1. xXAUsSTaR

    Need help fixing Compiling Errors on DSDT for ASRock Z97 Anniversary

    Hello guys, I recently installed macOS Sierra on my Hackintosh. My next plan is to get a working DSDT for my build. Things I did: Extracted the DSDT, SSDTs from the tables folder under LinuxMint I used iasl Opened the DSDT with MaciASL The problem is that when I try to compile my DSDT the...
  2. D

    DSDT/SSDT questions

    Greetings everyone I have extracted my DSDT and SSDTs from Clover with F4, then edited these files in order to apply the following renaming patches: - HECI -> IMEI - HDAS -> HDEF I’ve put the patched files on ACPI/patched, everything works as expected. Still a few questions remain: 1) The...
  3. mlgmelon

    Shutdown=Restart, Sleep=Restart

    Hello! I'm a technician for windows machines, so please don't flame me here. Been using my laptop as a hackintosh since yosemite with no problems, i have a custom DSDT, clover efi bootloader etc. On yosemite and el cap, everything (i mean EVERYTHING) worked - sleep, shutdown, facetime...
  4. franzasensi

    DSDT and SSDT for GA-Z170X-UD5-TH anyone?

    Hi there wonderful hackintosh/tonymacx86 people! I am new on this (also my first post here so bear with me please), but I somehow managed to get my hackintosh up and running, except for a couple of things. I also want to point out that (besides the installation process, which I did before the...
  5. klauswicarvalho

    Help DSDT override Erro Samsung ativ book 2

    someone please help me I have 2 error in cmd anyone know WHAT is? Notebook Samsung ATIV Book 2 270E4E-KDW Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit CPU Intel Core i3 3110M @ 2.40GHz Tecnologia Ivy Bridge 22nm RAM 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665 Mhz (9-9-9-24) Placa mãe SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO...
  6. NicoM4491

    i5-4200u hd4400 imposible to install or boot!

    Hi, i have a problem with a new laptop i buy! the thing is that i can install after some tweaks with enoch el capitan, but after that i can´t make the first boot!!! first i try with clover, first attempt was with clover r3848 default options, it goes to a black screen, and never boot the...
  7. betalarry

    Sierra won't shut down or restart

    Hi folks, I have successfully installed Sierra on an MSI MS-7531 motherboard (from a prebuilt c. 2009, Nvidia MCP7A chipset, integrated GeForce 9300 working nicely with only "Inject NVidia" ticked in Clover configurator) with a C2D E7300 and 4GB of RAM. After patching the DSDT to rename the...
  8. jonathanpaulpano

    kextd busy timeout IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction

    Sierra boots fine but it boots 2 minutes longer than usual boot times. I'm getting this message in verbose mode kextd busy timeout IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction, IOHDACodecFunction Audio still works by using toleda's CloverALC script 120. Before that (in El Capitan) I'm using toleda's...
  9. kaziiriad

    Post Installation Support for Acer Aspire E5-571

    Hey Geeks! I have installed OS X El Capitan on my Acer Aspire E5-571 but there is some post installation that I can't figure out. Please help me fixing those problems! 1. Audio Problem(need Realtek ALC283 kext file, but didn't find it). 2. SSDT.aml patching(tried once but didn't work well). 3...
  10. dolgarrenan

    Asus X99 AII DSDT devices not showing

    Hello people, I have recently updated to Sierra, and have found that the PCI devices show some kind of error while looking up on system information: Se ha producido un error al reunir información sobre los dispositivos PCI. (basically an error gathering PCI info) I complied the DSDT like a...
  11. JanW9sfjiadf

    Help with DSDT Lenovo G570

    Hi, First my laptop spec: Lenovo G570 I3 2310M 8GB Ram AMD Radeon 6370M Conexant CX20590 Atheros AR 9285 Install metod : Clover , OS X 10.10 Retail from mac app store When i apply patch "Lenovo Twist" ( supports G570 G470 and Twist ) to get battery stats working, MaciASL give me 31 errors ( see...
  12. AryM10

    [solved] Help to Fix DSDT errors

    Hi, I never used a DSDT before. I'm using El Capitan 10.11.6 Well, I extracted a DSDT with Clover bootloader and converted a ''dsl'' with iasl binarie. I opened with MaciASL and when I tried compile show me this three errors: Thank you for your support! (sorry for my poor english, isn't my...
  13. robertzero

    Lenovo Essential G470 (59-066925) [2016]

    Lenovo Essential G470 (59-066925) [2016] BIOS 40CN33WW V2.19 BOARD 3000472301929 CPU Intel i3-2310M VGA Intel HD 3000 (8086 0116) AUDIO Intel HDAC / Conexant CX20590 (8086 1C20) WIFI Ralink RT3090 (1814 3090) LAN Qualcomm Atheros AR8152 v2.0 (1969 2062) DSDT extracted from MacOS 10.11.6 (El...
  14. dreush

    DSDT fix

    Hi friends, Can you help me to fix dsdt.aml error? Thanks
  15. tlsdev

    [Guide] ASUS N56JN / All Metal Asus Haswell-based w/subwoofer using Clover UEFI (10.11)

    Overview This guide works on most Metal Asus Notebooks with external Subwoofer. I tested this method on 4 Asus notebooks with some modified components (e.g. - more RAM, SSD instead of DVD) :) Consider buying BCM943225HMB Wireless 300M card. It's worth it. My personal build: i7-4710HQ Intel...
  16. EverythingIsRed

    DSDT Won't save changes

    Never mind. Accidental post. How do i delete this?