1. mhys33

    Disabling discrete graphics on Intel dh77eb

    I have an intel DH77EB Mobo with an i7-3770 processor and GTX 1050ti. The cable is connected to the DGPU. If I set IGPU to always enabled in the BIOS, MacOS won't boot. I need to boot with the IGPU in order to get graphics to work properly. The IGPU isn't detected right now. I removed the DGPU...
  2. wildanbaraja

    DSDT for Touchpad Synaptics PS2

    Hi all, i need some help, can you take a look at my dsdt.aml, is there anything wrong? right now my problem is with the trackpad, it's not sensitive and not smooth, happening to with mouse when scrolling (i use SmoothScroll app to smoothen mouse scroll). laptop x220 spec : CPU : Intel core i5...
  3. majeddh

    ACPI Error after updating bios

    Hi everyone. I was trying to get my intel graphics working but i couldn't change dmvt preallocation. So I updated the bios (unfortunately). And since then i could not boot any version of clover. I tried two versions that were working and even an installer that worked before is not working...
  4. Elementrix


    Hi guys for the DSDT if possible I wanted to fix the following keys F5 => fan adjustment I found an article, however, that only goes with FAKESMC F6 => screen off F7 => low brightness F8 => high brightness F9 is for the HDMI switch and is useless because it doesn't work hDMi because it's...
  5. Jhonathaned1

    DSDT showing up 3 batteries even having just one (status not working)

    Hello there! This is my first post here, so I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong. I have been hackintoshing for many years (since Snow Leopard, I guess) so I am used to everything. I don't know exactly why I never had posted anything before, maybe because I didn't have the available time to...
  6. Axiz

    Lenovo u410 sleep mode 10.14.6

    Hi everyone, I have a Lenovo u410 computer and High Sierra installed. As a result, almost everything was sorted out, but it is not possible to start sleep mode: the laptop gradually falls asleep and immediately comes out of sleep mode. Also Wi-Fi after the "wake up" can not find any network...
  7. congtuyennct

    my laptop of me after patches sleep can't custom reduction of brightness

    my laptop of me after patches sleep can't custom reduction of brightness, and after sleep my laptop can't increase or decrease the brightness and increase or decrease the volume (sound still works)

    Help patching DSDT. Error unexpected PARSEOP_SCOPE

    I am trying to apply VooDooI2C path to my DSDT but I had to fix errors. I have solved all the errors expect this one. Kindly help me in removing this error. My aml, dsl and a screenshot have been attached. Thank You.
  9. deeveedee

    Should XOSI include "Linux"?

    I just learned about the XOSI patch (still learning) and suspect that this is a better way for me to implement OS Identification on my Dell Latitude E6410. My unpatched DSDT (attached) includes _OSI("Linux") calls, but I don't see "Linux" listed in Rehabman's SSDT_XOSI.dsl samples that I have...
  10. nooliga

    Dsdt is a cruel area - Help with remapping brightness keys

    hi there, im struggling for 5 days straight with remapping brightness keys for Lenovo C930 I read every manual out there and I know Rehabman URLs by heart, buy I really just cant do it, I dont know, Maybe I am dumb I managed to overcome 9 problems in the dsdt, but right after I just cant find...
  11. rdmitry0911

    LG Gram 17 Lid close doesn't work

    Hi guys, in my LG gram 17 10.14.5 lid close is not detected by the system. The sleep from menu works fine. I used to used polling AppleClamshellState from ioreg to put the system to sleep manually, but here AppleClamshellState does not exist. How to fix lid closing? Thank you.
  12. fnanao

    GPD Pocket 2 Battery status

    I have a gpd pocket 2 with the mojave installed running smoothly. I just do not have battery status. I've tried some DSDT from other notebooks but it does not work. Does anyone have any that work? I have tried some tutorials but they are very complex for me because i'm not a programer. @RehabMan...
  13. Rajiv

    DSDT Compiling Error 6126

    6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP can't fix it ,Please help Followed the below fix, cannot solve If (LEqual (PM6H, One)) { CreateBitField (BUF0, \_SB.PCI0._Y0C._RW, ECRW) // _RW_: Read-Write Status Store (Zero, ECRW)...
  14. deeveedee

    DSDT / ASL question for Dell Latitude E6410

    This is a question for those who have a basic understanding of programming and logic and it would help to know ASL. Is the code below a bug in the DSDT for the Dell Latitude E6410 (also in other Dell Latitude models)? Does this expression ALWAYS evaluate to TRUE and if so, should LOr be...
  15. deeveedee

    Unable to inject custom EDID via CLOVER or patched DSDT.aml

    EDIT: Let me apologize to the moderators who have seen this post change multiple times. Each time I thought I understood the problem, I realized that I didn't. Below is my final assessment of the problem which I suspect is my own error somewhere or a CLOVER bug - but I'm not sure. The bottom...
  16. AlexOwl

    Solved > (DELETE)

    Please delete this thread
  17. pushkardua

    Error Disaasembling AML

    Hi I am new to DSDT Patching, Just made a few hackintoshes avoid to do this work. For the first time I am actually encountering DSDT Patching. This one is for Hp 15 Au118tx i7 7500U @2.79GHz Kaby lake 16gb Ram Intel HD Graphics 620 Nvidia Geforce 940mx Realtek alc 0295 Ethernet RTL 8101E Dual...
  18. xz97if

    Audio-DSDT error HP Omen

    Hi, I installed Mac OS High Sierra yesterday, but, following tutorials in this forum (RehabMan's tutorials) literally all give me errors. First of all, my laptop is a HP Omen 16GB ram, motherboard HP 8259, graphic Intel HD 630 + GTX 1050 (disabled with arg -disablegfxfirmware and -nv_disable=1)...
  19. v0xnihili

    No bytes in ERAM field larger than 8 bit

    Dear community, This is my first post here, so please notify me if I forgot to attach files or other required information. I just set up my first Hackintosh laptop running Mojave and I got almost everything perfect, except for the battery status/percentage indicator. After some googling and...
  20. End3rPower50

    Dell DW1820A on Mojave

    Hi, I bought a Dell DW1820A based on BCM94350ZAE I can't install kext for this chipset on my hackintosh Can anyone help me? Thanks in advace P.S Sorry for my bad English