1. Chocofate

    [Help] Z690 EDGE Stuck on [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]

    MOBO:MSI Z690 EDGE WiFi D4 CPU:i7-12700KF Graphics:Toxic 6900xt OC Version:0.8.4 Debug INSTALLER:Monterey BIOS Settings: Fast Boot & Secure Boot & VT-d & Intel Platform Trust & CFG Lock OFF VT-x & Above 4G Decoding & Hyper-Threading & EHCI/XHCI Hand-off & UEFI Mode ON I followed...
  2. nickwzxx

    [HELP] macOS installer option not showing up in OpenCore boot menu

    I'm using latest OpenCore, and got stuck on boot menu. It shows up only Windows. If I press Space it will show 2 more options: EFI Shell and EFI (external) DMG. And when I boot EFI external dmg nothing happens. Did everything that I found on internet and nothing helped. (Trying to install...
  3. jb11381

    Randomly lost bluetooth

    Been running the same setup for a couple of years now with no real problems. I went away for a bit so I shut down the computer to save power. When I came home, my keyboard randomly stopped working. I hadn't made any changes anything when it happened. I was on 12.3, OC0.8.1, using BCM94352Z. My...
  4. Linking1221

    ACM: Env_SetVariableWithParams Error

    I thought that the previous problem was that the Prebuild SSDT attached to the Dortania Guide does not seem to fit me, so after DSDT extraction, I built my own SSDT-EC, RTC0, and PLUG. It seems that some progress has been made after putting them, but a new problem has occurred. What should I do...
  5. jake99x3

    [Help] VDADecoderChecker Failed, UHD 630, z390

    I have my Device Properties set according to the dortania guide which happened to also use UHD 630 for the example in the guide. "About this Mac" screen shows Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536mb which is correct but VDADecoderChecker fails when I run it. I have had issues with Chrome crashing as well...
  6. Djoxaa16

    Bios doesn't recognise my drive as an UEFI option, but it recognises my USB

    Hi guys, need a little help. I disabled VT-d, CSM and everything that could interrupt booting. I set my bios to see UEFI devices but it only sees my USB, and yes I copied EFI folder to EFI partition. The thing is, I don't have Windows installed, so I can't use EasyUFEI, is there something else I...
  7. samthefireball

    Recommend a graphics card that I can EASILY swap my old Nvidia GT 740 for?

    Hi all, Here are my specs: - I have GeForce GT 740 - Motherboard: ga-z97x-ud5h - Intel Core i7-4790K CPU - 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 - OS: Mojave 10.14.6 - System Definition: iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) - Using clover 5.22 My comp can barely run any 3D games, so I want the easiest way to...
  8. OxTheLade

    (HELP) No sound in Big Sur OpenCore

    So I have just done my first hackintosh on a Lenovo Thinkpad T440, but the audio is not working for some reason. The output isn't even showing up at the audio settings. Things I have tried: Tried every layout codes reinstall AppleAlc The Specs are: Model: Lenovo Thinkpad T440 GPU: Intel(R)...
  9. MonsterTruck

    << Solved >> Powermac G3 Front Panel/Power Button

    Hello. I'm currently doing a custom build inside of a G3. The front panel assembly has thrown up some roadblocks for me, though. I can't find any guides on modifying it to be compatible with an ATX motherboard, or a pinout for it. I have found a guide here for a G4 front panel. The housing and...
  10. Adam8m8m

    Black Screen after Apple logo

    The pendrive normally displays macos (12.2) installations after loading a bit of the loading bar the monitor loses the image with the computer and does not display anything (black screen). my configuration: radeon rx 6600 PowerColor fighter 8GB Gigabyte Z590 UD AC IntelCore i7 10700f...
  11. Juggernaut1987

    10.15.7 Update broke my installation

    Hi all, I’ve followed the guides here to update my machine to 10.15.7. Updated Clover, the works. However to make the machine more user friendly for my housemates I’ve configured clover to hide most boot volumes. Unfortunately that caused issues installing the update since the machine needs...
  12. jake99x3

    MSI z390-A Pro, UHD 630 i5 8500 Random Freezing OC 0.7.8

    Hi, my MSI z390-A pro is running the latest version of OpenCore 0.7.8 and Big Sur with USB ports mapped and all apple services working along with graphics acceleration. The only problem I have had is the system will randomly freeze/lockup and I have to force a reboot with power buttons. I have...
  13. KK10KK10

    [ERROR] Can`t boot to installer error: "** In memory panic Stackshot Succeded ** bytes traced 3694 (Uncompressed 8128) **"

    I tried to install mac os big sur but i got an error:"** In memory panic Stackshot Succeded ** bytes traced 3694 (Uncompressed 8128) **" I tried clover and OpenCore but none of them worked. Laptop Specs: name:Asus Vivobook X515JA ram: 16GB uefi: enabled disk1:512 GB SSD...
  14. Maorsizhak

    Please help me OCB error

    Hi there sorry if I’m doing something wrong it’s my first time here so I’ll make it quick. On open core bootloader I have an error message OCB: LoadImage failed- Buffer Too Small. I checked and it said that I need to enable Above4Gdecoding but I don’t have this option on my bios, any...
  15. jerry

    Inquiries about hackintosh

    The specifications of my computer... Cpu i5 12600k gigabyte z690m aorus elite d4 Ram 16gb samsung 3200 Ssd 256 Und770 I'm trying for the first time. My computer is recent, so I don't have any data. Please help me.
  16. rcohen04

    help with Catalina Install on Lenovo B50-30 All-in-one touch screen

    Lenovo B50-30 - i7-4785T, model F0AU0002US, S/N S100004M, 12 gb ram, 500 gb SSD I'm now running Windows 10 in one partition. Do I need to partition disk? or will Install do it for me? I'm following instructions on install guide, and wondering after install USB is completed via UniBeast, guide...
  17. Ritonnade

    GL503V Catalina Installation help

    Hello, I need some information because I have an ASUS ROG GL503V and I want to install a macOS system on it. But despite several test research I can not but end is it possible to help me and sorry for my horrible English. More Information : i have the exact config ...
  18. loothill

    Stuck at RandomSeed

    Hi there! I been trying to install High Sierra on a Intel 10th cpu, I know it has no support for, I have read already about fake cpu id, Im using OpenCore, fake cpu Skylkake-X and SMBios iMac17,1, my first problem was that usb got stuck into "End SetConsoleMode", got pass through it but now I am...
  19. artgdenr

    need help, m6-n113dx.

    my laptop is a hp m6-n113dx, and I need to know if it is compatible with hackintosh here are the specs: plss i have 8gb of ram fx7500 radeon r7 hp envi m6-n113dx
  20. fpscka

    << Solved >> Big Sur installation crash at 12 minutes mark

    Man, I hate to do this but it's been about a week of trying and not succeed. I know that there is a lot of things messed up but I can't find any solution and I can't even understand what I'm doing anymore My goal is to have a dual boot system with 2 monitors. In windows, I want to use my 1060...