1. ford2201

    AMD Asus Mini PC PN51-S1

    Motherboard Name Asus Mini PC PN51-S1 MEMORY 32 GB DIMM1: G Skill Ripjaws V F4-3200C22-16GRS x2 16GB CPU Type OctalCore AMD Ryzen 7 5700U, 4300 MHz (43.25 x 99) Integrated: AMD Lucienne PCI Device 1002-164C / 1043-880A (Rev C1) Architecture AMD GCN5 (Vega) AUDIO: AMD K17.6 - Audio Processor...
  2. petrolej

    airdrop and Touch ID

    hi i want to use touch id on my computer with my phone using macid but it cant see the iphone. Do you know why? and in bluetooth i cant see it. airdrop doesnt work too. can you help someone?
  3. thepigdestroyer

    HELP - OpenCore freeze error while trying to install Sonoma on Zenbook Pro Duo UX581LV

    I'm trying to install Sonoma on my Asus Zenbook UX581LV using the the dortania guide + EFI files Qonfused 's guide. I have ran the plist sanity checker and tried to look through comet lake stuff to see if anything was going wrong but nada. Opencore keeps freezing on this error: (Notice)...
  4. Niconaco

    Problem new hackintosh installation.

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make my second hackintosh but with poor results, I have an MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WiFi motherboard, an Intel Core i9 11900KF processor and an AMD RX 6750XT 12 GB PowerColour video card. I read that the video card needs nootRX to work, initially I get this error...
  5. pachofonso

    Installation Boot Issues

    Hello, I have a problem with the boot, it does not start and stays in the apple logo, I leave you the log and the efi folder (I have seen several problems within the log hopefully repair the problems)
  6. Jannsche

    Internet problems on dual Socket Hackintosh

    Good afternoon, Recently, I built a Hackintosh on a Supermicro X10DRI with 2x Xeon E5-2603 v4 CPUs. Now, I'm having some problems regarding networking. The Hackintosh is running macOS Sonoma and has 2 onboard Intel I350 NICs and a dual-port 10 gig X550 PCI card. The problem is that the 2...
  7. PhoenixPerson

    Can't see the apfs drive.

    Hello! I have an i7-920, an ASUS Rampage II gene and an RX 560. I'm trying to install big sur onto my nvme. After it's done downloading it and restarts to the picker, I can't see the macos installer, nor my nvme.
  8. Adam8m8m

    fenvi t919 on MacOS Monterey

    Hello everyone I bought fence t919 plug and play card but it's not working for me. I also tried on windows but I wouldn't able to make it work, it's showing in device manager all drivers are installed blutooth devices are showing network also but I can't connect. Back to MacOS I am able to...
  9. PhoenixPerson

    Reboot after selecting installation file.

    Hello! I wanna start off by saying that I built hackintoshes in the past, but I've never encountered a problem such as this before, I also rarely saw other people mention this. I have an Intel i7-920 (Nehalem), an RX 560 and an ASUS Rampage II gene (Non-UEFI). When I chose to boot from my...
  10. krishiv27

    << Solved >> Need Help in post installation!!

    Hi, I just installed hackintosh Monterey and it went pretty smooth but after installation, I found that it's not detecting my tp-link wifi adapter and bluetooth, both are usb adapters. Can you help me please.. Wifi Adapter: Tp-link T2U Plus A600 Bluetooth Adapter: Tp-link UB400 Thank You So...
  11. krishiv27

    SOLVED Can I run hackintosh?

    Hi,My pc was armed like this, I wanted to know if I can do hackintosh, thank you I am attentive to any answer Intel(R) i5-4570T CPU @ 2.90GHz MotherBoard Dell Inc. 0XCR8D Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 250GB SSD AntEsport Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  12. erickrgb

    Kernel Panic Ventura Ryzen 6900X + RX 6800XT

    Hey Guys, need your help! I followed the Opencore Guide (updated to OC 0.9.1) with the Opencore latest version 0.9.7, Ventura 13.6.3 installed correctly but everytime it starts MacOS it reboots and cant get pass the first MacOS Setup.. normally the kernel panic happens in the first minute or so...
  13. julyjuly47

    Mac OS X wont install?

    I've been trying to install Snow Leopard on a i3-540 and a NVIDIA GeForce GT 210, but when I get to the install it just says that it cant install Mac OS X. I'm using iBoot 3.3.0 and the (non-gray, snow leopard art on the disc) DVD, version 10.6.0. If anyone interested I only used -v for the boot...
  14. PhoenixPerson

    Stuck when trying to boot into recovery

    These are the last things I see when I try to boot into recovery. I have an i7 920, an asus rampage ii gene (legacy bios) and an rx 560 series. I tried dortania's fix but it didn't work, I also tried opencore's validator but that didn't find any issues. What should I do?
  15. bumsnnoses

    Opencore freezes when usb (dmg) selected.

    Alright, so I've been working at this for about a week now and I'm at my wits end. for starters my laptop is a lenovo x1 carbon processor : intel i7 5600u graphics : intel hd5500 Once OC loads I select 128gb (external) (DMG) only output I get is : "Choose the operating system : OK" cant get to...
  16. tellaoui2019

    HP ENVY x360 Brightness Keys and HDMI port Help

    Hello Everyone. I recently installed MacOS Mojave on my HP Envy x360, using this VICE guide. I have everything working except for the brightness control and the HDMI port. The brightness keys don't work, I know I have to do some DSDT patching for that, however the brightness option does not...
  17. BigTedLikesTacos

    6650 XT No hardware acceleration.

    I have injected device ID and model and spoofed GPU model with an aml file added to my ACPI folder :/ I also have adgpmod=pikera added to my boot arguments. Brand new build and I was able to get monterey installed just don't have hardware acceleration. Any tips appreciated. EFI folder attached...
  18. PhoenixPerson


    Hello! I'm currently stuck on LOG:EXITBS:START when I try to boot to macos installer (after it has downloaded but not installed yet). I tried to rebuild parts of my efi and reinstall mac but still the same ending. I have an intel i7 920, an asus rampage ii gene and an RX 560 series. What should...
  19. peterv2027

    <HELP> Error with IOPPF - IODeviceTree Dell Optiplex 3040 SFF

    Hello, I've been trying to hackintosh my computer, but I've faced numerous errors. I've tried installing older versions like Catalina and newer versions, but they give even more errors. I've tried all the solutions online and they don't work, and there are errors in the log file that I can't...
  20. Swift4k

    Help! Trying to install Mac OS Sonoma on my XPS 13 *Solved*

    I have an XPS 13 7390. EFI is attached below! I am getting these 2 pieces of code before my computer reboots: