1. ThatCopy

    Solved > HELP! SSDT Patching on an Asus X555L

    I am trying to disable the dGPU on my Asus X555L (Geforce 930M) and I ran into a issue with SSDT-10 (there is the Method (_OFF, 0, Serialized) // _OFF: Power Off) When I click "Compile" it gives me these errors even when i didnt make any changes I attached the files bellow. In the SSDT-9 there...
  2. ddklassen

    Black Screen when trying to install OSX Mojave through Clover Bootloader (Asus Z390-A)

    I finally attempted to build my hackintosh, based on the guides provided here, and I have run into my first major snag that has forced my hand into registering for this site and begging the community for help. First off, thanks to everyone for getting me this far, anyone who has contributed to...
  3. kia

    failed getting NVRAM installing high sierra [help]

    Hi, I created a High Sierra install USB (gpt, legacy) using clover and its been a few days i'm attempting to install MacOS on Laptop I boot and enter clover then i press booting install high sierra installation and then it stops at loading installer after writing these lines...
  4. DevMau5

    Hackintosh Shutdown/Sleep/Reboot issue after bad usb contact

    Hi, Four months ago, I built an hackintosh with the following specs (From Buyer's guide advice) : - Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI as a MB - Intel Core i7-8700 - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GO (2*8GO) DDR4 3200MHZ - RX 580 Aorus - EVGA 650 GQ PSU - NZXT X42 cooling system - NZXT Mini ITX case H200i The Mini...
  5. idid123

    Lenovo ideapad 330-15ikb

    Hi, I'm trying to achieve a fully working Hackintosh. I saw in another thread that this should be possible. The installation went flawless. There are some strange things tho. However I still have 7 mb for my Intel UHD Graphics 620. I'm completely new to hackintoshes. Things that are not...
  6. LilKVOnTheBEat

    [HELP] Wifi And Bluetooth HP x360 1030 g2

    hello , im not sure which wifi card to replace with my intel 8265, ive completely setup my laptop to dual boot windows and OSX 10.14.4 sleep , battery , power management and all those good little features! just this last step , im not sure which bcm to buy because the form factor is kind of...
  7. jepetal

    Mojave instalation keeps getting stuck on [PCI configuration end]

    Hey, For the past 3 days, I've been trying to setup my hackintosh without any success. I've followed many guides on how to do it, including the tonymacx86 one. I also configured my BIOS as told on the tonymacx86 guide. I always try to install in verbose mode, and it seems to always be getting...
  8. Ressan

    [help] Asus UX333FA laptop boot screen freeze

    greetings all, I managed to install mojave on this asus laptop UX333FA specs below Intel Core i7-8565u Quad Core Processor (Up to 4.6GHz) 16GB RAM Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 but when I restarted I always get stuck at apple screen loading and the mouse appears but nothing else appears after that...
  9. DartME

    No video after clover

    I can not install MacOS (Mojave) to my PC. Basically, I boot to clover, then press enter, it starts booting, but theres no image... Verbose mode doesn't do anything, if anyone wonders. EFI is here:
  10. 0xTanvir

    Installation help: shutdown_installer_tasks: No such file or directory (rebooting on a loop with this error)

    Hi, I am trying to install my first hackingtosh, but continuously getting this error in a loop and restarting every time but nothing happens. bash: /private/var/install/shutdown_installer_tasks: No such file or directory bash: /private/var/install/deferred_install: No such file or directory...
  11. gabrielko24

    [Help] ApplePMC: : pubblishedIOPPFF ( ) - failed

    Guys I need your help, and for a week now I've been trying to create a Hackintosh, but every time I get this error : ApplePMC: : pubblishedIOPPFF ( ) - failed I'm in the last step before the home screen of MacOs How can I solve this problem ? I also share the confing.plist file. The my...
  12. TheRealPalmtree

    Lenovo s340 Keyboard working, touchpad not

    Laptop: Lenovo s340 14 inch I-5 8265u 8 gig DDR4 256 gig SSD (running exclusively macOS) Intel UHD 620 (this is also not working, 7mb of VRAM showing up in 'about this Mac'. Currently using RehabMan's UHD 630 plist as there's no UHD 620, any help about this problem would be much appreciated)...
  13. DartME

    Mojave Apple Logo Stuck while installation

    Hey, so Im new to this stuff. It is just stuck( I can't do anything, it stayed all night in a stuck state, now in verbose it shows this. I tried USB Ownership and USB Inject, it doesn't work.
  14. RowenDJ

    Hackintosh freezes and can’t do nothing

    Hello, Thanks for reply in advance. I have a problem with my hackintosh. When the system starts freezes and I can’t do nothing. I’m running mojave on a shappire pulse rx 560. I entered in safe mode, verbose mode, normal mode and nothing. I don’t know what I can do, picture attached with a...
  15. xapperboi

    Error gios lockscreen state.

    Hi there, Thank you for taking you time and looking at this post. So as I was unable to get past the random seed screen. One of the moderator with the same kind of build shared his EFI folder. It sucessfully managed to bypass the random seed screen although its now stuck at gios lockscreen...
  16. xapperboi

    (Help) Stuck At Debugging Screen While Clean Installing Mojave 10.14.6

    Hi there! I'm just getting into hackintosh and it's not going well to be honest. I'm using ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW (LAPTOP) Specs Are As Follows - Operating System- Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU- Intel Core i7 6700HQ @ 2.60GHz Skylake 14nm Technology RAM- 16.0GB Dual-Channel...
  17. morpheus302

    Dual screen on Mojave and NVIDIA GPU

    PS: i am a total noob and couldn't find a solution using search. 2 samsung monitors plugged to my GTX 1060 via HDMI and display port. When i boot to Mojave everything works but the screen plugged via display port is always black. Did anyone manage to solve the issue?
  18. NiikolaSlav

    Will this WiFi card work with hackintosh?

    I have a Gateway DX4870. The link to the PC is here. I’m asking this because I cannot use Ethernet due to my router being built into my cable box. My WiFi card is an Atheros AR5B22.
  19. Suriken

    I need to get my Audio clean up and I need help!

    Hello! I am noob at this and I don't know what I am doing, just following tutorials until this works properly so... I managed to get all my hackintosh build working except for the audio which now I know how to fix but my Sound tab in my preferences look like this: And I need this to look like...
  20. NiikolaSlav

    Solved > Is this setup compatible with a Hackintosh?

    I would like to know if my PC setup is compatible with a Hackintosh. Here is what I have. CPU: Intel Core i3 2130 GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti Motherboard: Gateway DX4870 RAM: 6GB DDR3 This is a prebuilt PC. You can find it here. The only thing I have added to this PC was an Nvidia Geforce...