gtx 760

  1. e12

    Fault CPU when changing from Clover to Open Core

    Hi, I've got the attached screen whenever I try to use Open Core in my X99 UD4 Mojave build. I'm stuck and will appreciate any help. Thanks! Build: GA-X99-UD4 i7 5820k EVGA GTX 760 32GB Crucial Ballistix 2666 DDR4 RAM Mojave 10.14.6 (last security update)
  2. adamb

    Big Sur Build for Developing on Xcode

    Hello everyone! Since I can't accept being price gouged by Apple to use their products to develop apps for iOS devices, I have decided to see about using my current PC for the job and I'm hoping the community can help me out. Here's what I have available to work with: GTX 760 (in storage) &...
  3. wetwater

    NVIDIA GTX 760 DisplayPort not working

    Since many years my Hackintosh is really realiable and works really nice. But at the moment I got stuck. I wanted to use a new monitor with higher resolution than HD (1920*1200) At the moment I use two monitors with (1920*1200) each one connected to one DVI Port. My system works well and I see...
  4. Bavalia.Piyush

    MSI GTX 760 Chip 7mb on Catalina + Realtek ALC1150 issue

    Hi, My build is MSI H87-G43 Gaming motherboard Intel i3 4th Gen Dual Core 16gb Corsair DDR3 (4+4+8) MSI Geforce GTX 760 2gb SSD 1 WD (Already Have High-Sierra) working fine since more than 2 years SSD 2 Kingston (on which Catalina clean install has been done) I don't what went wrong in...
  5. juniorr

    help with compatibility

    hi im looking to do a dual system setup in a evolv x case and was wondering if my old computer parts would work for the hackintosh portion of the dual system (main system wold by a powerful pc but always wanted to do a mackintosh so might as well convert my old comp into the mackintosh specially...
  6. YOUser

    i7-3770K/GA-Q77M-D2H/GTX 760 is it compatible with Mojave?

    I've found only two builds with this mobo and both were using El Capitan, I know it's an old setup but i would like to install mojave on it, is there any specific change on the OS that make it not work with setups like this? I know Nvidia have some troubles with Mojave, but with some fixes i...
  7. asheenlevrai

    GTX 660 ti compatible or not? (and other kepler-based dGPU)

    Hello :) I read somewhere that kepler-based NVidia GPUs should be natively supported by macOS. Does that mean they require no web driver at all? Does this mean I could use a GTX660ti on Mojave and get full functionality? Or would it fail since there is no web driver for Mojave? In my...
  8. Macosxilian

    Simple and Cheap Mojave Build > Gigabyte GA-H97-HD3 - i5-4460 - GTX 760

    Macosxilian's Build: Gigabyte GA-H97-HD3 - i5-4460 - GTX 760 Components Gigabyte GA-H97-HD3 Motherboard G.SKill 2x 8GB DDR3 Memory Intel i5-4460 Processor Nvidia GTX 760 4GB - this was a lucky shot for only 40 bucks :) Xilence 650W Power Supply - on eBay for 17€ Already Owned SSD 240...
  9. Semigradsky

    << Solved >> Lags on the Mojave

    Hello! I successfully installed the macOS Mojave, but some visual effects has lags. Earlier I used the macOS High Sierra and everything works fine, but I lost the Clover config. My build: MSI B75A-G43 Intel Core i7 3770 GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 760 I attached my config.plist. Do you have any ideas?
  10. jiodavid

    Not Booting to High Sierra Installer, Clover Boot Loop

    Hello everyone! It is currently my first time to try to hackintosh, and with these parts; Motherboard: Alienware Aurora R4 X79 Processor: Intel Xeon E5 4603 4 core 2ghz Graphics Cards: Asus GTX 760 RAM: 16gb G. Skill Ripjaws ddr3 1600mhz SSD: Zotac 120gb HDD:Hitachi 320gb It has been almost a...
  11. Dumbledore

    No Signal After Installing High Sierra

    Hello I have installed Mac OS High Sierra on my 250Gb SSD The setup went pretty well Then I installed the NVIDIA Web Drivers and rebooted my computer However now I have absolutely no signal coming out of my computer, I can't even see the ASRock startup screen :cry: My screen works just fine...
  12. Dumbledore

    Will It Run Mac OS High Sierra ?

    Hello everyone :wave: I would like to know if my PC can run Mac OS High Sierra. I only need the basic stuff to work, like Ethernet, audio, USB etc... Here's my configuration : Motherboard : ASRock B85 Pro4 CPU : i5-4570 (3.6Ghz) RAM : 8GB (1600Mhz) GPU : Gigabyte GTX 760 (2GB) Is there any...
  13. sergith

    [Solved] Glitch Issues with Nvidia GTX 760 only showing 7mb of Vram.

    After someone helps me, I upgrade to Sierra. Post: Now my problem is with the graphics card and with the monitor (which before was recognized by the system and now seems to be a generic monitor)...
  14. jttraverse

    Changing to GTX black screen

    I have a working pc with El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G31) that uses Clover to let me boot either a drive with OS X or Windows. It's been working perfectly for many months now with an older EVGA GeForce GTX 260 graphics card in it. I have a newer graphics card, a Zotac GTX 760, that I've decided to...
  15. Chuck23

    HDMI audio for GTX 760

    I just purchased a NVIDIA GTX 760 to my hackintosh (build 1) it is all workin fine despite I do not get any HDMI audio. Which kext should I install?
  16. DylanHu

    Compatibility Check: i7 4790K, Z87 chipset, GTX 760, Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 RAM 1600Mhz

    Hi, I just started reading about hackintoshes and I was wondering whether or not my current build would be compatible for macOS.
  17. ArgonZ

    GTX 760 - Dual Monitor - 4k and 2 k

    Hi all, I am currently using a 27" (2k) and and old 19" (1280x1024) monitor on my GTX 760. I want to switch my old 19" to a new 27" (4k). I don't want to game on 4k but only developer work. I would like to old the 60 hz too. Does anyone try this ? Do you think it will work ? All will run...
  18. naijaguy

    macOS on MSI Z170A Gaming M5 with GTX 760

    Thanks to @julian200601 and @tonymacx86 MB: MSI Z170A Gaming M5 CPU: 3.7 GHz Intel Core i3 (Skylake) Graphics: EVGA GeForce 760 Wifi: TP-Link T9E Files needed: UniBeast MultiBeast Sierra Edition Clover Configurator KextBeast Nvidia web driver (WebDriver-367.15.10.15f03) Audio Kext Enabler...
  19. edoerfel

    LG ultrawide 29' with GeForce GTX 760 BLACK SCREEN

    so, i have the LG ultrawide 29' with connected to my GeForce GTX 760 running El Capitan plugged via Displayport, I've tried HDMI and that doesn't work either. i can't get anything to show up on the monitor. its as if theres nothing plugged in. I've read you have to use diplayport to get higher...
  20. Cl3V3

    New Nvidia Cards Advice

    Does anyone think that the new Nvidia cards will cause any problems on a currently operational Hackintosh? I'm planning on upgrading to a GTX 1060 but don't want to screw up my working system. I currently use a GTX 760 for reference. What are your opinions?