[HELP] Help with bootloop after installation

    Hello everyone I installed and booted successfully the installer of mac os : _____________________ Specs : CPU : Intel i5-3470 GPU : Nvidia GT740 RAM : 4GB + 2 GB = 6 GB MB : ASUS H61M-C BOOT : OC ______________________ But there is a problem I successfully boot into installer and run the...
  2. alba2015

    How can I build a kext disabler for AppleIntelHDGraphics?

    Hello everyone. I’m working to install OS X Maverick on my old desktop pc from 2010 (I give you the specs below), using the latest OpenCore version. CPU: Intel Core i3-540 GPU: Integrated HD Graphics (Iron Lake) MOTHERBOARD: Intel h57 (OEM Packard Bell) [not sure] I decided to install OS X...
  3. Utsavoo7


    i have Intel i3 2021 processor Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 motherboard With gforce gt 610 nvidia gc can i install mojove on it Ram ddr3 8gb Hdd 500gb
  4. Maddux0914

    Is my old laptop compatible?(Hp pavilion dm3 1001-TU)

    This is my first post. I want to know if my old laptop can work on MacOS,I can’t find any hackintosh informations about this laptop,I hope someone can let me know whether it is possible or not. Thanks! HP Pavilion dm3 1001-TU CPU:Intel SU-2300 Graphics: Intel GMA 4500M
  5. EdestyDeath

    Dell Latitude 5310 2-in1 not booting Big Sur

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install Big Sur on my Dell Latitude 5310 2in1, I followed Dortania's guide and troubleshooting about the error "[EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]" on OpenCore 0.6.6, I did a Sanity Checker and it's okay, I disabled CFG Lock manually, I tried everything on the web and from now on...
  6. Coldstart911

    Advice for a Hackintosh Newbies

    Hi guys, thank you for this amazing website and all your help in advance. I am on Mac for 13 years now and a big user of Final Cut Pro X. (MacBook Pro 15" late 2013/ I7/16Go/1T SSD and Mac mini I5 base model) I finally decided to build my own setup with dual boot (Mac/win) to do continue my...
  7. Samsungtvwithmbp

    Opencore not booting to my usb

    I am trying to install macOS Big Sur on my Dell optiplex 3020 but when it boots its gets stuck at: rooting via boot-uu
  8. tomer6400

    RTX 30XX

    Can I install hackintosh if I have rtx 3080? I realized it did not support This means that I will not even be able to install the system?
  9. Prensao

    ASrock RX 6800 XT taichi gaming 16gb in compatibility, last big sur? advice plz just 3 in stock

    Any have idea if this gpu works? or should be compatible?. In my country there is no other GPU just RTXnvidia for miners lmao. GPU "ASrock RX 6800 XT taichi gaming 16gb" this one have a port usb C if help for something . this is the last piece of my config i have everthing in boxes in my room ...
  10. NNYX

    Thunderbolt Drom error???

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to get a catalina build going, and I ran into this issue. I'm not completely sure what it is, and was hoping someone might know/be able to help. I'm not sure if it's an actual thunderbolt issue or something else. I had a "bluetooth" issue on an old build that was...
  11. AGtechGuy12465

    End RandomSeed High Sierra Help

    Hello, I'm trying to make a Clover install and when i boot to High Sierra installer i get this verbose : End SetConsoleMode Start ReadKernelCache End ReadKernelCache ... root device uuid is ... End InitBootStruct Start LoadRAMDisk Start FinalizeBootStruct Start RandomSeed End...
  12. comsonic

    Z270, stuck on black screen trying to boot macos

    Hi I'm currently installed Catalina but I have a problem when I boot the on to the usb stick and enter Macos boot installation my screen try to boot it up than get stuck on this Any advice to help p.s it's been stuck on this for 8 hours
  13. CinemaPDX

    Help activating GC-Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt

    Hi everybody, I built a system based on GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 a couple of years ago and now I really need to get my Thuderbolt 3 card working. I just want to use it for a big T3 hard drive, not for my display. Questions: 1. I thought I saw a tool that can get the card working without...
  14. Bakk

    Need help to set the battery and choosing which wifi card should i install!

    Hello everybody, i hope you are all well! :wave: I finally installed Catalina on my Acer Aspire V15 V3574G-53WB. At the moment touchpad, graphics and audio are working well! But when i tryed to make the battery status working i get some problems. May someone help me to figure it out what is...
  15. Phirus

    BIOS Z490 UD High Temperatures

    Dear readers, About a month ago I bought some hardware to make a decent workstation. Now I have a problem with the CPU temperature that is already idle at 50-55 degrees on average. The weird thing is that my BIOS indicates that my system is running 4.8 GHz while I have not overclocked anything...
  16. varunbiday

    Can't Reach Installer on AVITA Liber v14 Using OpenCore (stuck on HID: Legacy shim 2)

    I am trying to install macOS Big Sur on AVITA Liber v14 Specs: CPU: i5 10210u GPU: HD620 Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD USB: 2 USB 3.0 ports I followed the Dortania guide for OpenCore, which I have already successfully followed once for my Hackintosh PC. I have patched the DSDT, made my config.plist...
  17. Pepito222

    help with Asus prime z490m-plus and OpenCore "oc: failed to load configuration"

    please, Help, This is my first time so I really need help. Before reading both dortania and tonymac buyers guide I purchased a i5 10400 and a Asus prime Z490M-plus. Before some tries with UnyBeast they told me that clover was not useful with tenth gen and to try with OpenCore, so I did and...
  18. Vinnie1

    Black Tabs in Safari and Finder?

    Hi all, So, I've managed to fix the battery and audio issue, which only really leaves me with one more issue: safari and finders tabs are all glitchy and black, even when in light mode. Whenever I try to screenshot them they disappear, So I can't show you any images of them. Any help would be...
  19. Bingdotcom

    Boot loop after updating Clover

    Hello! I haven't been able to update clover since r5121 Ever since then no matter what I do it just boot loops. i've tried swapping out all my old and new drivers, but no luck Attached is a working and non working updated efi, if anyone see's anything wrong please let me know ! :-) It's...
  20. YT21Labs

    Ryzen 5 2600 Stuck at [PCI Configuration Begin]]

    I've got a system using a b450 aorus pro wifi, r5 2600 and gtx 780 and I'm trying to run macos big sur. using someone else's efi folder I was able to get it to boot the installer, install the os, and boot. however upon rebooting I would get a prohibited sign, so I left it for a week and decided...