1. pyrish

    DSDT succesfully patched, still battery issues!

    Hi All, I'm very close to have my hackintosh fully working. I'm now struggling to get the battery percentage correctly displayed. Right now it will always show 99% and when I unplug the power cord, the laptop shutsdown automatically.. I patched the DSDT using Rehabman's battery patch as well...
  2. pushkardua

    Error Disaasembling AML

    Hi I am new to DSDT Patching, Just made a few hackintoshes avoid to do this work. For the first time I am actually encountering DSDT Patching. This one is for Hp 15 Au118tx i7 7500U @2.79GHz Kaby lake 16gb Ram Intel HD Graphics 620 Nvidia Geforce 940mx Realtek alc 0295 Ethernet RTL 8101E Dual...
  3. pyrish

    Sleep/wake issue - Fixes to achieve the perfect hackintosh !

    This is a thread to maybe help others who may be in my same situation.. They have successfully installed Sierra but they know for a fact they could improve the performance and they have a few things left from the post-install they can’t really figure out… I think I have enabled native power...
  4. xz97if

    Audio-DSDT error HP Omen

    Hi, I installed Mac OS High Sierra yesterday, but, following tutorials in this forum (RehabMan's tutorials) literally all give me errors. First of all, my laptop is a HP Omen 16GB ram, motherboard HP 8259, graphic Intel HD 630 + GTX 1050 (disabled with arg -disablegfxfirmware and -nv_disable=1)...
  5. v0xnihili

    No bytes in ERAM field larger than 8 bit

    Dear community, This is my first post here, so please notify me if I forgot to attach files or other required information. I just set up my first Hackintosh laptop running Mojave and I got almost everything perfect, except for the battery status/percentage indicator. After some googling and...
  6. End3rPower50

    Dell DW1820A on Mojave

    Hi, I bought a Dell DW1820A based on BCM94350ZAE I can't install kext for this chipset on my hackintosh Can anyone help me? Thanks in advace P.S Sorry for my bad English
  7. peanutman

    How to disable specific NVMe M.2 slot via DSDT (hide unsupported 970 Evo Plus)

    As you might know the Samsung 970 EVO Plus variant causes major issues on hackintosh installs. I want to keep it plugged into my motherboard for use in Windows. However, if it's plugged in, macOS is going to try to index this disk eventually and it will crash macOS even though it's not the main...
  8. JackJohnJack

    General question about the benefit of extensive DSDT/SSDT patching

    Hello everyone, I have a general question: what is the benefit of working really hard on DSDT/SSDT patching? I've been using a laptop hackintosh at work for two years, I've (hot)patched what needed most fixing (battery, touchpad, usb, ...) but never spent the time and effort to tend towards...
  9. JackJohnJack

    General question about the extent of DSDT/SSDT patching

    Hello everyone, I have a general question: what is the benefit of working really hard on DSDT/SSDT patching? I've been using a laptop hackintosh at work for two years, I've (hot)patched what needed most fixing (battery, touchpad, usb, ...) but never spent the time and effort to tend towards...
  10. NorthAmTransAm

    KGP's Guide ARPT

    I cannot wrap my head around this guide. Has anyone had any luck or can break it down for me or nudge me in the right direction? @kgp
  11. tom868686868

    about battery and audio problem on laptop

    osx10.14 i5-4250u i have added "irq hdef hdau mutex osys10" patch and install acpibettery on clover ,but the battery management still donot work my audio card is alc269vc ,i try to use applealc,and tried all the layoutid, all of those colud not work. 2019-03-31 20:18:23.389590+0800...
  12. ammoune78

    I need help on getting battery and fans patch

    Hi, I'm having problem to get, battery and fans patch for my laptop. It's a HP Pavilion dv6-1380ek, with a Core 2 Duo P8800 and HD 4650 Mobility with 1024Mb. I've got all things working, exept for the battery and fans. My DSDT.dsl will be posted, if dear @RehabMan can initially suggest something...
  13. osXmann

    Mojave not operating optimally on Toshiba Satellite p855-s5102

    I have installed Mojave on my laptop, however, it's consuming a lot of power and operating at a high frequency(see screenshot) even when no program is running. It also gets stuck if I run xCode's simulator or open multiple tabs at the same time. Screenshot 2 shows the SSDTs and DSDT installed...
  14. trs96

    Learning the Hackintosh Four Letter Words

    Hackintosh Four Letter Words - 15 important acronyms that every Hackintosher must know When you first attempt to install macOS on your PC hardware you'll need to be properly prepared or you will likely experience confusion, frustration and potentially failure to achieve your goals. Learning...
  15. ftfunjth

    Help me Fix DSDT Error

    Hey,I'm Use a MaxSun B360m mother board with 10.13.5 MacOs .Everything is pretty good but just restart that shutdown. It make me rellaly crazy -_-. Recently I have read the APCI Reference for some idea to Fix the problem . But nothing can been done. It is my pc configuration. Hope Some One Can...
  16. sthshshxsrtrshs

    hackintosh keeps wake up right after getting into sleep mode

    Hi, I have problem with my desktop hackintosh running Mac OS X 10.14.3 Mojave — whet it get into sleep mode, it wakes up in about 5 seconds. When I hit log show --style syslog | fgrep "Wake reason" in the terminal, it used to said Wake reason: GLAN EH01. After I removed Method (_PRW, 0...
  17. Bruce666

    ASUS UX310UQ keyboard backigt not working

    Hi guys, I successfully installed macOS Mojave on my Laptop. What's working: battery status, WiFi, touchpad, screen brightness regulation (Light Sensor works too), volume hotkeys, so everything I need to have fully working macOS on my laptop. Via MaciASL I patched SSDT/DSDT using fixes...

    ASUS S551LB Laptop DSDT Patch

    Hello there. I tried patching DSDT for my laptop but i get compile errors. Sadly im new to DSDT patching so can anyone help me? Best Regards
  19. gwinilts

    Unusual ACPI Backlight Control Issue

    Hey I've been working on a hack build for a few days. It is a dell G3 series, 17 inch model. Processor: i5-8300H, 8GB ddr4 w/ Intel UHD 630 & Nvidia GTX 1050 (disabled) I've been following guides to patch DSDT to emit PS2K codes to control backlight level. I've identified the method called...
  20. KristFlex

    How to convert binary ACPI tables?

    Hello everyone. Does anyone knows how to convert something like this into .dsl or .aml format? SSDT @ 0x0000000000000000 0000: 53 53 44 54 4E 06 00 00 02 3F 41 50 50 4C 45 20 SSDTN....?APPLE 0010: 58 68 63 69 00 00 00 00 00 10 00 00 49 4E 54 4C Xhci........INTL 0020: 24 04 14 20 10 49 62...