1. holdenellis

    AppleUSBXHCI unsupported speed mantissa -- Opencore/Dortania

    Trying to install Catalina 15.4 Specs{ Dell Inspiron 14 3000 i5 1035g4 (integrated graphics) 4gb DDR4 }
  2. wsandoval

    Catalina boot stuck on Apple Logo with progress bar 100%

    Hi, i'm new on this and i want to install Catalina on my Desktop Specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte B365M DS3H CPU: Intel Core i7-9700 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 When i boot the installer i get stuck here: After some 15 - 20 minutes, the progress bar get to the 100% and nothing happens!
  3. Dave1710

    MacOS Catalina "LoadImage Failed - Unsupported Halting on critical error"

    I keep getting this error and I really don't know what to do any more. "LoadImage Failed - Unsupported Halting on critical error" Every seems to be fine with the efi folder but i'll attach it. I use opencore 0.5.8, mac OS Catalina 10.15.4. I did everything from scratch like 10 time and keep...
  4. arthurpcs

    Docker Error

    I installed Macos Catalina on my computer but I can't run the docker container, I'm using a wifi adapter but I don't think that's the problem, keep giving the following error " Fatal error one of the sub-processes failed: com.docker.driver.amd64-linux -addr fd:3 -debug (pid: 1169)", somebody...
  5. AntonioEstela

    Solved > Stop sign when I try to install Mojave

    428/5000 After a few weeks I dared to install macOS Mojave on my windows pc, I was able to install Mojave on this same pc before but the system only had 5MB with my Intel HD 4400 Graphics so I decided to go back to Windows, after a while I tried again install Mojave but this time when booting...
  6. thomasjonelove

    Acpi Error

    Hi, I try to install Mac OS Mojave’s on a laptop. It works I install multibeast driver, but when i reboot it not works. Someone can help me. I’ve already install Catalina on my desktop computer and it works. But this no how can I resolve this ?
  7. akinci

    Solved > Desperately seeking for help

    Hello friends, I got a high sierra hackintosh with the help of this great site, my system is Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 Intel I7 4790K Evga Gt 740 gfx card 2gb mem Cossair500 gb ssd 16 gb ram My problem is my system started an anormal behaviour, it shuts down rapidly like turning off the electricty...
  8. Piero2411

    Why is my hackintosh lagging?

    In daily use my hackintosh very often lags and makes its use very annoying Anyone know how to fix it? O.S. High Sierra to the latest version same for the nvidia driver
  9. Piero2411

    Can't update clover

    Hi, when I try to update clover on my hackintosh with High serera I get this message: Clover_v2.5k_r5110.pkg not found! What can I fre to update it? Thanks for the help
  10. MarcoPower01

    Catalina update stuck on apple logo

    I have a thinkpad t450s I've installed mac os Catalina on it's working fine but when I'm installing an update he gave me this error (attached verbose boot image). How can I fix it?
  11. LeoGFX

    Dual Boot Issue - Can't boot back to OS X - Machine reboots

    Hello everyone, I'm facing a really weird but I guess common issue and I can't find my workaround on it. I've been running 10.14.6 and since we're all in contamination where I live, I decided to install Windows 10 for some gaming on a separate Inner HDD. And so I did, successfully. I am...
  12. cpl_jimmy

    Lenovo 330S i3 Panic on Clover booting to Install drive

    I bought the Lenovo 330S due to the need for a portable build and the many people who have recommended this model. And while certain youtube videos even gave links to the i3 model... I suspect they all actually used the i5 model. That said. I have the Lenovo 330S-15 i3-8130 4GB soldered RAM +...
  13. p4skal


    Hello, i have uploaded a YouTube video to explain everything, as it would be impossible to list every mainboard configuration option. Link to the EVGA X299 FTW K CFG Lock fix: PS.: Sorry for bad...
  14. Poemko

    Please help with -> Graphics failed Kextd stall[0] 60s IGPU error

    Hello guy's, I have the fix for my VRAM to be recognized. But before and after i have a problem with this error from the title. Today it was fixed with help from @hamzaarif24 at my POST : And when i used...
  15. Renx

    Terminal And Finder do not open

    Hello Friends: I've been using Mojave hackintosh without problems a year ago, but now i can't open Terminal and Finder. Is there any way to restore my osx or fix this problems? Thanks.
  16. jcrcarmo

    Icon error in Clover Bootloarder on macOS installed on External SSD

    Hi guys, I cloned my Hackintosh partition using CarbonCopyCloner to an external SSD drive. Everything works, but for some strange reason, when I boot from this external SSD, Clover shows the icon for this drive as some kind of error. Please refer to attached picture. Any ideas on how to fix...
  17. fercho3138

    Sudden Couldn't allocate runtime area

    Hi! So I've successfully built my rig and installed Mac os Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi Intel Core i7 9700k Ballistix Sport 32gb Samsung evo 500gb nv Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Pulse Corsair h60 The thing is that I got it running perfectly, even performed some heavy video renderings with no...
  18. lloyddominic26

    Still waiting for root device

    After a while of not using Hackintosh and just using Windows (dual boot), I tried using it again. To my surprise, it won't boot anymore. I can still boot to Clover and I can still see the Hackintosh partition while on Windows, which means that both Clover and the Hackintosh partition are in a...
  19. felipeip

    RAM ERROR on SMBIOS 7.1 (Solved)

    Hello friends. Some months ago I am in Catalina 10.15 osx, everything flows perfect, I used the "Catalina Vanilla" method and everything is fine, I changed graphics to AMD with a Radeon VII because before I used "Nvidia GTX 980 ti" because since Mojave there is no Drive support update by Nvidia...
  20. Mojave84

    macos can't be installed error - After 10 minutes

    Post installation, no matter what i choose in clover, i get this error on second boot at around 10 minutes left. I am installing catalina on z390 M (non gaming) i9 9900k 128 gb samsung 950 pro rtx 580 Please help