1. jwmann

    [8.0.1 El Capitan] Multibeast Kexts "Successfully Installed" yet kexts aren't actually installed?

    I'm trying to install the updated FakeSMC kexts and Network kexts. I open Multibeast and I select the appropriate kexts (FakeSMC, Realtek8111). I go to Build, Choose the correct drive, Select Install. The installation is 'successful'. However, when I go to /System/Extensions/Library to...
  2. nichetcher

    [solved] Partial success with Unibeast on a Dell Inspiron 7537...

    Can't get keyboard/trackpad working for the life of me. Put new kexts in to no avail. I'm in need of help! System is a Dell Inspriron 7537 i7 4500u 8gb 1TB hdd non-touch screen
  3. Sam1099

    Is my sony vaio SVE15123CNB Hackintosh Compatible?

    Hi guys i was thinking to hackintosh my old sony vaio and i was just wondering if it is actually possible to install mac os x (El Capitan??) on it.:roll2: Here are the specs: Processor: i3-3110M @ 2.4 Ghz(4 cpu) RAM : 2048 MB Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 4000(773 Mb) Wifi Adapter: Qualcomm...
  4. alexketchum

    Cannot get sound - ALC892

    Disregard this, I figured it out. I installed everything and then re-configured my setting again using multibeast and somehow it's working. I just installed El Capitan and got it working following this guild...
  5. killkrt

    [?] Help on understanding post-installation process

    [Solved] Help on understanding post-installation process Hi, Maybe it's me, but even if I read a lot of posts and guides on this forum, I didn't get how the post-installation works, or maybe I fell that I didn't get in the real essence. :oops: I'm using Multibeast v8.0.1 and I saw that there...
  6. Jacopopiazza

    Ethernet doesn't work - REALTEK 8111H

    hi, i've finish the installation of os 10.11.3 on my customac: -i7-6700k -ASUS z170-k -32Gb ram ddr4 -160ssd intel my ethernet card is an Realtek 8111H, i can't setup an internet connection with lan and i haven't got a wificard. i've tried to install the intelmausiethernet.kext and the...
  7. morada

    What's the latest Realtek ethernet driver everyone is using for 10.10.x ?

    I'm having this annoying DHCP problem here - I'm confident it's a driver/kext problem. The one im using is time-stamped Sept 2011 & I got it from the Clover 10.10 guide here -...
  8. Dylanawroberts

    Yosemite No Appstore Clover build

    Hey guys i have a hpxw6400 running OS X using clover as boot loader its running perfect everything works great apart from App Store and iMessage i can't access them as my ethernet isn't recognises and i don't have a separate ethernet card. any ideas?
  9. asheinfeld

    Cannot find any of my Kexts

    Hello all, I have successfully installed Yosemite a while ago using clover, and i've been using the computer for a while with only some minor issues (sometimes when my computer goes to sleep it wakes up automatically and sometimes it shuts down while sleeping, very randomly). But overall my...
  10. joshuacheung8

    How to patch the kexts

    Hello, I am a very new hackintosh user and I managed to install hackintosh on my PC. But I think this is just 50% of the work as a lot of things such as my audio, wifi, location etc are not working and I know I would need to install some kexts or patch some kexts. I am kind of a dummy in this...
  11. speedofast4749

    REBOOT LOOP fresh el capitan clover install successful, until using migration assistant to transfer

    So here is what happened. I wanted to upgrade to el capitan and clover, so I made a boot drive, backed up on an external time machine my chimera yosemite and started clean. In the fresh install the only problem I encountered was another boot loop, which was fixed by installing the correct nvidia...
  12. sfleming353

    Best PCI Half mini Wifi cards for Dell XPS 15 9530

    Hey guys! I am trying to install El Capitan into my Dell XPS 15 9530. I was just wondering if anyone has successfully accomplished it and if you can advice o=me on what wifi card should I by which is very compatible and works smoothly without using any additional code or kexts. Thanks a lot for...
  13. 11212

    What are these values?

    Hi! Here is the connector info for my laptop's LVDS display: 01020300 10070000 10070000 05030000 02000000 30000000 What is 0102 (03 is the number of ports), 1007, 02000000 and 30000000? If i change these, i get less artifacts, but i don't know what are these values.
  14. jpd511

    [El Capitan] Unable to install any kext

    [El Capitan] Unable to install any kext - SIP is disabled Hi, first of all I would like to thank you for all the intial work on the Hackintosh stuff :thumbup: This is my second buiild, my first one was about 5 years ago. I got El Capitan up and running, with Clover r2230 and legacy boot...
  15. qwaszx00

    Network with TPLink wifi card El Capitan

    Hi, i've managed to successfully install an hackintosh on my custom built pc, had few issued with graphics card but nothing really big. The problem i'm facing now is, that i can't install the correct kexts for my wifi TPLink-WN881ND card . I've already tried RealtekRTL8111 v2.0.0 with no luck...
  16. niquedegraaff

    No network Atheros 8151, how to switch drivers after multibeast 8?

    [Solved] No network Atheros 8151, how to switch drivers after multibeast 8? I'm so confused. Yes, I got the system working but without internet. I'm trying out kext drivers.. But when I installed the e2200 that came with Multibeast 8 .. nothing happened. Its in the /library/extensions...
  17. FliccC

    El Capitan PS2 Keyboard kext?

    Hi, In past versions of MultiBeast i was able to select a PS2 kext in order to get my PS2 keyboard to work. In the latest version for El Capitan this options seems to be gone. Is there a way to enable PS2 support for Mac?
  18. bergg

    System extension cannot be used

    Lost permissions I'm getting countles series of similar looking error when asigning myself as the owner to the system drive (right click, unlock, hit "+", add meuser, apply to enclosed folders, errors: "The system extension “/System/Library/Extensions/AppleACPIPlatform.kext” was installed...
  19. legoguy315

    CPUPowerManagement kernel panic! I need help!

    Hello Everyone! I have recently gotten in to hackintoshing (probably not a word) and have followed the El Capitan guide. I was able to install El Capitan, get it running, and then run multibeast, but after I restarted and tried to boot El Capitan I got kernel panics. I am very new but have...
  20. Notorious0830

    Z77X-UP5TH MultiBeast 8.0 Install No Effect

    Installed OS X El Capitan Clean on SSD and used MultiBeast on to load the kext's and clover boot-loader for UEFI. When done everything says successful and after a restart none of the changes take effect, such as clover boot-loader does not exist in the boot sequence, the audio driver is not...