1. MarijZ

    hackintosh lags after wake from sleep

    Hey, I have a Hackintosh with the following specs: Cpu: i5-3470 Ram: 16gb DDR3 GPU: Nvidia 1050ti Mobo: MSI h61m-p20 (g3) OS: MAC OS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G66) And this is the only issue I have left. When I put my Hackintosh to sleep and then wake it up everything is normal except it lags...
  2. mojavyeah

    First Hackintosh build going wrong in every way (Help)

    Hello everyone! I have scoured the interweb endlessly before posting here as to not waste anyones time about my first Hackintosh build which just doesn't seem to want to work. The components i have are: ASUS TUF Z390 - PLUS Motherboard MSI ARMOR RX580 GPU Intel i7-8700k CPU Corsair Vengeance...
  3. Ocwa

    Mac/Linux Server - Which should be VM Host?

    Hey, new here. I switched to Android recently but my phone has bad reception at my house, so I figured I'd use the recently-out-of-beta AirMessage to send and receive iMessages. (My whole family and a couple friends use Apple's "Message" app exclusively.) So I need a Mac server. Why buy when...
  4. gabrielrinaldi

    Help with almost perfect Asus Maximus XI Code Z390 + 9900K build

    I have been working on my build for a while, it is almost perfect but here are the things I need help with: Shutdown Every time I shutdown or restart my computer, it posts in safe mode: Bluetooth I have a MacBook card (vendor: 0x5ac, product: 0xf007) that used to work in High Sierra using a...
  5. MarijZ

    Is my hardware compatible?

    Hey, I have the following hardware, and I'm wondering if I can install macOS on it: CPU: i5-3740 Motherboard: H61M-P20 (g3) RAM: 16GB DDR3 Graphics card: Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Thanks for all the answers -Marij
  6. Zia765


    I have Asus K556U i5 6200U and I am not able to make a hackintosh Please help me need Efi Folder I am not able to understand this method
  7. BeepWeep

    Language choose

    I created a High Sierra flash drive in Hackintosh using UniBeast, but I had a problem, I want to choose a language during installation, but I don’t have a language selection panel, is there a way to turn it on? (in config.plist, gui, the choice of language was set to no and English, but the...
  8. Nowkin

    Building first Hackintosh. Need advice of parts

    Hello Guys, i want to build my first hackintosh and need a little advice. i followed the buyers guide but still not sure if this components i want to choose will run Mac Os Mojave with all features (Audio, Network, Bluetooth, Appstore etc.) Here is my actual list. Asus Prime Z390-P Intel Z390...
  9. Ketchupmayoo

    Problem booting on Mojave USB installer on Asus laptop

    Hi everyone, I really need your help. I am actually trying to install macos Mojave on my asus laptop but i’m struggling. I have followed this tutorial ( but when I boot on the macOS USB installer I’m stuck on the apple logo (I’ve record the installation...
  10. FengC

    [Help]failed to write file

    I have a DELL inspiron 5459. I wanted to install Mojave.When I quickly complete the installation, the white screen pops up as shown in the error. Macbook-Pro opendirectoryd[186]: [auth] failed to write file <private> It’s been a few days, I didn’t find a solution. I hope the netizens will...
  11. tom868686868

    about battery and audio problem on laptop

    osx10.14 i5-4250u i have added "irq hdef hdau mutex osys10" patch and install acpibettery on clover ,but the battery management still donot work my audio card is alc269vc ,i try to use applealc,and tried all the layoutid, all of those colud not work. 2019-03-31 20:18:23.389590+0800...
  12. RowenDJ

    System didn’t start

    Hello, I have one problem with my hackintosh, when I’m trying to start the system, everything goes well, the sistem start, but when the apple bar reaches 1/2 a loading image appears and nothing. Yesterday everything was fine on the hackintosh. How can I solve this? Thanks!
  13. doomcraft

    i5 9400f and ASUS H370-I install hangs

    Hello, I've been trying to install Mojave in the past 2 days with no success. Installation seems to hang on the Apple logo while running the installer. My Setup: - i5 9400f (no onboard graphics) - gtx 970 (connected to monitor with display port) - 16gb ram - asus rog strix h370 itx (with...
  14. Nabonawer

    Help! First build! I Need Recomendations!

    Hi everyone! Well, I decided to build my first hackintosh but im really lost of what i have to do and buy! i´ve been reading a lot but i´m always get confused with the different information that i find. My intention is build a system that can run Windows and MacOs (Mojave if posible). I work...
  15. meiyoumingzi

    Help! Installation fails with stop sign after apple logo and progress bar

    Hi, I am following the installation guide for Mojave to install on my PC. But installation fails with a stop sign after the Apple logo and first progress bar. Config as follows. MB: Asrock z170 Gaming K4 CPU: intel i5 6600k GPU: Asus GTX 1060 6G Memory: Team T-Force Vulcan 16GB (2 x 8GB) I...
  16. ebster24

    TP-Link Archer T6E not working Sierra

    I brought a T6e because i saw it worked out the box sadly it doesn't for me. My hackintosh is a Hp Sff 8000 with core 2 quad and Gt710 on Sierra 10.12.5. First build but everything else works perfectly just no wifi. I have tried a bunch of different kexts such as fake pciid etc My orginial...
  17. OcramSheep

    (HELP) New Build with Z390I AORUS PRO WIFI installation not working

    I just build a system for Hackintosh, the reason is that my 2011 iMac is getting slow AF and I really need to use Final Cut Pro for work. But sadly I failed to install OSX. FIRST Here are the Components...
  18. hogulader7

    [HELP] Fix dsdt errors 6084

    Greetings, I'm doing a dsdt override for an egpu setup and i'm unable to find a fix for few errors. Using Windows Binary Tools (WBT – Feb 2019), Windows Driver Kit (WDK) and Notepad++ text editor System: samsung nt900x4d i5-3317u Windows 7 x64 home hd4000 Attached is the .dsl file. Kindly...
  19. ktg5g

    Samsung 700Z5C, needing help... Read for more info.

    Hello tonymacx86 community, I am trying to make my Samsung 700Z5C laptop, a hackintosh. When going onto the installer (which I followed this guide here), I have 2 problems... 1. Both the trackpad and keyboard don't work. 2. My SSD isn't detected. (Maybe because I have it formated to NTFS...
  20. andrewleonard1693

    Case fan spins very slowly and sometimes stops completely

    Hey guys - So I have a NZXT s340 elite case and just bought and installed two Noctua case fans (both PWM - 1x120mm, 1x140mm) The 120mm exhaust fan works correctly in Windows so I know this is a macOS issue. As soon as I boot into macOS (past the clover boot menu) the fan gets very slow. Don't...