1. ChdML

    GTX 1050 not getting recognized (High Sierra 17G14033)

    Hello, I'm trying to get the GTX 1050 to work on high Sierra but I've had no luck, I tried enabling NvidiaWebDriver, using "nvda_drv=1", and none of them worked, I think the gpu is not getting recognized cause when I disable the Igpu it boots me to a black screen, also I have the Nvidia drivers...
  2. amitfgggds

    Someone thinks this video is worth watching?

    A have RTX 2070 super i7 9700k Asus z390 a prime Somone think I have to ty this video?
  3. MeherBA

    Will my B460 AORUS PRO i510400 work ?

    Hello! I am new in this forum. I'm wondering if my build is a hackintosh compatible? MB : Intel Gigabyte B460 AORUS PRO CPU : i510400 GPU : NVIDIA GTX 1650 super Dedicated GPU : Intel UHD Graphics 630 Thanks for all. If any have some guide to guide me in the installation or tip it will be...
  4. kurogedelic

    NVRM read error (GTX1080)

    Hello. These days, my system often reboots. I have been using this system for 3 years. I have confirmed that it is a problem with NVRM. However, the timing is unpredictable, and it happens when I use After Effects, when I use Spark, and when I kick the enclosure with my foot. Is this just a...
  5. gbkbrant

    No More CUDA In Premiere Pro...What now?

    With Cuda recently removed from Premiere Pro, I see no reason to stick with NVIDIA, 10.13.6, and my 1070SC. Could those with experience weigh in on different GPU options for Premiere Pro in 2020? I’ve seen videos comparing the 2080 and 5700XT for video rendering and see they are very close...
  6. szwedoman

    Will my dual xeon PC works?

    Hi i have dual Xeon x5570 CPUs in Asus Z8NA-D6C mobo, 6x4G ddr3 and Asus gtx660 Is it possible to run macOS on it or buy something else to try?
  7. icoric

    How to manage booting Catalina with IGPU and High Sierra with dGPU

    Greetings, I have a triple boot of Catalina, High Sierra and Windows on separate SSD's. Catalina is working with UHD 630 Graphics, HS is working with my GPU and Windows 10 works with both. I set Catalina's EFI as default one, and am trying to boot from it. I am able to boot to Windows and...
  8. icoric

    Adding new Mojave or Catalina boot on a separate SSD, while keeping existing dual boot of High Sierra and Windows 10

    Hi, I could not find a guide on adding a new boot while keeping existing boots intact. Currently, I have a fully working dual boot of Windows 10 and High Sierra (because of not released NVIDIA drivers for my GPU) on separate SSDs. Now I would like to do some coding for iOS and need new version...
  9. Nathan12581

    Is my desktop Compatible?

    I'm looking at running OSX on another HD as I've got windows on a different SSD. I managed to run the OSX Mojave to the setup screen last time, but that was when it was in beta still and it just froze. System spec: Intel i7-7740x Kaby Lake 16GB RAM GTX 1080 ASUS Rog x299-e My problem is that...
  10. hass9987

    HP Gaming Laptop 15-cx0598na

    Im pretty new to this and want to install macos on my laptop (Dual boot with Windows 10?) but could never do it. MY HP Gaming Pavilion 15-cx0598na SPECS ARE - CPU - Intel Core i5 8300H Coffee Lake Motherboard - HP 8478 Ram - 8GB Graphics - NVIDIA GeFore GTX 1050 Ti + Intel UHD Graphics 630
  11. MY Hackmac

    MY Hackmac

  12. jugglehard

    << Solved >> Help Upgrading GTX 970 to 1070 High Sierra

    I want to make this upgrade with Zotac GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme Core 8GB OC. Tried a straight forward PCI-E swap, but was getting i believe infinite loop, when the Apple load bar starts and automatically reboots on the beginning . As i was still on 10.13.2 tried a fresh install, again using @malki...
  13. Seyer023

    Help Sleep Not Working!!!

    Hello, i am Seyer023 this is my first post. Thank you for taking the time to read into my problem. So here is my issue. I made my custom PC build about a year ago. I got it working great and I was happy. I use FCPX quite often because I am slowly turning it into a side job. Well FCPX a while...
  14. erwan123

    Dual Nvidia Gpu

    Hello there, I have a workstation with two Nvidia GPU. I run on High Sierra 10.13.6 and everything was fine until I added my second GPU (GTX 1060). I use it for 3D render, not for gaming or SLi etc. MacOs is very fluid, but when I use Cinema4D or Houdini the viewport is very slow. I have...
  15. C0gL0rd

    << Solved >> GTX 1070 and High Sierra won't combine.

    Alright I have spent days looking and reinstalling to no avail. I have: Mobo: GB Aorus z370 Ultra Gaming rev 1.0 GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 CPU: i5-8600k OS: 10.13.6 (17G66) So I am very fresh to this. Tried using Mojave at first and realized at least as far as I can tell there is no support for GTX...
  16. brownknee

    High Sierra 10.13.6 - GPU Laggy

    Hello, I recently made the jump from 10.10.1 to 10.13.6. I never bothered updating before now, because my system worked with no issues and I never had a reason to upgrade until recently. My old GPU died on me (GTX 760) so I got a new one and went ahead and made the OS upgrade to 10.13. The new...
  17. danmeddeg

    << Solved >> Sierra 10.12.6 Build 16G1710 Nvidia Web Driver Issue

    So I reckoned this was gonna happen sometime. My Sierra system has updated into build number 16G1710, but the Nvidia web driver seems to have not been released yet. (the 16G1818 version is not compatible). Does anyone know if the compatible version is due to be released any time soon? Thank you.
  18. TimDrucker

    High Sierra Stopped Booting After 8 Months (stuck at apple screen)

    Hi guys, Am in a bit of a pickle here. Finished my first Hackintosh build around February this year and its all been running smoothly since; - Gigabyte Z170-XP - Intel i7 6700k - Corsair Vengence 2400mHz DDR4 - NVidia GTX 660Ti Except for one issue: After about 20minutes of use the...
  19. pfsc

    Switch from GTX 1050 Ti to RX 570

    Hi there, since I've finally got enough of Nvidia's buggy web drivers (still using one from early 2017 since all others are laggy), I'd like to switch from my Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB to an RX 570 4GB to be able to use macOS Mojave. I picked the following model: MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR 8G OC Is...
  20. filterhead

    1080 Installation problems

    Hi guys, I have a problem long time ago. Im unable to install high sierra, i did once, and 1080 didnt worked to me. After so much time, i decided to reinstall. I installed using unibeast, then i used time machine to recover my files. Here is the problem: i used to have a black screen clover...