1. usmanS

    PC boots clover from bootable usb, but when i choose the (UEFI: HDD) option in the boot manager it shows a stationary underscore with a blank screen

    I have an acer veriton m4610 motherboard Motherboard: q65h2-am v1.1 CPU: i5-2400 GPU: GTX 770 Audio Controller: Realtek ALC 662 LAN Controller: Intel 82579LM When I try to boot the HDD with Clover from the bootable usb it gives an error: boot failed sleeping for 10 seconds before exiting... If...
  2. protodimbo

    Help me with my build please

    Hi! Right now I have High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G66) with this PC : gigabyte z370p d3 Intel i5 8600k NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Realtek RTL8168G/8111G PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet 8GB RAM HDD+SSD And I'd like to update my PC to Catalina. But I know that my videocard will stop working. I can find AMD...
  3. kamrzard

    Can install mac on [Asrock G41M-VS3 R2.0, Q9550, 4GB DDR3 RAM, HD 2400XT]

    Hi, i'm interesting in install mac on my old warrior pc [Asrock G41M-VS3 R2.0, Q9550, 4GB DDR3 RAM, HD 2400 XT] anyone know its is possible or have a tutorial for this type of hackintosh?
  4. dereklin2110

    compatibility in Final Cut Pro without IGPU

    I want to buy a pc with Hackintosh. I saw some advice. I saw some website said that if you want to make Final Cut Pro/ Adobe software perfect, You must buy a cpu that have IGPU inside (E.g 9900k) But i also see that can use cpu that no IGPU inside when using 5700xt. Which one is correct? I want...
  5. lawmaster

    Hackintosh (i7-9700K+5700 XT) not booting up after switching from integrated graphics to GPU

    I followed this guide ( and successfully installed Catalina on my PC. However, after I get to the step when I switch the output from integrated graphics to GPU, the computer no longer boots and gets stuck at the "GIOScreenLockState 3" line and not going to...
  6. cpl_jimmy

    Lenovo 330S i3 Panic on Clover booting to Install drive

    I bought the Lenovo 330S due to the need for a portable build and the many people who have recommended this model. And while certain youtube videos even gave links to the i3 model... I suspect they all actually used the i5 model. That said. I have the Lenovo 330S-15 i3-8130 4GB soldered RAM +...
  7. SpiderIan

    Installed Mojave clean and now I only get a black screen with no information.

    Hi, I have a desktop with: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU MOBO: MAXIMUS IX HERO GPU: AMD Radeon VII Here is a link to my EFI: I went through the install, it worked fine. I booted in and used multibeast and followed the install guide except where I had to follow alternate...
  8. SaltedOreo

    Solved > Attempting Catalina on Razer Blade 15 Advanced (Mid 2019)

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to turn my Blade into a Hackintosh for the past week. There's been a lot of bumps along the way, but I think I'm getting close? I'm hoping someone can give me some advice that will get me across the line. I was able to successfully create and boot from a USB...
  9. Xpose

    Please Help: Keyboard stops working randomly Mojave

    Hi all, first of all this problem is driving me nuts. I can't get over it and honestly is very annoing. The keyboard is not working properly. Randomly when I type a text fields, for instance the spacebar, the keyboard start typing like : "\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\..." without any end. KB...
  10. onygan

    HELP PLEASE!!! I don't wanna leave Hackintosh

    I don't even know from where to start cuz i did everything that i could and nothing to solve this problem. The problem is, i have a extreme lag in my Hackintosh with High Sierra build 17G65, at first i thouthg it could be my Graphic Card, but was not (i think), but now that my Graphic Card is...
  11. sspriingg

    Running into error when attempting to install Mojave (Hackintosh)

    So I'm trying to hackintosh Mojave on my Computer, and when I try to run setup, I get the error 'The recovery server could not be contacted.' I checked my BIOS date, and it's correct. I tried to run 'ntpdate -u' and it says that 'ntpdate' is not recognized. If i try doing 'sudo...
  12. ducanh2110

    Help with System Preferences

    I have installed succesfully Catalina Hackintosh in my Laptop MSI-QE62VR 6RF Apache Pro. But I have a problem with system preferences. Everything I have changed in it get reset after I shutdown or force shutdown. But it still have my changed settings if I only restart my laptop. Someone had...
  13. impalax33

    [Q] Intel DH67BL

    Hey guys Somebody happens to have my own mainboard like me and has a working EFI folder for me so that I can use my Hackintosh problem freely My Specs: Intel DH67BL Intel Core i5 2320 16 GB DDR3 Ram MSI Geforce GTX 750 Intenso 120GB SSD I really want to use High Sierra because of the Nvidia...
  14. aurphillus

    Compatibility on HP 15-P045TX

    Good Day, I am new to hackintosh. I have a HP Pavilion laptop (HP 15-P045TX), with following specs: CPU: Core i7-4510u @ 2.00Ghz (4 CPUs) Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics / Nvidia Geforce 840M RAM: 16gb Can anyone please, help me on what steps to follow and version of Mac OS to use. Thanks
  15. Jancey

    Accidentally removed my windows drive from clover boot menu via terminal command

    I used this command: diskutil info disk0s2 | grep -i "Partition UUID" | rev | cut -d' ' -f 1 | rev But I accidentally removed the wrong disk and now the only option on the boot menu is Catalina. How can I get it back?
  16. minhnhat2000

    Addlink S70 compatibility?

    Hi guys, so I’ve been looking for an affordable good ssd for my Dell XPS 15 9750, I have found the Addlink S70 1TB, but wondering about its compatibility with Catalina. Does anybody here have tried it, what’s the result? Thanks a lot
  17. Matthew92007

    Removing Top Shelf Mac Pro 1,1

    Hello everyone, i'm losing my mind trying to remove this darn top shelf. I've taken out every screw that I've seen others online do, but it just won't budge. Pictures below, what am I missing?! Anything help Thank you!!
  18. LimboX

    Stuck here

    Can anyone help me with this? It’s been going on like this forever. Logs isn’t showing up anything. It’s stuck! Help!
  19. DanialMovahed

    Lenovo Ideapad 510-15ISK issue

    Hello everyone. First sorry because of my bad English. I am a total idiot in hackintoshing but I love it. Recently I have wanted to install MacOS HighSierra on my Lenovo Ideapad510-15ISK and I followed different guides and I have heared about ACPI patching but I don't know how to do it. Now my...
  20. razorflashmedia

    Clover keeps rebooting when trying to boot Catalina

    This is the issue in verbose mode - My config is - i5 9600K - z390m - crucial ddr4 2133mhz - samsung 960 evo m.2 - rx 560( in which I plugged the hdmi port ) I have made it into the post installation step ( though there were ocasions when the booter restarted the pc ) And made a SMBIOS...