1. devandriev

    (AR5B93/9283) Bluetooth fix?

    Hello. I am using macOS Big Sur and I have successfully set up WiFi with my card, but the fix only touches WiFi. Now I really want to set up Bluetooth for AirDrop. I know that the card works with High Sierra as I am using HS80211IOFamily.kext with AirPortAtheros40.kext, but I still have yet to...
  2. rbmanian75

    13900K and CpuTopologyRebuild kext

    I tried adding CpuToplogyRebuild kext and found the performance difference with GeekBench score Here is my geekbench score with CpuTopologyRebuild kext Without CpuTopologyRebuild kext Please share your experience with CpuTopologyRebuild.kext like what score your getting and whether the...
  3. brendon

    I'm in trouble with realtek rtl8139 kext on Catalina. Help me, please.

    I installed Catalina but the ethernet kext is not working. I did a fast search of this kext and i couldn't find it for Catalina, please help me.
  4. mahyar

    Drivers not working

    I am newbie in hackintosh and I updated OC to latest version and also tried to update kexts and then I updated Catalina to Monterey. it boots now but it seems the kexts didn't updated well because none of my drivers work. It is a bad situation because I can't download new kext or use usb. so I...
  5. zeanix

    NVMEfix kext

    Hi, im a bit confused about the NVMEfix kext. I moved my installation to a NVME disk, but im a bit confused about if i need NVMEfix.kext. The system works just fine, but as i understand the kext has something to do with the power management of the disk. Will it cause issues or consumer too...
  6. wallytooters

    AMD & B550 woes

    Hello, I'm able to boot from UEFI USB then Press 2 to install MacOS Base Extended - but running into the following error(s). Would appreciate any advice! Here's the dirty on my OC 0.7.2 KEXTS: VirtualSMC 1.2.7 Lilu 1.5.6 WhateverGreen 1.5.3 AppleALC 1.6.4 RealtekRTL8111 2.4.2...
  7. UPM

    << Solved >> Gigabyte GA-Z77x-UP4 TH Back USB Kexts

    Hello, I have been using OS X 10.9 up until a few months ago when I upgraded my GPU from a GT430 to a GTX1060 (I wasn't using OS X for a while at the time of the upgrade so I didn't know better about the nVidia compatibility) and so I now had to go from Mavericks to the last High Sierra version...
  8. DigitizedMe

    Alienware m15 R3 2020 | macOS Catalina Keyboard Troubles

    I'm looking for any advice to get Catalina to detect the keyboard on an Alienware m15 R3 from 2020. After booting to macOS, the keyboard is completely unresponsive. This is the standard keyboard with 4 zone LED. Touchpad seems to work great with the Voodoo kexts. I'm including a screenshot of...
  9. Whitesirillus

    Intel HD 630 black screen High Sierra 10.13.6 (Lenovo V520s)

    Hi guys, I bought a Lenovo v520s today and I cannot get my igpu to work... Its driving me crazy... Specs i5 7400 Intel B250 chipset 4gb ram (16gb on the way) ssd nvme 256gb intel HD 630 After I update my system to 10.13.6 I aways get black screen (no signal) when I boot. What is going on ? My...
  10. PardoOfficial

    << Solved >> NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT 1GB on macOS Catalina

    Hi, I've succesfully installed macOS Catalina on my PC, but the problem is the graphic card (9500 GT), wich doesn't work proprelly because the "About this mac" windows shows "NVIDIA Chip Model 5MB". Can someone help me? I've read in a different discussion about a kext wich works with macOS High...
  11. isaacvict0r

    kext ethernet

    i need kext realtek ethernet 8411b
  12. dlo512

    Realtek to Intel LAN Motherboard - Update Kext/Reinstall?

    Hello, I'm new here and just built my first hackintosh. Got all the compatible parts and everything is running great BUT I didn't realize my motherboard doesn't support Thunderbolt 3 til it was too late. I am using my hackintosh for music composition and production and my audio interface is...
  13. Philipe-abner

    << Solved >> Network stop working after rebooting on Catalina

    Hi guys! I’ve just installed a fresh build of Catalina but it is 10.15.1. Initially I was getting no sound but my network was working great. After fixing my sound, I had issues with my network. After rebooting the system, the internet connection was gone. I decided to reinstalled the system...
  14. xoreminder

    Bluetooth Connection causes Kernel Panic / System crashes when device is paired

    Hi guys, been a while since I had to post, but I can't figure this one out, as it seems unprecedented to me after having searched the forum and internet for it. I'm on Mojave 10.14.6 and had trouble to get Bluetooth to work. It worked flawlessly while I was still on High Sierra. After...
  15. kozmonot02

    Asus K53SJ wifi kext ?

    Do you have Asus K53SJ wifi kext ?
  16. poslezavtra

    Horndis in the installer

    Hello! I am new at hackintosh, so, i need some Help. I have Not compatible WiFi Card, but i have Android Phone and want to use it. When i try to Install Catalina, it answers, that Internet required. I googled about kext horndis, but i didn't found, how to put it and force to work in the...
  17. Saboridobaulo

    Automate kext loading on every boot (CATALINA)

    Good morning, it's my first post, so sorry if I make a mistake ... I have managed to activate my WiFi AC 8265 card as indicated in this post: My question is if I can automate the kext...
  18. Piero2411

    << Solved >> Catalina work only with 0x12345678 platform id

    Hi i just installed catalina on my hackintosh and i have a problem with video drivers. MOBO: Z170XP-SLI CPU: Intel 6600K GPU: Intel HD 530 SSD: Samsung 97 Evo plus The video card integrated in the processor is an Intel HD 530 When I boot it gives me the error in the photo. The only way to...
  19. feather21

    Building a budget Hackintosh using any of the components from the 'Buyers Guide'

    I'm sorry for my question, but I am a noob. I've seen all the 'customac' buying guides, but there is something I do not understand. Does it mean that, if I buy components from the 'customac buying list', which states full-compatibility, I will never have any problems and will be able to not use...
  20. vincenzo929292

    Samsung Ativ 7 NP730U3E and Catalina 15.10

    Samsung Ativ NP730U3e I need a hand .... 1) For WiFi (Intel Centrino Advance n3265) bluetooth works but WiFi does not, I have seen that they have developed AppleIntelWiFi drivers but I don't think they work. So my solution is to buy an Atheros with WiFi and Bluetooth. Which model do you...