1. kalibro8

    Disable (hide) one of disks from OpenCore? disk: I/O error.

    Hi, I made vanilla hackintosh on my t440p in w/OpenCore, but I cannot boot because of my ultrabay I guess - error i/o for this disk. I don't need use ultrabay in my hackintosh, so my question is: Is it possible to disable, turn off, hide somehow this disk from OpecCore bootloader? Or any other...
  2. Podlipny

    Corrupted NTFS HDD

    Hello, I have successful Mac Os High Siera Hackintosh build on this HW: Asus P8Z77-M PRO Intel Core i5 3570K Geforce GTX970 16 GB RAM SSD Kingston 1TB - APSD partition with Hackingtosh on it SSD Corsar 128GB - NTFS partition with Windows 10 HDD Seagate 2TB (about 6 year old) - NTFS partition I...
  3. renandsgn


    Does anyone know how to solve it? I do not know what else to do Note: - Disk is in GPT table schema - partition is in the correct format (journaling) - I have Windows 7 installed on another partition and the goal is to install OSX keeping the Windows 7 installation intact. - the partition has...
  4. rapproducer714

    Disk drives have changed positions in Mac startup options

    Hi guys, I have an odd issue that doesn't even affect my system negatively, but it bothers me. When I hold the option key upon booting my iMac, my Macintosh HD and Boot Camp partition are displayed in the wrong order. When I first got my iMac and installed Windows alongside macOS, the Boot Camp...
  5. N8261D

    JBOD RAID for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10

    Hello. I have a 120GB SSD that I would like to have both HS and W10 installed on. However, I cannot find a way to have macOS store my documents, desktop, etc. folders on the spare HDD that I have. I would like to have macOS and W10 recognize half the HDD and half the SSD as a single drive, two...
  6. bogd740

    Disk is uninitialized so I cannot install High Sierra

    I cant install High sierra because disk is not shown and when I go to Disk Utility It says Disk Is Uninitialized. When I try to erase it, it says unable to write to the last block of the device. I had Lion running in the same disk before (and computer) but now the disk is empty but has no...
  7. EnricoGon

    My disk is not showing

    My build is: Mobo: MSI P67A-GD65 B3, Socket-1155 CPU: Intel® Core? i7-2600K Processor GFX: Nvidia Gforce GFX 760 Ram: 16 GB HD: SATA 1 TB ( Brand not sure, think it is Thosiba) So I get to the Install screen. Under disk utility I cant see my drive. Just the USB. I have tried to bypass the disk...
  8. Arkem5

    Unwanted "Initialize, Ignore, and Eject" message at start

    Hi. This is my first post on this forum, and so here is my very first question... I am trying to make a Hackintosh with a VAIO VPCF11C5E with Linux Mint / El Capitan dual boot, and besides the nVidia and odd Sony screen troubles, I am very annoyed by this message appearing each time I start the...
  9. Marek89

    Internal disk visible as external

    I've opened Disk Utility and noticed that all my internal disks connected via SATA III are visible as external drives (and two of them as connected by PCI). What could be a reason for that? Disk Utility by Marek89 posted Mar 3, 2018 at 1:45 AM
  10. magneto538

    [Solved] Disk not showing up in Sierra installer

    Working on a new build. I've looked around and many users have had my same problem, but none of the solutions I've tried have worked so far. I am installing Sierra on a desktop (Adlink M-342 MoBo, SanDisk SSD target drive) and can't get my SSD to show up in the installer. I only see external...
  11. th3us3r

    Cannot unmount windows disk/pratitions > very slow shut down/restart

    I have a strange problem. Recently I added to my Hackintosh windows drive with 2 partitions on it. All works fine, but I've notice shut down takes significant amount of time. Also its impossible to unmount windows drive or any of its partitions, neither from Disk Utility nor Terminal. In Disk...
  12. vlgngrbrdmn

    [SOLVED] Install USB Creation Issue

    Hello all, I recently updated my MacBook to High Sierra. I then, after some trial and error trying to update my Sierra installation on my Hackintosh to High Sierra, completed reformatted the drive on my Hackintosh along with my Sierra installation USB. That being said, I decided to try to...
  13. gstefler

    While installing the DISK utility doesn't show the INTERNAL drives

    So I'am trying to instal Sierra on MY pc, but when i get to selecting the DRIVE it only shows the USB which i am installing from. I have a ROG MAXIMUS VII RANGER(Z97) motherboard. My SATA setting is set to ACHI. PLease HELP me
  14. ralab001

    SMART Disk Error but SSD health is 99% and it is booting?!

    Hello Everybody Given - Error screen attached - HP ProBook 4530s - After some seconds the systems boots and works normally - Problem reporting files in https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/hp-probook-4530s-false-processor-speed-fan-speed-does-not-appear-in-hwmonitor.229480/ Question - How to fix...
  15. hackintosh1984

    Support system files APFS for HDD disk partitions?

    I have question. Is support system files APFS for HDD disk partitions? I have now partition in HFS+ with my data (not is boot macOS), disk is schemat GPT GUID. I will have conversion or format partition HFS+ to APFS.
  16. fivos1996

    What is CoreStorage and how can I remove it?

    Hi. Since a long time ago, I partitioned my HDD so I can have 3 partitions. The first is for 10.11.6, the second for 10.12.5 and the third for the macOS Installer. However, I noticed something strange. My 10.12.5 partition is marked as "CoreStorage" and instead of being "disk0s5", it's marked as...
  17. F1234567

    Can't Format Disk: StarTech.com USB 3.1 Gen 2 Enclosure

    Hello friends. I'm having trouble with the StarTech external enclosure. I keep getting errors while formatting. I have posted a screenshot of this and the error detail in text below. At first the enclosure lights up as if the disk is being used, but after a minute the light goes off and the...
  18. dilog

    a disk read error occurred Press CTRL ALT DEL to restart

    Hi I had a dual boot 10.6.3 with Windows 7 but I had windows meshed up with virus and need to reinstall. No problem with hackintosh installation, no need to reinstall it. After reconfiguring Multibeast windows wont boot, "A disk read error occurred, Press CTRL ALT DEL to restart". Impossible...
  19. Zephon

    Adding working Windows 10 SSD after OSX Mavericks

    Hello all, I recently had to use a week old backup I made of my OSX Mavericks SSD and everything is working fine (for now) with Clover as bootloader. But I had to reinstall clover as well as replacing some kexts with newer versions (VoodooHDA, or USBGeneric for example). Before the OSX SSD...
  20. Elegary

    Can't install osx in the installer

    [Solved] Can't install osx in the installer hello, I'm sorry if my english is bad because I am not english. So, when i go to disk utility in the installation, ican't format my partition to osx format journalised. At the screen there is write "Exit the partition tool and go to file and select...