ASUS S551LB Laptop DSDT Patch

    Hello there. I tried patching DSDT for my laptop but i get compile errors. Sadly im new to DSDT patching so can anyone help me? Best Regards
  2. SelfPlayer

    Solved > Problem with installation

    My installation is stuck at 11 mins pls help
  3. cowcowpod

    Hang on installer boot or legal/language screen (Asus Vivobook S410U UHD620 i7-8550U)

    Hi! I've made a few builds before, but this is my first Coffeelake try ... i expected it to be easy, but nope! My Vivobook S410U gets stuck after loading completes; the cursor shows up, and the loading bar jumps back to the beginning, then sometimes loads into a partially renedered language...
  4. Megaaleh

    Is my PC compatible with any OS X at all?

    Currently I have this PC build: CPU: Intel Pentium G4560 (Kaby Lake) Socket 1151 LGA RAM: HyperX FURY 8GB 2400Mhz Size: 8192 MBytes Manufacturer: Kingston Max Bandwidth: DDR4 (2400 MHz) Motherboard: Manufacturer: MSI Model: B250M GAMING PRO (MS-7A65) (U3E1) Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060...
  5. OsamaAbdelbaset

    HELP!! I want install hackintosh on Lenovo z500

    HI to all ,, need help to install hackintosh on my lenovo-z500 (core i7 3632QM / 8G RAM DDR3 / NVIDIA Geforce 653M / 1TB HHD). and I need to know if i can install hackintosh with that specification !? and if there any step-by-step guide to installation ? THANK YOU.
  6. Tsunkuudandere

    Battery status not entirely working HP Omen X 17-AP020NR

    I'm trying to create a patch for my battery status, but I've come across a few issues. At first I tried the patch for the G6 2221SS since it was very close to mine, and first, it appeared to be working, but the issue comes up when I try to charge, it doesn't. Because of this, I decided to try...
  7. RiiGGS23

    [Help] Booting Installer on Laptop

    Hello all, I have been following this guide on an Aero 15x V8. I was able to create the boot stick with out issue, but when trying to boot it, it gets stuck on: "[current date] iMac.local[1] ( <Notice>: Service only ran for 0 seconds. pushing...
  8. CreeperPlayz

    Is my hardware compatible?!

    So I have a computer with these specs and Im wondering if I can make a hackintosh out of it. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 Mobo: BioStar Hi-Fi B150S1 Ram: G.SKILL Value (2x4)
  9. amaner1r

    Updating Mavericks to High Sierra

    Hi all, First time posting here so please forgive me if I misdo something. I am trying to update Mavericks to High Sierra. System Model Z87X-UD5H Gigabyte tech Processor Intel(R) COre(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.5GHz 32 GM Ram NVIDIA GeForce 640 2048 MB Graphics iOS 10.9.5 (13F1911)Mavericks. Thank...
  10. zacmks

    Solved > Gigabyte Aero 15x - USB based devices lagging/stuttering

    Hello all, after complete installation on my Aero 15x v8, I am having some issues with USB based devices lagging/stuttering, this can be found devices such as: USB mouses USB keyboards Built-in USB based keyboard On Logitech unifying mouses/keyboards (proprietary, dongle based) Bluetooth...
  11. shubh1010

    help me find drivers for multibeast for my system

    Can someone help me find drivers for my system as I get no sound and have weird graphical glitches? so can someone help me with this please and thank you in advance to anyone that helps me with this.
  12. pinktank

    USB Ejects at Sleep (incl. error reporting package)

    Hello all and @RehabMan . I've never solved the USB devices ejecting after sleep problem and thought I'd check in again with a full error reporting package. If it helps, I have another question that might or might not be related. Sometimes, usually if I let the computer sleep for a very long...
  13. SirMemesALot

    Completely new to this, help to see compatibility 8)

    Hey guys, i am completely new to this don't even know where to begin. So basicaly used a macbook for a week and fell in love with the OS. Here is my DXDiag print i have no ideia what i need, or if i am compatible at all.
  14. PacDeMan

    Problem to have onboard graphics working with dedicated

    Hi! As the title says I'm having problem to enable the onboard graphics (UHD630) when having the dedicated graphics card (Evga 780TI SC). You may wonder why I want to enable the onboard graphics when I already have a graphic card, it is because I want to have my 4K monitor plugged into the...
  15. Hernandah

    Need Help - Stucked on Apple logo while installing

    Hi there! I was following many guides as there are not a clear one for z390 chipset, so I followed z370 ones as they may be really similar. First I tried with Tonymac one, but I got stucked on the apple logo. This also happened to me with every guide I followed, not even a load bar. I also...
  16. tayhofficial

    Tryin' to install Yosemite

    I'm trying to install the "OS X Yosemite on my computer, but when I type -v and press enter after a few words I'm getting a black screen. I think I need some help. Thanks. The computer: Motherboard: Gigabyte: B250M-DH3-CF / 8gb ram DDR4 / 240gb SSD + 3TB + 2TB / Intel Graphics HD 630 *(I...
  17. MusicGuy92

    i9-9900K iHack Pro build for Logic Pro X

    Hi! First time builder here! I have been scanning through the forums (reddit and tonymacx86) to piece together a proper build for music production, adobe tools and general game development. Im willing to have a large(ish) budget for this build as its going to be my main workstation. What...
  18. samith2k

    can I install mac os on this system.

    processor : intel(r) pentium(r) dual-core e5200 Ram: 4GB Graphic Card GTX750 Ti
  19. jsnow805

    Mojave Install Stuck At Apple Logo, Help Needed. Intel 6700k GTX 1070 MSI Motherboard

    Hi I am having trouble with a fresh install of Mojave. After the clover splash screen only the apple logo is displayed without a progress bar. I have looked for quite some time and have not found any solutions. I took a picture of some text that pops up before clover as well as the output of...
  20. C0gL0rd

    Solved > GTX 1070 and High Sierra won't combine.

    Alright I have spent days looking and reinstalling to no avail. I have: Mobo: GB Aorus z370 Ultra Gaming rev 1.0 GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 CPU: i5-8600k OS: 10.13.6 (17G66) So I am very fresh to this. Tried using Mojave at first and realized at least as far as I can tell there is no support for GTX...