1. dmbe11

    << Solved >> New Error after adding USBMap.kext to EFI

    I am running OSX 10.15.7, and OC7.1 after downgrading for the purpose of creating my USB Map. After creating the USBMap.kext, placing it in my EFI folder, updating my config.plist with the new kext I get an error when I reboot. The error: OCS failed to calculate size of dict field containing...
  2. Powersel

    #[EB.B.WFDW|!WF] Err(0xE) on boot screen

    Hi fellas, seems it's a time to ask for a help. Bought next components: ASUS PRIME Z490M-PLUS i9 - 10850k iGPU - Intel HD 630 HyperX 16 + 16 + 8 + 8 RAM old Intel sata SSD Fenvi T-919 Read instructions on OpenCore, how to create a boot USB for Comet Lake platform twice (also, made boot USB twice...
  3. Markt2017

    << Solved >> Can't open file dialog or system preferences individual preference

    For some reason the file dialog doesn't open for any applications on my Catalina hackintosh. I have a feeling this has been an ongoing issue since 10.14 at least but I've now had enough. It only seems to be on my main everyday use account and does not happen on my administrator account. The...
  4. regularnoname

    Patched catalina

    I have a hd3000 so I can't install a catalina . I installed patcher and created payched USB installer after 5 minutes I have an error "An error occured while preparing the installation. Try running this application again."Can some one halo me (dosdude patch)
  5. assyua

    Reboot Loop after install?

    Hi guys, I've followed the entire OpenCore Install guide (Link). I succesfully managed to boot from the USB, i even went as far as coming to the utilities "app" from Apple itself. So i clicked on install MacOS Big Sur and it was installing just fine. It would take pretty long to install so i...
  6. jambek2003

    [Solved] Kernel Panic Big Sur Installer

    Somehow my Hackintosh throws a kernel panic while booting Big Sur USB Installer. I've tried other USB-stick, Working EFI from OC (0.6.2) Catalina Installer to Big sur installer. Same fail. I've swapped failing OC EFI-folder and put onto Catalina Installer.; no problems. It boots. I've ditched...
  7. blackspot

    Catalina boot problem after Multibeast

    Goodmorning everyone! I follow the guide, install with unibeast e multibeast after installation, when i reboot, i have the message Reboot and Select proper Boot Device :( what did i do wrong? Thanks. Mobo: ASRock Z87 Pro 3 Proc: Intel i7-4790 RAM: 16Gb DDR3 Video: NVidia GTX760 SSD: Samsung...
  8. ddjovcic

    << Solved >> Can't boot after Clover update, LOG:EXITBS:START

    Hey guys, I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to hackintosh. I'm in dire need of help, my hackintosh is my only source of income (music producing). Yesterday, I tried updating clover. I mountes the EFI partition and did everything clover configurator asked me to do. Then it said to reboot...
  9. Marnix409

    << Solved >> Cannot start install (Failed to detect supported SuperIO chip)

    Hi! Today I have tried installing OSX catalina on my laptop, using the guide at However, once I tried to actually boot from the bootable usb, I ran into a lot of errors and eventually the boot process froze. Could anyone point me in the right...
  10. sw3333t

    SSH Killed:9

    Hello, I recently fresh installed Mojave on the PC I have listed in the specs below and had a really smooth experience (unibeast is awesome), but everytime I try to use SSH in Terminal it exits with Killed:9. Nothing else I execute in Terminal does this, anyone ever delt with this before?
  11. Luka1234

    HP8300 i7 HD4000 boot error

    Can someone help me with my problem? I am newbie and I dont know much about hackintosh, so I am lost. I am getting this problem and I dont know what to do while trying to install Catalina (I’ve tried installing Mojave and High Sierra and getting same error). Does anybody know what to do? I have...
  12. epereadura

    Any Help? In Memory Panic Strackshot Succeeded Bytes Traced 270944

    Hi, i just finished my custom pc built, but im having some problems getting Big Sur working. Right now, my issue states the following "In Memory Panic Strackshot Succeeded Bytes Traced 270944", I atached an image of what its showing on the screen. I think i might have some problems on the EFI...
  13. Ducksicoer1

    I CANT INSTALL ON i3 10100 Biostar H410M

    Guys i need help to install Big Sur, i use OPENCORE, Virtual Bool CoreAnalyticsHub ::start(I0Service *) YOU CAN HELP ME? this is EFI config
  14. Rizado

    Big Sur install error

    Hi! In first − I'm newbie in Hackintosh. I want to install Big Sur to my PC, but I see error and message with many "+" on display (see image under spoiler). I understand that problem is in config.plist, but I don't know what is incorrect. What I must do? Thanks for reply. My hardware − Asus...
  15. tzacolt

    Sierra upgrade problems

    Hello all, This is my first time posting on this forum, though I've followed the knowledge and guides so generously provided by the tonymacx86 community since 2013. I'm writing to ask for help on my Sierra install. I hadn't updated my OS in years as I felt like thing were working fine and I...
  16. FiloAle025

    << Solved >> Clover not working after update

    Hi everyone! It’s been 4 years now that I’ve built an hackintosh, which has always worked perfectly, but yesterday I updated Clover and now it can’t boot macOS anymore. I attach below the error message I get when booting macOS. Thanks in advance for your help! Specifications: MOBO: Gigabyte...
  17. thejoelchris

    Big Sur Update Goes Wrong

    Hi guys, need help! I updated my Hackintosh from Mojave to Big Sur. When I boot to the installer, it keeps restarting. I tried someone's efi and it becomes like this. When I try to go back and use my older efi and boot my mac, it shows this. Can anybody help me? Thankyou so much. My Spec...
  18. flynnwinch

    Unable to download apps from Mac App Store after update to Big Sur & Clover r5123

    I know that clover r5123 and Big Sur are both in beta, but I was hoping someone here may have some pointers as to how to fix this. Specifically, when I try to download an app or an update from the App Store, the button to download/update for the app in question turns into the circle with a...
  19. Litainim

    The application Safari can't be opened

    Hello! I am happy to join this forum! I read it for quite a while and appreciate the content. I hope you can held me. I have an issue with Safari, it is available in applications, but on clicking it a message appears saying it can't run. Could anyone share Safari installer compatible with...
  20. pblpblpbl

    fault cr2 fault cpu mach reboot im going crazy

    Hi all! :) i'm new to hackintosh world and I wanted to install Mac OSX high sierra to my pc since I have seen other people who managed to do it with my components: Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix Z370-F gaming CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K RAM:Corsair Vengeance Rgb pro 3200mhz cl16 (2x8) GPU: Asus Rog...