1. PhoenixPerson

    Stuck when trying to boot into recovery

    These are the last things I see when I try to boot into recovery. I have an i7 920, an asus rampage ii gene (legacy bios) and an rx 560 series. I tried dortania's fix but it didn't work, I also tried opencore's validator but that didn't find any issues. What should I do?
  2. bumsnnoses

    Opencore freezes when usb (dmg) selected.

    Alright, so I've been working at this for about a week now and I'm at my wits end. for starters my laptop is a lenovo x1 carbon processor : intel i7 5600u graphics : intel hd5500 Once OC loads I select 128gb (external) (DMG) only output I get is : "Choose the operating system : OK" cant get to...
  3. tellaoui2019

    HP ENVY x360 Brightness Keys and HDMI port Help

    Hello Everyone. I recently installed MacOS Mojave on my HP Envy x360, using this VICE guide. I have everything working except for the brightness control and the HDMI port. The brightness keys don't work, I know I have to do some DSDT patching for that, however the brightness option does not...
  4. BigTedLikesTacos

    6650 XT No hardware acceleration.

    I have injected device ID and model and spoofed GPU model with an aml file added to my ACPI folder :/ I also have adgpmod=pikera added to my boot arguments. Brand new build and I was able to get monterey installed just don't have hardware acceleration. Any tips appreciated. EFI folder attached...
  5. PhoenixPerson


    Hello! I'm currently stuck on LOG:EXITBS:START when I try to boot to macos installer (after it has downloaded but not installed yet). I tried to rebuild parts of my efi and reinstall mac but still the same ending. I have an intel i7 920, an asus rampage ii gene and an RX 560 series. What should...
  6. peterv2027

    <HELP> Error with IOPPF - IODeviceTree Dell Optiplex 3040 SFF

    Hello, I've been trying to hackintosh my computer, but I've faced numerous errors. I've tried installing older versions like Catalina and newer versions, but they give even more errors. I've tried all the solutions online and they don't work, and there are errors in the log file that I can't...
  7. Swift4k

    Help! Trying to install Mac OS Sonoma on my XPS 13

    I have an XPS 13 7390. EFI is attached below! I am getting these 2 pieces of code before my computer reboots:
  8. alexsmith32012

    Surface Laptop 3 - After every boot USB port / mouse randomly stutter/ lags straight away or after a little while then randomly stops working.

    I have a Surface Laptop 3 everything else seems to be working flawlessly other than the USB-A port at this moment. I'm using a Anywhere 3s mouse dongle and wired mouse to a usb hub (tested devices both without hub). When working to get this Hackintosh running I had problems getting graphics to...
  9. ryansandlin

    World of Warcraft Stuttering on Fresh Sonoma Install

    Hey All, I just did a fresh install of Sonoma and noticed that when I'm playing World of Warcraft there is some constant stuttering. For instance, Every few seconds It'll just freeze for maybe one second. It might also be helpful to note that when the screen pauses the coil wine from the GPU...
  10. Natux

    Installation get stuck at "IOPCIConfigurator ::configure kIOPCIEEnumerationWaitTime is 900"

    Hello guys, during some times I try to make my Hackintosh, but every I try I have the same problem, when I select my efi to first boot in verbose mode, the screen freeze in this state. I already have been used pre make efis, but yesterday I dedicate to make my own with OpenCore, without...
  11. skydugger

    Please Help To Install Hackintosh

    Hello, dear forum users and professionals of your business. I have many years of experience and am good with computers and Windows, but I don't know anything at all about Hackintosh and its installation on PCs. I'm not quite sure where to start, as I'm not sure how to install Hackintosh...
  12. Trojekkkk

    Error 0xe0030004 Please Help

    Hi. I installed macOS Monterey on my PC. I wanted to update to Ventura, but when I try to update and when I after an hour of installation select macOS Installer from OC, it keeps showing the Error 0xe0030004. Can someone help? I am using OC 0.9.5, and all my kexts are the latest versions.
  13. NSK

    HELP - Problems Installing Monterey

    Hello! My first hackintosh build, and I am having issues on install of Monterrey on the following hardware. When I tried to boot from USB, I got stuck on the Apple logo and have not had any luck going beyond this initial screen. It has been stuck for an hour. Hardware MB: MSI pro Z690-A Wifi...
  14. N3kowarrior

    HP Elitebook 1050 g1 cannot boot to recovery

    [Succes] --->If you have same device try looking there for efi Hello am trying to install Mac os Monterey on my newly aquired HP laptop. I can boot to open-core then i get stuck when trying to boot recovery...
  15. thatguy28

    Couldn't alloc class 'AppleKeyStoreTest' - Comet Lake laptop

    Main issue : Trying to install Ventura. Getting this error whenever I try to open the MacOS installer from the OpenCore boot menu. I have disabled the gpu in bootargs using -wegnoegpu, only enabling iGPU.Please, any help would be appreciated. Hardware : CPU : Intel i5-10210U Motherboard ...
  16. thatguy28

    OpenCore boot stuck on OCSMC: SmcReadValue Key 4D534163 Size 2

    Getting this issue installing on my Sandy Bridge system, using iMac18,1 configuration. I've seen numerous posts of people successfully installing Ventura on Sandy Bridge CPUs, had other issues that were solved by adding CryptexFixup and CtlnaAHCIport kexts, but now stuck here Hardware: CPU...
  17. N3kowarrior

    [SOLVED] Dell latitude e5430 stuck at boot

    Hello am trying to build EFI folder for dell latitude e5430, am new to hackintosh. I followed Dortanias guide for open-core 0.9.1, but i cant get to boot the Big Sur. I get past the drive selection. I tried searching errors from debug log but it gave me no usable results. I have working EFI...
  18. EnzoReview

    Image in Only One Monitor on AMD RX6600

    Hello good morning is my first time doing hackintosh and after 2 days of trying I succeeded, I managed to hackintosh macOS Ventura and I've been using it for 1 week but recently I brought a second monitor to use with the hackintosh and I do not detect it, these are my components: Mother: Asus...
  19. ZERO


    INTEL I5 13500 ASUS Z790 P D4 DDR4 16 GB WG SN850X 1 TB Switching from SMBIOS 7,1 to 1,1 gave me more geekbench than windows single core but my case fans are spinng(boosting) more loud but cpu and gpu are at normal state. not constantly but like when login time or opening any application...
  20. pandu16

    << Solved >> Keyboard and track pad not working

    I have successfully booted But keyboard and track pad not working may be audio also I have replaced with latest voodoo i2c and PS2 kexts Still not working