1. getbiks

    BigSur - OpenCore - GA H81M-S Intel HD4600 7MB Graphics

    Hi, I have successfully installed Big Sur using OpenCore but having issues with my Graphics. My specs is as follows: Intel i7-4790k Gigabyte H81M-S Motherboard 16GB DDR3 RAM I don't have a dedicated graphics card as my GPU died and Motherboard has only VGA output. I have been able to...
  2. seemajor7

    [Fixed] No Intel HDMI Audio and Display not matching up (High Sierra)

    Hi, all, my HDMI audio was working under High Sierra, then I applied the 2020-005 Security update and updated Clover and now the HDMI audio is not working. I think part of the problem is that System Report shows the proper monitor (F27), but About This Mac shows it as a Built-in Display, how...
  3. papo2414

    Monitor shuts down in the BigSur installation process (Hackintosh)

    Hello everybody! I am installing BigSur on my PC, it is a Lenovo SFF with the following specifications: Intel Core i5 4790, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 4600 ... The problem I have is that when the installation process goes through 75% More less, the screen turns off. The computer and...
  4. Pinney

    OpenCore success with Graphic issue

    Hi, Not sure if this really a post install issue, but I give it a try. :) As still fresh on the "Hackingtosh front" I started of with Clover, Uni/Multi Beast, etc. about 8 weeks ago, a lot of hassle to get stuff work and never able to upgrade to the latest Catalina. Last Friday removed...
  5. Xagdas

    For Catalina, BCM4322 or AR5B195 or AR5B93

    Dear Forum, Hi everyone. I switched from Mojave to Catalina, clean installation with Unibeast. My system has - Asus H81T (interesting motherboard actually) - Onboard ethernet Realtek8111G (successfully enabled with Multibeast) - Onboard sound ALC887-VD (can't success perfectly yet, Voodoo...
  6. Sheepyshoe

    10.15.6 Won't boot with two monitors

    Just got around to updating to Catalina 10.15.6 with a clean install using the main guide. System boots fine with one monitor (HDMI or DVI) attached. If I boot with HDMI then plug in the DVI monitor, everything behaves. If I boot with both connected, I get a Kernel Panic. If I boot with DVI...
  7. droid-mac

    Catalina - Intel HD4600 not detected

    Hello. I've got a problem with my catalina installation and the iGPU Intel HD4600. Here is my setup: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H Intel Core i7 4770K 1150 Haswell using its internal Intel HD Graphics 4600 only 16 GB RAM System Disk: Samsung 840 Pro Serie 256GB SSD The system is booting up fine but...
  8. markobog123

    Glitchy Display (OpenCore) (i7-4700MQ, HD4600)

    I am trying to install macOS on my Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 laptop. I managed to configure OpenCore as much as I knew, utilizing Linux to get DSDT and get ACPI configured. I made the configuration using https://dortania.github.io/vanilla-laptop-guide/. I configured GPU using WhateverGreen's...
  9. dpnptl

    Graphics card suggestions and compatibility check

    Hey there, I have core i7 4790k cpu with gigabyte z97 d3h motherboard. Will the mac os catalina support intel hd4600 graphics or do i need to buy graphics card? If so which one should I buy for best compatibility?
  10. Graaanityy

    [Success] Catalina on GA-Z87-D3HP, i5 4570, GT 740

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP CPU: Intel i5 4570 @ 3.20GHz GPU: Gigabyte GT 740 2GB GDDR5 Audio: Realtek ALC892 RAM: 2x4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600MHz HDD: TOSHIBA MQ01ABD050 (was built in PS4 console before) Ethernet: Intel I217V Gigabit Ethernet Kexts I...
  11. Lukazap

    Help, use 2 monitors

    I installed the catalina and it is working, both on the gpu and on the cpu, it is working on both on vga, would I have to configure to work both at the same time, to be able to use 2 monitors, or will I have to use on only one ?, the monitors that I have here, they are just vga, I will have to...
  12. Stripy White Apples

    Stripy White Apples

    A favorite of mine from my 9020. To me this what makes the Hackintosh experience unique and fun. The unexpected glitches that pop up, sure you can solve them but I kind of enjoy seeing them. Your not going to see it on a real Mac.
  13. shyamlraj

    HP Probook 640 G1 External Display undetected

    After lots of complications, completed hackintoshing my HP Probook 640 G1 with Mojave. before, I tried with High Sierra too. Everything is ok except, bluetooth, wifi and EXTERNAL DISPLAY. I have tried much , but still failed mostly. I followed Rehabman's guide . I patched DSDT and SSDT. the...
  14. Akihabara

    MOJAVE 10.14 Installation Problem

    My computer is MSI GT72 2QD-1019XCN gaming laptop. CPU: I7 4720hq and my Graphics card is gtx 970m. I can Switching graphics cards and Only one can work at the same time. My Core graphics card is HD4600,But when I restarted the computer and started installing it ,only black screen if I add -v...
  15. lionnez

    << Solved >> intel hd graphics 4600 & 4K: no UI scaling options

    Hello. My system works well thanks to this forum. The only remaining problem is the graphics. I can get 4K resolution if don't tick Inject Intel and don't add any ig-platform-id (Lilu and WhateverGreen is installed), but then my system doesn't recognise Intel HD Graphics 4600 1536 MB under About...
  16. Saphir

    After QE/CI HD4600 getting Glitches

    Hello! After enabling IntelGraphics in Clover I get QE/CI but I get glitches too. I had the same problem at Sierra and High Sierra, but I could not find a solution so far and I thought that it might work fine on Mojave properly, but it doesn't. Reporting files are attatched and a short video...
  17. sevence

    HELP!Hasee Z7-i78172S2 how to inject HD4600?

    Hello everyone! Now I install mojave, I have a problem with the graphics card, I need everyone's help! My notebook configuration: CPU: i7-4720HQ Mob:hasee Z7-i78172S2+hm87 GPU: HD4600+GTX970m Three days ago, I followed the tutorial to install mojave using unibeast. After entering the system, the...
  18. mwforge2

    << Solved >> R9-290 detected 4GB but no acceleration.

    I've been searching for solution quite a while but can't seems to find any answer. I'm running on 10.13.6, here's some kexts I installed in Library/Extensions. FakeSMC IntelMausiEthernet Lilu WhateverGreen realtekALC NullCPUPowerManagement I also attached my clover config below if needed. So...
  19. cci[RR]us

    << Solved >> No 4K resolution on HD4600

    I have successfully installed Mojave 10.14.3 on an Acer XC-605. This desktop has a Intel i7-4790 CPU, Intel HD4600 (configured to have 128MB; output HDMI). It works perfectly; I get video acceleration, sound, LAN, etc, but the maximum resolution it is capable of, is 1920x1080. :( Here's what I...
  20. Baldassi

    Please help me with glitch in HD4600 + GTX660

    Hello people! I'm sorry if I wrote in the wrong section and my poor english, but I'm desperate already. To be objective, I have a hackintosh for video editing with Final Cut and El Capitan 10.11.6 and I have in 2 year problem with no solution. After turn on, the first and second time I play a...