1. juanjullian

    MSI B85-e45 can't get sleep to Work

    Hi everyone: I built a machine with this specs: MB: MSI B85-e4 CPU: I7-4790 RAM: 32gb ddr3 GPU: Radeon RX 480 And i can't get sleep/wake work. What's happen and what i did/tested: 1. Installed Sierra 10.12.4 PB 3 2. Latest Clover UEFI 3. I've Downloaded a DSDT from internet for the same...
  2. mythb1

    please help fix error

    Hi guy! please help me fix error :(. many Thanks!
  3. kvn95

    Need help patching SSDTs!!

    Hay guys, I need help patching my SSDTs. I have gone through several posts, and the only thing I've been able to do so far, is obtain the SSDT files via RWEverything(windows). I'm editing it using MaciASL tool, and since my hackintosh can't connect via Wi-Fi, I'm running a VM image for patching...
  4. xenoskater

    Haswell laptop might be above my head

    I have been messing with my Asus Q501LA for about a week to get it to work with Sierra (had it running Yosemite following RanbirAulakh guide). Now I do have a different Wi-fi card (Bcm94352HMB) and 12gb of ram (instead of the stock 8gb that came with mine), but Yosemite worked fine with that...
  5. iamsanoj

    Fix DSDT for Asus rog GL502vy

    Hi all, I have extracted my DSDT though Ubuntu. I have tried so much to get rid of the errors. Iam having 5 Errors which I can't solve. can somebody help me to solve it? Please find the attached DSDT And the screenshot of the error which I am having. I am still running Mac with GL552 DSDT. Its...
  6. rbacon316

    HP Elitebook Folio 9480m

    Hi, I'm using an HP Elitebook Folio 9480m. I am running Mac OS X Sierra. I'm not sure how I can find kexts for my system, I attempted to google without success. I'm currently in the process of attempting to patch my DSDT. Will that fix everything or do I still need to use kext files? Sorry for...
  7. ever07

    Beginner,Dont really know what im doing.HELP on POST-Installation

    Ive owned a hackintosh computer before and was running Lion, However I wasn't the one that set it up my brother did My brother moved across the sea and I decided to Upgrade to the latest Sierra update. I was able to install and setup Sierra successfully however I'm stuck on the post...
  8. SimplyRyan

    Lenovo W520 Nvidia Graphics?

    I'm trying to get the nVidia GPU (Quadro 1000M) working, which is supposed to be supported. I have a 99% working hackintosh Lenovo W520 (with the exception of USB 3 which is a no-go on 6 series chipset, and of course Nvidia GPU). I've patched my own DSDT to get battery status and Intel HD3000...
  9. DaggaMaster

    Toshiba R830 - No Display after sleep

    Hi, I've been reading a lot, and with a lots of trial and error and multiple weeks now, i got to the point where i need help. Extracted DSDT.aml and SSDT (and the multiple SSDT-xx) I used the following DSDT patches: -#graphics_Rename-GFX0.txt -#graphics_EDID.txt (with my screen info (or else...
  10. whoan00

    DSDT for my mobo.

    How, or where can i get the DSDT for my mobo? Its a GIGABYTE ga-g4-1mt-stpt. Thanks!
  11. Chrisler

    Help patching Samsung 700zac

    Hi, I've been working to get the Intel HD 4000 graphics working on my hackintosh but I need to patch the DSDT with RehabMan's brightness fix to get the backlight to work. I follow his steps to dissasemble and compile a DSDT but it keeps showing 24 errors after compile saying "Object does not...
  12. Darkrai1012

    Having power problems when on battery power on Sierra

    So I sometimes work towards getting a fully working hackintosh and right now I am only getting one weird problem I am not sure why it happens and suspect it is a DSDT problem. So what happens is that sleeping while plugged in Hackintosh has no problems but when it is using battery power and...
  13. rafaelfrancisco6

    [solved] Reboot on Sleep

    After fixing all problems that plagued my instalation of Sierra (Power management, HDMI, Sound and trackpad support) I have one I still can't solve. When the machine goes to sleep it always reboots after a couple seconds, I have applied all common patches on the DSDT to no avail and I can't for...
  14. d80h4g

    Powering down / disabling fans on a GTX 1060

    Hi So I have a Hackintosh build and generally everything is working well. My specs are as follows: GA-H170n-wifi motherboard Skylake i5-6660 CPU Intel HD 530 integrated graphics (used for MacOS) GTX 1060 in the PCIe slot (not used in MacOS) I set up El Capitan 10.11.4 using this excellent...
  15. Sonic99

    One error in DSDT patches

    Hi!, after applying the Asus H97M-E fixes in MaciASL, the compiler gave me an single error, which i can't understand on how to fix it: Name (T_0, Zero) // _T_x: Emitted by ASL Compiler CreateDWordField (Arg0, Zero, DVID) While (One) {...
  16. d80h4g

    Trying to disable Pascal GPU through DSDT/SSDT patches - need help!

    Hi there So I've completed my Hackintosh build and generally everything is working well. My specs are are follows: GA-H170n-wifi motherboard Skylake i5-6660 CPU Intel HD 530 integrated graphics GTX 1060 in the PCIe slot I set up El Capitan 10.11.4 using this excellent guide...