1. MrMusic

    MOBO Advice Mini ITX or MATX needs thunderbolt 3 (to use for TB1-2)

    Hi, Could someone please recommend an UP-TO-DATE MOBO (for SEIRRA) ITX or MATX that has thunderbolt 3 (to be used as thunderbolt 2) for UAD Audio. I'll need WIFI and BT - so if using the first PCIE slot affects the thunderbolt (please take that into consideration) I7-6700k Skylake...
  2. eberantony

    Audio and Bluetooth driver issue on AsRock Z170m iTX/ac

    Hey guys, I booted safely into Sierra 10.12 through Multibeast, and after the driver installation, my audio still doesn't work. Also Bluetooth options are no where to be found. My system is running on an AsRock Z170m iTX/ac (supported by the buyers guide here) with an 6700K, 16 GB of RAM. No...
  3. t1ll1s

    Buying advice for a Hack-mini build

    Hello all. I am new to tonymackx86 and i would like to build my first Hackintosh. I am a pretty experienced PC builder as every PC i owned since 1995 i build and maintain/upgrade myself. - Could you confirm that i am in the right path and that all the components that i chose are compatible with...
  4. zhigarev

    Mobo advice: ga-h170n-wifi or ga-z170n-gaming5

    Hi! I am going to build mini-itx hackintosh and stuck with two options: 1. Consumer setup with ga-h170n-wifi with i7 6700 - obviously no overclocking features. 2. Entusiast setup with ga-z170n-gaming5 with i7 6700k - higher processor speed from the box and OC capabilities. For me the only...
  5. Axolotl51

    [Solved] Mini-ITX wifi card compatibility

    Hello, i plan to build a CustoMac Mini. I will chose most of the components listed in BuyersGuide except the SSD, i will chose a HDD i think. The only problem is about the wifi. I cant find any kext for this one : TP-Link PCI Express Wifi Adapter (N) I saw a youtube video which showed more...
  6. parisna

    High End Skylake Hackintosh Build

    I'm new to this! MOBO - EVGA z170 Stinger CPU - INTEL i76700K SSD - SAMSUNG 950 Pro m.2 256GB SSD - Samsung 850 PRO 256GB RAM - G.SKILL Trident Z 16GB GPU - NVIDIA 1080 or AMD FURY-X or w7100 Im building this machine to do design work lots of 3d modeling to I want a kick ass GPU to output to...
  7. timmacx

    my first hackintosh: editing mini-itx build

    hey guys! so i'm new on this forum ( i heard this is the best place to get good tips and tricks on how to hackintosh ) as i want to build my first hackintosh. i'm planning on building a semi-portable mini itx rig which i can take with me in a big backpack to have some editing power abroad. i...
  8. tobehac

    un-tech savvie Trying to create a ITX dual boot hach

    Hi peeps I'm currently working with an old Mac Pro 17" 2011, I use it for Avid, FCP, Pre Pro, and Nuke. I'd say I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none but want to learn more and part of that is to build a ITX hack ( a little short of space to build a big ol' beast thats why the ITX...
  9. AppleMann

    Skylake Cubed

    The build: i7-6700T (35w) GTX 950 (75w) 16Gb DDR4 1Tb HDD 512Gb M.2 SSD Noctua NH-L9I GA-H170N-WIFI Motherboard Pico PSU paired with an Xbox 201w brick I want to make the most compact, powerful, (bang for buck) classic, badass computer I can! As of now the parts are on their way, I'll start...
  10. matthewtheinventor

    Low Power i7 ( i7-6700T ) work in Hackintosh?

    I am building a mini-itx Hackintosh. I would like it to consume little power, I stumbled across the i7-6700T that only has a 35w TDP. I just want to know if anyone has used one in a Hackintosh of if anyone knows if they are compatible with OS X.
  11. loztheguru

    Can anyone recommend a replacement motherboard for my build?

    Evening all, My hackintosh is unfortunately out of action, as the motherboard unexpectedly died. Specs: GA Z87n-WiFi - now deceased :( Crucial SSD for OSX Toshiba SSD for Windows 8GB Corsair RAM 650w Corsair PSU GTX 760 GPU Fractal Node 304 case A bit of background: previously I had pretty...
  12. CeleronPopsicle

    Downsize older Hackintosh to ITX - need LGA1155 motherboard suggestions

    Hi all. I have a working Yosemite Hackintosh that I'd like to port to a different case and I'd like to use an ITX motherboard. So I already have a Quad Core i5 3750k CPU with intel HD 4000 Graphics and 2x 4 GB 240 Pin DDR3 modules that I'd like to be able to reuse. So, I am looking for an ITX...
  13. jchan94

    z97 itx with 980ti high end build

    Hi, I've been watching hackintoshes for a while, and I'm looking to build a high end mitx build. I've seen some build logs, and I know I have to stick with a gigabyte board. What I'm looking to put into the build. - 980 ti - 32gb RAM - 500gb SSD And I also want to do watercooling, but I...
  14. killertcell

    First time user. H97N ITX

    Greetings, I recently tried to install Yosemite onto the following build using the generic installation guide: Gigabyte H97N ITX Pentium g3420 8gb G skill 1600 Samsung 830 128gb No Video card I was able to create an installation drive using a friends Macbook Pro, and I dragged the multibeast...
  15. tonyhawck

    Help for Q87T motherboard

    Hi, This is my 1st hackintosh. I was looking for a thin itx fanless build ; Here it is : Box AKASA Euler MB Asus Q87T CPU i5 4590T @35W (iGPU HD4600 inside) SSD Samsung 840 Pro 128GB WiFi Atheros 9280 a/b/g/n Half PCie RAM 8GB Crucial DDR3-1600 Drive is GPT and installation is done with...
  16. fokum8


    Friend wants me to put together an inexpensive hackintosh. Can you guys help me out? Here is what I currently have lined up; Intel Pentium G3220 Gigabyte GA-H81N ITX
  17. nauni77

    Should ASRock Q2900-ITX work???

    Hello, I'm searching for a cheap solution to build a hackintosh. This board should be very quite and has enough power to do some desktop work ... IMHO all components are already used inside a Mac/ Hackintosh. Can someone give me a hint if this...
  18. brunojones108

    Smallest ITX Build for Nomadic Newbie.

    ​Hi everyone, I’m ready to start buying parts for my first Hackintosh. I’m excited but nervous. I have two very specific requirement that are the classically tricky combination 1. Smallest ITX solution I can get. 2. The best combo of price and powerful components that it seems only a...
  19. juan

    Drilling holes for ventilation in a MI-008 case (CustoMac Mini)

    I will begin building a CustoMac Mini as soon as my Motherboard is delivered. Completely followed the links from the Buyer's Guide, and got the CustoMac case: MI-008 Tower Black P4 Chassis with 250W Itx Psu+sata Power Supply. In an Amazon review, a reviewer suggests drilling holes for...
  20. PascalSignifica

    i5-4670k, ASUS GeForce GTX 760, GIGABYTE GA-Z87N-WIFI

    Compatilbe Check: i5-4670k, ASUS GeForce GTX 760, GIGABYTE GA-Z87N-WIFI Hey there! I'm going to build my first CustoMac/Hackintosh in the near future and wanted to know if the parts I chose are ok. My Parts: Intel® Core i5-4670K 3,4GHz Quad-Core ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DC2OC 2GB GDDR5...