1. susudio

    What is the best way(for efficiency and safety consideration) to place load external kexts?

    Hi, hack lovers ; ) I have been a very happy Hackintosh user for 10 months since version 10.12.6! Yeap! One thing got me for some time and would like to have your clarification: I settled to load kexts lists below mainly from UEFI partition path (#1.), for my PC configuration which works fine...
  2. jwfieldgibson

    Can't get R7 260X 2gb to work on High Sierra

    I've been trying to get my r7 260x to work with High Sierra and can't seem to get it to - the computer works fine, however it only shows up as 7mb VRAM. I've tried injecting ATI (not sure I've done it right though), and have added the device ID (0x066581002) to AMD8000Controller.kext and...
  3. Pigreco

    Lenovo Y50-70 problem touchpad/trackpad

    Hi to everyone, I have the problem after installation 10.10.5 with guide of Rehabman : i have used the commands in this guide but the touchpad work bad, in particular after a touch it moves randomly on...
  4. FRANCESCO012014


    HI, where can I found kext for amd radeon r7 200 series? Because when I turn on my Hackintosh HIGH SIERRA with the graphic card amd radeon r7 200 series I can't see anything; only black screen. thx for the help. following there's my configuration: CPU: Intel i7-4790 MB: Asus H87M-E SSD: Samsung...
  5. mahmoudcasio

    Post Installation For Dell Inspiron 15 3537

    Hello Professionals, I have Dell Inspiron 3537 with High Sierra 10.13.6 on it my specs: CPU: intel core(TM) i5-4200 1.60GHz 2.30 GHz GPU : Intel HD Graphics 4400 1536 MB & (AMD Radeon HD 8670M NOT INSTALLED) Ram: 8 GB Realtek High Definition Audio and 320 HHD and these things are not working...
  6. leop95

    Problem with post-installation High Sierra

    Good evening to everyone, I'm trying to install on my pc Hackintosh with High Sierra but I’ve got some problems after installing it, especially when I’m installing the kext. I’d like to install my version of Hackintosh on a second Hard Disk SATA 80 GB to make some test, before buying a latter...
  7. Peskyleo

    [SOLVED] How do i install kexts on Clover?

    Do i simply drag and drop the Kexts to /EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other ? Or do i also have to run some command line? P.S. I dont want them to be installed on /System/Library/Extensions or /Library/Extensions as that could cause troubles after OS updates.
  8. SilverCloak

    Ethernet "Not Connected"

    Recently found out that a build I had made for a family member has been having several issues, most prominently lack of internet. I updated Multibeast (there was a point internet was working intermittently). Upon updating Multibeast, all internet stopped. I have tried tinkering with every...
  9. lnchkgrkhv

    Don't work laptop keyboard on macOS Sierra 10.12.6

    Hi, I've just installed macOS Sierra on my laptop Samsung NP300E5C-S0T. WiFi, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Audio works, but I can't make work keyboard and trackpad. Now I'm using USB keyboard and mouse, but it is uncomfortable. Laptop has ELAN keyboard and trackpad. I installed...
  10. cicciodux

    Wifi Killer 1535 AC

    Hi guys! After some years, is it actually possible to get a functional WiFi on High Sierra with a Killer 1535 or fresh new 1550? I try some guide with Broadcom but my laptop crash on windows part. Anyway, I'm on Clover. TY
  11. KingRiLey12

    Lenovo Yoga 520 TrackPad Support

    Hey, I've managed to get Sierra up and running on the Lenovo Yoga 520, but I can't seem to get the trackpad working. I've tried a few different kexts (listed below), but none of them are working. Any Advice would be much appreciated. Kexts Tried: ApplePS2Controller.kext...
  12. Frostreaver

    USB-Inject-All.kext for Maximus Hero X

    Hi everybody, has anybody already done the work for custom USB-Inject-All.kext on the Asus Hero Maximus X for support for USB 3.0 ports and Coffee Lake? Would be interested, as it's quite some effort, to get through the manual (I've read roughly 50%) to first understand what it is about. Maybe...
  13. zotacHater

    Installer cant find Installdrive

    Hello, i would like to Install High Sierra on one of my old PCs. Its an Dell XPS Studio 435MT ( I have created a USB Drive with Multibeast on it. It boots up, but the disk utility cant see my harddrive (SSD) - just...
  14. jjdizz1l

    Dell M6800 High Sierra Helpful Kext

    Attached is my Clover Bootloader Folder and the KEXT drivers I used to install and run macOS High Sierra on my Dell M6800 with NVIDIA Quadro K3100M 4GB GFX Card. I have 12GB of DDR3 1600MHz Ram installed in 3 separate Banks/DIMM slots. I am currently running a vanilla macOS High Sierra 10.13.4...
  15. Rockishi

    No Ethernet on Intel NUC - Is this problem worth scrapping Hackintosh?

    Ethernet has been broken since installing Hackintosh on my NUC 3 weeks ago. 1. I have switched the ethernet cable. 2. I've successfully installed High Sierra following this guide by rehabman: 3. Rehabman's...
  16. silvercircle

    Clover KextsToPatch for specific OS versions

    How do I set a specific patch for a number of OS versions. For example the "change 15 port limit" patch is only for os 10.13.3 and earlier, the second one is for 10.13.4 and later. I do need to boot older os versions sometimes and wonder if it is possible to set this in MatchOS and how exactly...
  17. Bixonic

    Help with EFI partition folder and/or KEXT

    High Sierra - Coffee Lake i7-8700k - Gigabyte Z370 HD3P - GE Force 970 Windforce So I am getting stuck on the Apple logo Install or the infinite wheel of death I am follwing Shark 7760's guide as far as bios settings...
  18. rwwilkinson

    [Solved] Ethernet not working, but I have IntelMausiEthernet.kext?

    Hi all, My issue is that my wifi works fine, but my ethernet is not working at all on my Mac side. I dual boot, and something that is interesting to me is: 1. macOS High Sierra 10.13.3: WiFi works fine, but Ethernet does not work at all. 2. Windows 10: Ethernet works fine, but WiFi does not...
  19. Jibooom88

    Tp-Link "TL-WN781ND" Wi-fi adapter can work on High Sierra???

    Hi everyone hackintosher!!! I have build the my first hackitosh with "Os High Sierra 10.13.", and I have on my old pc a Wi-Fi card TL-WN781ND. Can be work on my hackintosh or the wifi chip is not compatible, if it is possible you can list me the wifi pci express compatible with High Sierra...
  20. giacomo.dessi2303

    Bluetooth does not work

    Hi guys.. i have this combo wifi+bt: WiFi works well with this kexts: ATH9KInjector.kext and IO80211Family.kext But Bluetooth does not work...