High Sierra Stopped Booting After 8 Months (stuck at apple screen)

Feb 21, 2017
Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI
Intel Core i7 6700k @4.0GHz
Nvidia GTX 660Ti
  1. MacBook Pro
Hi guys,

Am in a bit of a pickle here.

Finished my first Hackintosh build around February this year and its all been running smoothly since;

- Gigabyte Z170-XP
- Intel i7 6700k
- Corsair Vengence 2400mHz DDR4
- NVidia GTX 660Ti

Except for one issue:

After about 20minutes of use the graphics on my screen would start to go crazy and generate splotches of random colours all over the screen. The lines of text would all be out of sync and it would just be distracting during use. Therefore, as a temporary solution, every 20minutes or so I would restart the computer when this issue occurred and since I am booting off an SSD the boot time is quick so it hardly took any time at all to restart and ignore the issue.

That is until today. I decided to just simply remove the GTX 660Ti from the machine and select the integrated graphics display in the BIOS so it would then be running solely off the 6700k CPU.

Then, when I went to boot it back up for the first time only using IGFX, it got half way through the apple loading screen and crashed, sending me right back to Clover BootLoader. I have attempted to reboot many times now and have even put the GFX card back in and reverted the changes in the BIOS back to boot with the dedicated GPU, however, I am having no luck.

I am certain I haven't damaged anything during the process of removing the GFX card as the BIOS and bootloader both work fine running off the CPU and GPU graphics independently. It is when attempting to launch into MacOS that the machine crashes.

If anyone has any ideas I need them desperately haha. Got a lot of important documents on that computer I would like to not have to erase.

Thanks in advance,
Tim :)