1. Raul3lflaut1tista


    Can someone help me creating an EFI folder for macOS Big Sur instalation? specs: Cpu: Intel I5 10600 Graphics: Integrated MotherBoard: Gigabyte Z490 Gaiming X Ram: Team Group 16gbx2 3000mhz SSD: Crucial MX500 1TB Wifi/BT: Fenvi19
  2. Checkmatte

    Wondering if my build is High Sierra/Catalina compatible.

    Specs: Motherboard - Dell 06D7TR CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3gb Memory - 12 GB DDR3 Storage - 250 GB WD Green SSD 2 TB Seagate HDD I would prefer to install the actual OS on the HDD, but...
  3. markiitwo

    macOS Big Sur 11.1 OpenCore keyboard & mouse not working

    Hi everyone! That's not my first hackintosh build, and I had no issues with OpenCore by now, so here's the problem: Installer starts from USB drive, it loads with no errors (basically, I couldn't find any of them in logs), and at installation screen I can't get keyboard and mouse working. I've...
  4. EeksBoks7


    I've been trying to install HS on a system but it reboots on 2 mins remaining. Screw that, i'll install El Cap and update. It spits out this message and reboots: panic (cpu 0 caller 0xffffff801a11cb36): "zone_init: knem_suballoc failed "@/library/caches/"...
  5. Office18

    macOS black screen after boot

    When the PC boots, it completes Opencore Booting, completes macOS booting and then, when it gets to the desktop, the screen goes black (backlight is on) i used Screen share and macOS works normally is just on the laptop screen there is nothing the laptop screen works normally while in the BIOS...
  6. MiSalocin

    Lenovo Y540-15IRH update to Big Sur broke my TouchPad

    Hello! BigSur 11.1 - OpenCore 0.6.5 I'm new at mackintosh world and recently I've updated my 10.15.7 Hackintosh to Big Sur 11.1, updating OC using OpenCore Configurator and downloading the Update directly by the settings. After the update, my trackpad stopped working, I dunno what I can do to...
  7. TurboPablo

    Cannot get OC USB Drive with Big Sur installer to boot

    Hello I am trying to upgrade from Mojave 10.14.6 using Clover to Big Sur 11.1 with Opencore. First time using Opencore, I have no idea what to do. I tried following the Dortania guide but now I can't boot the USB drive. (I made a backup and deleted all the previous Clover files from ssd's EFI...
  8. Pinney

    Big Sur 11.1 with OpenCore (With some cheating :-) ) on HP Pavilion AIO. SUCCESS

    After some nights struggling with the "install bootloop" because of the lack of a working NVRAM setup, I ripped out my SSD connected it to my son's Macbook air and updated his laptop running Mojave to the connected SSD. Then I placed the EFI folder from my USB Catalina installer in the EFI...
  9. gggg13

    First Hackintosh Build, need feedback. :)

    Hello, My sister is building a hackintosh and I'm helping her, but we're not well-versed in computer knowledge. She needs the hackintosh for audio/music production. We planned this build using the parts list on this website. Our planned build is: CPU: i5-10600K 4.1GHz CPU Cooler: Arctic...
  10. ReindeerLover

    Installing macOS Mojave using UniBeast. Stuck on loading apple logo

    Hi, I'm new to this. I tried to install macOS on my windows laptop but I'm having issues. I have followed this guide to a teeth: However, when I'm on clover boot and installing to the external hard drive, I can't get past the loading...
  11. snodaze

    Dual Booting Mac OS Catalina and Windows 10 on separate NVMe SSDs

    Hi guys I have been doing a lot of research and going though guide after guide, however I am at a stand still on being able to get this to work. I have a total of 3 NVMe SSDs. One being my Hackintosh drive working. One my Windows 10 drive working. The third is a fresh SSD I purchased to try and...
  12. mtcolleoni

    [HELP] Installation stuck on Apple logo (Dell Inspiron 3268)

    Hello everyone, Every time I boot to clover and click to install macOS Catalina it gives me an stucked Apple logo and nothing even happen. Any idea on how to solve this? Specs: i5-7400 8GB RAM Intel HD630 Dell Motherboard HD 1TB Western Digital
  13. Pinney

    OpenCore success with Graphic issue

    Hi, Not sure if this really a post install issue, but I give it a try. :) As still fresh on the "Hackingtosh front" I started of with Clover, Uni/Multi Beast, etc. about 8 weeks ago, a lot of hassle to get stuff work and never able to upgrade to the latest Catalina. Last Friday removed...
  14. Rlub

    Editing config.plist after installation.

    Hello, I have succesfully hackintoshed my Dell Vostro 3490 laptop, I haven´t mounted the EFI onto the HDD partition yet because I need to do some improvements, for example I was trying to make Headphones work but I am not able to modify the config.plist from the USB. I have tried using...
  15. surf3193

    Need help with patching a intel series 100/c230

    hello everyone I'm new to all Hackintosh, so decided to try to install one with the open core, successful install it but, I have a problem with USB of not type 3.1 on the pc and the system does not apply for the sound card on the motherboard, but the HDMI and do works fine, so if you can help...
  16. Lootzifer

    Hackintosh High Sierra Freezes

    Hello together Since a short time I'm also the proud owner of a Hackintosh. (High Sierra) It also runs really well, but sometimes it just freezes. I can still move the mouse, music continues to play but nothing reacts. Only a hard reset helps. Most of the time this happens when I work with...
  17. mdog474

    SMBIOS Question: Can you change values of the 5 fields at the bottom

    What do the 5 strings shown at the bottom of iMessageDebug/GenSMBIOS-List Current SMBIOS represent, and how can you change them? They look like this (these are not mine): Gq3489ugfi: 7ea157475fa74cb64c1f7d27561fe7c14c Fyp98tpgj: 3f3ec0dce5e5fbc00db1d7ba8c29388073 kbjfrfpoJU...
  18. shivansh12

    struck on LOG:EXITBS:START

    I am trying to install Hackintosh Big Sur, I have created a bootable USB. It is using iMac 16,2. When I run it the loading bar down the apple logo doesn't show up, when I boot with -v or verbose after this error:- LOG:EXITBS:START it Stops. video of error Efi and config is attached below. Thanks...
  19. FraserC08

    Safari is glitching and i need help

    so i use safari on my hackintosh and it keeps on repeating the error "the webpage is reloaded because of an error but its looped and i can't get any webpage to load, someone please help. also here is the video link to show whats happening
  20. DawsonRonald

    I'm getting an error

    this is my first hackintosh and with opencore and I'm Getting an error so here is my efi and the log can someone help me I don't know what to do specs: Intel i5 8400 Intel HD 630 graphics msi b360m bazooka motherboard