananthujp

    Keyboard not working

    Laptop : Asus ROG FX553vd What is working : Display and graphics with brightness control (Whatevergreen + lilu) Audio (AppleALC) Touchpad (voodooi2c + patched DSDT) Working Battery Status (ACPI Battery Manager) Not working: Keyboard I tried voodoops2controller [Rehabman]. Tried installing in...
  15. Ressan

    [help] Asus UX333FA laptop boot screen freeze

    greetings all, I managed to install mojave on this asus laptop UX333FA specs below Intel Core i7-8565u Quad Core Processor (Up to 4.6GHz) 16GB RAM Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 but when I restarted I always get stuck at apple screen loading and the mouse appears but nothing else appears after that...
  16. 23andybass

    Dell 7559 audio jack not working Mojave

    I've been hitting my head around this problem. I don't get the audio working for this computer. Every time I connect a headphone a get a static sound for a couple of seconds and then nothing else. I've updated AppleALC.kext and Lilu.kext I repatch DSDT.aml and doble check that the layout id is...
  17. blueshell2000

    Installing Mojave on a HP laptop with i3-7020u

    Is anyone able to give me a guide or some help on how to get Mojave fully working on my laptop. I know it's possible with my hardware minus the Wi-Fi. I just don't know exactly how to get it all up and running. Would be much appreciated. Specs: HP 15-da0511sa Notebook Intel Core i3-7020u Intel...
  18. NathanielSorochan

    Acidanthera's VoodooPS2: Not Working Correctly

    Hi! I am currently trying out Acidanthera's VoodooPS2 which includes support for Magic Trackpad 2 emulation on a standard PS/2 trackpad. I am mainly trying this out because the new features seem very appealing, such as Force Touch emulation, three finger tap, rotation etc. When I installed it on...
  19. NathanielSorochan

    Erratic Trackpad when USB Mouse Connected

    I successfully installed macOS Catalina on another volume on my EliteBook 8470p alongside my existing Mojave installation. So far, after a few tweaks to the kexts installed by the Clover Hotpatch Guide for ProBooks and EliteBooks by RehabMan (updated Lilu, AirportBrcmFixup, Bluetooth kexts etc...
  20. worldie

    Notebook with Pentium silver N5000

    Hello, I got a new laptop recently and wanted to know if it's compatible with MacOS. It's the TREKSTOR PRIMEBOOK U13B-PO. It has a intel Pentium 5000 with 605 graphics, 4gb ddr3 RAM and 64gb of internal storage (expandable with an m.2ssd). Thank's for your help!