1. BrettMc

    iMac 4.2Ghz quad-core i7 with 3tb Fusion drive dual boot in CustoMac Mini Deluxe case

    Hi All, First post here. I'd like to build a iMac 4.2Ghz quad-core i7 (or better) clone with 3tb Fusion drive that is dual-boot enabled in CustoMac Mini Deluxe case. I have an older 2013 iMac that I'd like to clone to this new hackintosh. What i'd like in my build: -8gig graphics card -i'd...
  2. bartpostma

    Dual-boot Sierra + Windows 10

    Hi all, Currently I am succesfully running Sierra on a Crucial MX300 525GB SSD. Pretty much everything works perfectly. However, my Windows 10 is installed on an older SSD (Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB) which has slightly slower read speeds (470 MB/s), but significantly slower write speeds...
  3. explicit1234

    Dual boot OSX Sierra and Windows 7 on two separate drives

    I didn't found any instruction on this site about this specific combinations of operating systems. I have few questions... Because I am going to use two separate HDDs (SATA) I wonder just in general what are the steps? Currently I have already installed OSX Sierra on one hard disk and...
  4. kailaikai

    Dual-Boot, access another desktop

    Hello everyone, With some effort, and the excellent drivers provided by the community, I was able to get my macOS Sierra Hackintosh fully running (with the exception of my dedicated card), with Windows in dual-boot with Clover UEFI, on my laptop. Would it be possible to access my Windows...
  5. biklops

    Since upgrading to Sierra my Windows 10 drive goes straight to recovery

    Hello hackintoshers! So for a few years now I've had my rig on El Capitan with the option to F12 on startup and choose my Windows drive to boot into Windows 10 for gaming. After an easy upgrade to Sierra my Windows drive has become....unhelpful. If I boot into UEFI OS (clover), multiple...
  6. kitzc

    Cannot boot Windows from Clover

    I am dual-booting Sierra and Windows 8.1 on a 256GB SSD. In the SSD, there are 4 partitions: EFI (installed Clover) Sierra Apple Recovery Windows I can only boot into Windows if I boot the SSD from the boot menu directly, which is quite strange, I thought booting the SSD means booting into...
  7. DLLauch

    Restore Clover Bootloader after Windows update

    Ok following problem: Crappy Win10 updated itself and has overwritten my bootloader, i.e. Clover is gone. Is there any easy way to restore it without having to create a new Clover USB Stick? - Using e.g. EasyBCD within Windows? (I think not possible because of EFI partition?) - Somehow install...
  8. BostonScott

    Dual boot OSX 10.12.2 and Linux Mint 8.1 using Clover

    I have an Intel NUC6i5 with 16GB RAM and a 750GB SSD. I have successfully installed OSX Sierra on the computer following ammulder's guide (Thanks!). Everything works as described and I boot into clover and can select my OSX install or the recovery partition. I have tried several times to...
  9. Bionic Beast

    Strange Issue Dual Booting Windows 10 and Sierra on Two Separate SSD's

    I used to have El Capitan and Windows 8 working on two separate drives perfectly for the most part and have had dual boot working great for years. For some reason after some time I started having strange issues while booting into either OS or having slow loadup speeds when booting onto mac side...
  10. ronniekinsley

    dd'd Ubuntu installation's image back to HDD Clover legacy

    Hi, I dd'd my Ubuntu installation's img back to a partition in my HDD. How do I make Clover Legacy to discover that and let me boot into it? I have a GPT partition scheme and the image was made from an MBR based ext4 partition
  11. DeltaUnit38

    Possible problem with current dualboot installation (ASUS B85M-G)

    Hello So as I have mentioned in the title I may have a problem with my current installation. I am planning to install MacOS Sierra on this computer soon. I've done hackintosh before and it was, alright in way. At the moment I have Windows 10 Pro installed with Ubuntu 16.04 as a dual-boot (Both...
  12. l3acon

    Random reboot in OS X El Capitan | Gigabyte GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 | Core i7-6700K Skylake

    Howdy all! I have been having hell of a time trying to figure out why my new hackintosh build just decides to up and reboot on me. It only seems to happen when the CPU is tasked with a lot. So for example, saving a photoshop document, the dang thing quits on me. Same with adobe indesign...
  13. MarioT

    Dual boot with different graphics cards

    Hey everyone, I'm currently dual-booting Windows and Mac, but wanting to upgrade my GPU to a GTX 1070. Since the drivers aren't ready yet, would it be possible to run Windows off the 1070, then when I needed Mac, to just change the HDMI output to come from the motherboard instead? I assume that...
  14. DManHD

    [Tutorial]How to install Chimera bootloader

    Hey guys, in this video i'm showing you how to install the Chimera v4.0.1 bootloader,enjoy with your hackintosh..Feel free to ask questions if you have about it!
  15. khora02

    Wireless keyboard - dual boot - 2 os - [fixed]

    Check out this guide! Works with IOGEAR GBU521W6 - Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. (Y)
  16. polmes

    Unable to chainload OS X Clover bootloader from GRUB

    So I have a triple-boot setup in which I have just updated OS X (Hackintosh) to the newest version and a new bootloader (from Chimera to Clover). It looks something like this: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on /dev/sda (hd0) Windows 10 Pro on /dev/sdb (hd3) OS X 10.11 El Capitan on /dev/sdd (hd2), with...
  17. ginovski

    Acer Aspire 5742ZG Compatibility?

    Hi there, I'm new and I need to install OSX Dual Boot With Windows. Now I have Windows 10, and I need to install OSX without formatting the drive. I don't know if my PC is compatible and also I don't know which version of OSX will be OK for my PC. I'll write my laptop components' description...
  18. Gutz_Otoole

    Installing ELCap in a Dual-boot Scenario

    I've waited until Multibeast 8 was ready to pose my questions. As one may see from by hardware profile my Hackintosh is a pretty basic rig. All features work correctly under Yosemite, and I've never used a DSDT. As it stands now my hack dual-boots Yosemite and Windows 8.1. Yosemite is installed...
  19. sclinton

    Panic when booting from EFI partition - boots fine from usb

    My system is configured as a dual-boot OS X and Win 7 on the same drive with the extra EFI partition configured with the boot-loader. All has been working well for some time. However when I boot now I get a Kernel Panic when selecting the OS X partition. What's interesting is that the system...
  20. Antoine78759

    Dual booting El Capitan and Windows, from a disk image

    This title may be confusing but all I would like to know is the following: Is there a way to install Windows from a disk image without wiping El Capitan, knowing that I just have 1 hard drive inside my computer. I previously was running Windows on my pc and decided to try to dual boot El Capitan...