1. ChriswiththeBeard

    HD4600 No 4K60hz via Displayport 1.2

    Hello, I have a hard time getting 4k60hz to work on my custom mini itx hackintosh --> (OpenCore 0.8.5 / macOS 12.6.1 Montery / iMac 16,1) The systems is a i7 4790, Using the HD4600 graphics trough the onboard displayport 1.2 connector on this: motherboard (Asus H97I-Plus). I have set the DVMT...
  2. getbiks

    BigSur - OpenCore - GA H81M-S Intel HD4600 7MB Graphics

    Hi, I have successfully installed Big Sur using OpenCore but having issues with my Graphics. My specs is as follows: Intel i7-4790k Gigabyte H81M-S Motherboard 16GB DDR3 RAM I don't have a dedicated graphics card as my GPU died and Motherboard has only VGA output. I have been able to...
  3. seemajor7

    [Fixed] No Intel HDMI Audio and Display not matching up (High Sierra)

    Hi, all, my HDMI audio was working under High Sierra, then I applied the 2020-005 Security update and updated Clover and now the HDMI audio is not working. I think part of the problem is that System Report shows the proper monitor (F27), but About This Mac shows it as a Built-in Display, how...
  4. Xagdas

    For Catalina, BCM4322 or AR5B195 or AR5B93

    Dear Forum, Hi everyone. I switched from Mojave to Catalina, clean installation with Unibeast. My system has - Asus H81T (interesting motherboard actually) - Onboard ethernet Realtek8111G (successfully enabled with Multibeast) - Onboard sound ALC887-VD (can't success perfectly yet, Voodoo...
  5. Sheepyshoe

    10.15.6 Won't boot with two monitors

    Just got around to updating to Catalina 10.15.6 with a clean install using the main guide. System boots fine with one monitor (HDMI or DVI) attached. If I boot with HDMI then plug in the DVI monitor, everything behaves. If I boot with both connected, I get a Kernel Panic. If I boot with DVI...
  6. droid-mac

    Catalina - Intel HD4600 not detected

    Hello. I've got a problem with my catalina installation and the iGPU Intel HD4600. Here is my setup: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H Intel Core i7 4770K 1150 Haswell using its internal Intel HD Graphics 4600 only 16 GB RAM System Disk: Samsung 840 Pro Serie 256GB SSD The system is booting up fine but...
  7. markobog123

    Glitchy Display (OpenCore) (i7-4700MQ, HD4600)

    I am trying to install macOS on my Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 laptop. I managed to configure OpenCore as much as I knew, utilizing Linux to get DSDT and get ACPI configured. I made the configuration using https://dortania.github.io/vanilla-laptop-guide/. I configured GPU using WhateverGreen's...
  8. dpnptl

    Graphics card suggestions and compatibility check

    Hey there, I have core i7 4790k cpu with gigabyte z97 d3h motherboard. Will the mac os catalina support intel hd4600 graphics or do i need to buy graphics card? If so which one should I buy for best compatibility?
  9. Graaanityy

    [Success] Catalina on GA-Z87-D3HP, i5 4570, GT 740

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP CPU: Intel i5 4570 @ 3.20GHz GPU: Gigabyte GT 740 2GB GDDR5 Audio: Realtek ALC892 RAM: 2x4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600MHz HDD: TOSHIBA MQ01ABD050 (was built in PS4 console before) Ethernet: Intel I217V Gigabit Ethernet Kexts I...
  10. Lukazap

    Help, use 2 monitors

    I installed the catalina and it is working, both on the gpu and on the cpu, it is working on both on vga, would I have to configure to work both at the same time, to be able to use 2 monitors, or will I have to use on only one ?, the monitors that I have here, they are just vga, I will have to...
  11. Stripy White Apples

    Stripy White Apples

    A favorite of mine from my 9020. To me this what makes the Hackintosh experience unique and fun. The unexpected glitches that pop up, sure you can solve them but I kind of enjoy seeing them. Your not going to see it on a real Mac.
  12. shyamlraj

    HP Probook 640 G1 External Display undetected

    After lots of complications, completed hackintoshing my HP Probook 640 G1 with Mojave. before, I tried with High Sierra too. Everything is ok except, bluetooth, wifi and EXTERNAL DISPLAY. I have tried much , but still failed mostly. I followed Rehabman's guide . I patched DSDT and SSDT. the...
  13. Akihabara

    MOJAVE 10.14 Installation Problem

    My computer is MSI GT72 2QD-1019XCN gaming laptop. CPU: I7 4720hq and my Graphics card is gtx 970m. I can Switching graphics cards and Only one can work at the same time. My Core graphics card is HD4600,But when I restarted the computer and started installing it ,only black screen if I add -v...
  14. lionnez

    << Solved >> intel hd graphics 4600 & 4K: no UI scaling options

    Hello. My system works well thanks to this forum. The only remaining problem is the graphics. I can get 4K resolution if don't tick Inject Intel and don't add any ig-platform-id (Lilu and WhateverGreen is installed), but then my system doesn't recognise Intel HD Graphics 4600 1536 MB under About...
  15. Saphir

    After QE/CI HD4600 getting Glitches

    Hello! After enabling IntelGraphics in Clover I get QE/CI but I get glitches too. I had the same problem at Sierra and High Sierra, but I could not find a solution so far and I thought that it might work fine on Mojave properly, but it doesn't. Reporting files are attatched and a short video...
  16. sevence

    HELP!Hasee Z7-i78172S2 how to inject HD4600?

    Hello everyone! Now I install mojave, I have a problem with the graphics card, I need everyone's help! My notebook configuration: CPU: i7-4720HQ Mob:hasee Z7-i78172S2+hm87 GPU: HD4600+GTX970m Three days ago, I followed the tutorial to install mojave using unibeast. After entering the system, the...
  17. mwforge2

    << Solved >> R9-290 detected 4GB but no acceleration.

    I've been searching for solution quite a while but can't seems to find any answer. I'm running on 10.13.6, here's some kexts I installed in Library/Extensions. FakeSMC IntelMausiEthernet Lilu WhateverGreen realtekALC NullCPUPowerManagement I also attached my clover config below if needed. So...
  18. cci[RR]us

    << Solved >> No 4K resolution on HD4600

    I have successfully installed Mojave 10.14.3 on an Acer XC-605. This desktop has a Intel i7-4790 CPU, Intel HD4600 (configured to have 128MB; output HDMI). It works perfectly; I get video acceleration, sound, LAN, etc, but the maximum resolution it is capable of, is 1920x1080. :( Here's what I...
  19. macbellota

    Intel HD4600 4K Mojave working???

    Nobody has run Intel HD4600 with a 4k monitor in Mojave ?? I have managed to expand the memory of the card from: 1536mb to 2048mb through Framebuffer with WatheverGreen, but there is no way to extend the resolution beyond 2560 x 1440. Has someone got it?
  20. CarstenLP

    Mojave, Intel HD4600 fuzzy

    Hi everyone, Long time reader firstime builder here. I've done my first ever hackintosh and I've got a question regarding the fonts. The text and icons doesn't appear to be particularly sharp. I only have a 1920 x 1080 panel and I'm just not sure of if this is an error or not. I've read a bit...